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More Than You Know Download ↠ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB É [PDF / Epub] ☂ More Than You Know Author Nan Rossiter – A gripping story of three sisters of love lost and found and of a family's journey from grief to triumph A sure winner Debbie Macomber #1 New York Times bestselling authorLooSay goodbyeSwept up in memories and funeral preparations the sisters catch up on each other's lives Rumer and Isak have both known recent heartache while Beryl has given up hope of marriage But surprising revelations abound especially when they uncover Mia's handwritten memoir In it are secrets they never guessed at clandestine romance passionate dreams joy and guilt And as Beryl Rumer and Isak face a future without her they realize it's never too late to heed a mother's lessons about taking chances keeping faith and loving in spite of the ris. This was my first book by Nan Rossiter but I certainly will not be my last She writes with such heart and soul and love of family Three sisters have been brought back together by the death of their mother and while in the midst of preparing to say goodbye to their loving mother who brought up three little girls after her husband was tragically killed in a accident her death brings out secrets life they never knew about their mother The three daughters find a diary their mother wrote at the start of her battle with Alzheimer's because she wanted her daughter's to know that life is meant to be for the living and that you can find love again and that a clandestine relationship with a young artist teaches the three daughters a lesson the daughters are never to late to learn from their mother that taking chances keeping faith and loving in spike of risks Beryl Isak and Rumer find renewed faith in themselves and the men in their lives that love will blossom again with their mother's lessonThis book was so very very wonderful and I give it a 5 Star rating

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K Times bestselling author Nan Rossiter weaves a poignant empowering novel in which three sisters gather to celebrate their mother's life and find new inspiration for living their ownLosing her father on the night she was born could have torn Beryl Graham's family apart Instead it knitted them together Under their mother's steady guidance Beryl and her older sisters Isak and Rumer shared a childhood filled with happiness But now Mia Graham has passed away after battling Alzheimer's and her three daughters return to their New Hampshire home to. More Than You Know by Nan RossiterThe girls are all back home to attend to their mother's funeral As they are going through her thing they do find a ring with a card from David None of them know who he isLove how the phrase in the book describes love and is the title I have a similar one for one of our grandson to the moon and back and his response is I love you Love to hear Micah and Charlottes response as it is so near to oursTheir personal lives are in turmoil for the most part as we find out deeply about each of themThe story also follows the life of Micah a local who now runs a bookstore in uincy MA His wife died and he has their daughter Charlotte to care for while living at his parents He helps them with clues of who David is There are newspaper clippings and I love hearing of the Old Man in the Mountain as I've seen it myself and have traveled there just last year to see what's leftLove how they all get along so easy with one another and as they find clues in the letters she left them Mia had met David when she worked at the artist colony serving meals Her burden is a heavy one til the day before he's due to leave the areaLoved learning so much from this book I had just read the aviator's wife about the Lindbergh's Tragedy strikes the family anf they all rally together Very detailed descriptions of the places and there are a handful of characters easy to keep track of them allRecipes are included at the endI received this book from The Kennsington Books in exchange for my honest review

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More Than You KnowA gripping story of three sisters of love lost and found and of a family's journey from grief to triumph A sure winner Debbie Macomber New York Times bestselling authorLoosely connected to Rossiter's previous novels this tale More Than MOBI #10003 is peopled with wonderfully intriguing characters both two and four legged The story within a story is moving uite emotional with much sadness but there's also joy This truly inspirational tear jerker will be remembered long after the last page RT Book Reviews stars TOP PICKFrom the back coverNew Yor. A wonderful story of three sisters celebrating their mother’s lifeIt was so captivating that it was hard to put the book downThe author did such a wonderful job with each character and the dialogue so interesting that it was never boring