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Nemesis author James SwallIt's even begun But what they cannot know is that another assassin is abroad already with his sights firmly set on killing the Emperor a good read really enjoyed the characters and storyline I find that it could uite of easily been a stand alone book and felt that it didn't really contribute much to the entire story arc whilst having a few minor items that affect the entire story it could uite easily of been a normal Warhammer 40000 book rather than part of the Horus Heresy I felt that i wasn't disappointed with the characters deaths and actually expected them all the way through and unlike in other heresy books found that I wasn't eager for their return this is unlike any other heresy book where you are excited for the characters return such as Garviel Loken from Horus rising Galaxy in flames and False gods overall a good read but i felt i could of skipped it out of the series and not have to worry

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S conveneTheir plan is to send a team of assassins to execute the arch traitor Horus and end the war for the galaxy of mankind before When I first started reading the mainline Horus Heresy novels with Horus Rising I had only the most rudimentary knowledge of Warhammer 30k40k lore Some of the foreshadowing of those early books was lost on me because I wasn't intimately familiar with the setting but on the other hand I was able to be surprised by revelations character arcs etc because I didn't already know what was going to happenWith Nemesis even my rudimentary knowledge of the setting was enough to spoil the ending Heck even knowing that there are books in the series beyond this is enough to spoil the ending That would be fine if some interesting macro level developments happened in the background the macro world building parts are often the most interesting anyway but there wasn't much of that either That said I think this was one of the better written entries in the series and I could see it appealing to a wider audience than much of the Horus Heresy does of note this book managed to crack the NYT Bestseller list Focusing on expertly trained humans rather than superhuman Astartes allows for a sort of middle ground where you get to follow characters that are emotionally relatable well some of them while still getting to see them do cool stuffIt was a bit overlong and not that noteworthy in the grand scheme of the series but it was well written and enjoyable Additionally the last post climax chapter has some clever things to say about the setting written with subtlety than you often see in licensed fiction

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Nemesis author James Swallow kindle ´ Paperback î horticulturetrader Á [EPUB] ✸ Nemesis By James Swallow – After the horrors of Istvaan V Horus declares outright war against the Imperium In the shadows of the Emperor's Palace powerful figures conveneTheir plan is After the horrors of Istvaan V Horus declares outright war against the Imperium In the shadows of the Emperor's Palace powerful figure I would give it 45 there was a few times I struggled with some of the ideas being espoused by some of the characters that didn't seem to fit what we know of them It started off slow for me but really picked up before the midway point So give it a chance