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His Majestys Mistake A Royal Scandal #2 characters ´ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB â [Ebook] ➧ His Majestys Mistake A Royal Scandal #2 By Jane Porter – Horticulturetrader.co.uk She’s everything this desert king shouldn’t wantSpurned and publicly humiliated by the father of her child PrincesOot Emmeline finds herself having to jump to the click of her boss’s skilful fingers – day and night But once the Sheikh uncovers her shameful past Majestys Mistake A Royal Scandal PDF or will his touch be nothing but a scorching memor. I think I have found a new favorite Author This is the second book I have read by Mrs Jane Porter Both books were really good and both were packed high with emotions The story's just drew me in In this story Emmeline got her twin sister Hannah to switch places with her It was only suppose to be for a day or two Alejandro had told Emmeline that he loved her Had convinced Emmeline to lose her virginity to him When Emmeline finds out she is pregnant she tried to call him He blocked all the calls and wouldn't talk to her Desperate times calls for desperate measures She switched places with her sister and dyed her hair black When she tracked him down he was in a bar making out with another chick Before she could get him to listen to her Emmeline was man handled by Makin It took her awhile to figure out who he was Makin was shocked His secretary has called out sick most of the week and he finds her in a bar He is so mad that I think steam was rising and blowing out of his ears Hanna has always been an excellent personal assistant She always looked very professional and bland Wearing gray and black suits with shirts that buttoned up beneath her chin He doesn't know what to think of finding his assistant in a bar in a sexy cocktail tail dress For the first time he notices her curves and beauty Makin never mixes business with pleasure He is uncomfortable with how his body is reacting to Hannah Emmealine on the other hand has to fake her way through pretending she know how to be a secretary One thing she can't fake is morning sickness She can't hide it Oh how she wished she would skip that part of the pregnancy She does not have time to deal with being sick and learning a new job and pretending to be someone she is not She has no choice Makin took her to the desert and switching back is almost impossible without anyone noticing I loved how Makin started to care for Emmeline once he got to know her this was a sweet romance with a lot of emotions the story pulled me in and I was not able to put the book down I stayed up late again until I finished it The book was worth loss of sleep

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She’s everything this desert king Mistake A eBook #9734 shouldn’t wantSpurned and publicly humiliated by the father of her child Princess Emmeline d’Arcy has no ring no wedding date and no legitimacy for her His Majestys ePUB #231 un. My final book for the year 2017 was not a dud It was an wonderfully unrealistic story about a princess who got knocked up and dumped by a player but was fortunate enough to find love with a multi billionaire sheikhYeah That happens every day LolYou had the suspend your belief than usual while this Jane Porter book but the fairytale was wonderful once you did The book left you grinning from ear to even though the princess was annoying as hell and the sheikh would have walked all over her Instead he was understanding kind and caring toward her He insecurities drove me nuts I wanted to shake her She’s 25 and allowing her adoptive mother to treat her so horribly Move out Live your life Still I enjoyed the heck of this book and am so happy that I didn’t finish the year on a stinker This bodes well for my reading choices in 2018 D

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His Majestys Mistake A Royal Scandal #2Born child And the last straw Having to trade in her gilded lifestyle and pretend to be her twin sister otherwise known as Sheikh Makin Al Koury’s personal assistantAccustomed to being Majestys Mistake A eBook #10003 waited on hand and f. A delightful read Hero was a gemRecommended