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Miracles Free download Û eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ä ➽ [Download] ➺ Miracles By Eric Metaxas ➸ – Horticulturetrader.co.uk An inspiring and eye opening exploration of the phenomenon of miracles from the  New York Times #1 bestselling author of  Bonhoeffer What are miracles and why do so many people beliE ranging treatment the subject deserves from serious discussion of the compatibility between faith and science to astonishing but well documented stories of actual miracles from people he knows A current anecdotal and personal version of C S Lewis’s book on the subject  Miracles is a powerfully winsome challenge that miracles are not only possible but are far widespread than most of us ever might have imagin. I enjoyed this book so much I feel it is an excellent read for both Christians and skeptics There is so much that both sides can learn from There are two main parts of the book In the first half Eric approaches the subject with a scientific and logical mindset In one chapter he talks about how improbable it is the Big Bang occurred which I found particularly fascinating In the second half of the book Eric tells miracle stories that happened in his life and in the lives of a few people he knows personally They range from all sorts of miracles healing conversions eternity and inner healing I really appreciated how the miracles occurred in the lives of Christians from a variety of denominations It is a reminder that God cares about all people of all denominationsI think that skeptics would find this book interesting and helpful because Eric approaches miracles from a skeptical standpoint He brings up uestions that many people have God particularly in the first half of the book and addresses them wonderfully Too often the subject of miracles can be something that makes those in and outside of the church feel a bit uncomfortable The subject is rarely discussed logically among skeptics and those in the church assume that miracles no longer happen today I feel that this book truly helps both sides to understand the subject of miracles a lot It is truly a book for everyone Congratulations to Eric on writing another wonderful book

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An inspiring and eye opening exploration of the phenomenon of miracles from the  New York Times bestselling author of  Bonhoeffer What are miracles and why do so many people believe in them What do they tell us about ourselves And what do we do with experiences that we cannot explain In  Miracles Eric Metaxas offers compelling sometimes electrifying evidence that there’s something real to be reckoned with w. After reading Amazing Grace and Bonhoeffer two books which deeply affected me I was very much looking forward to his new book Miracles In the first half of the book Metaxas does an excellent job introducing the reader to what IS a miracle and does a great job addressing miracles in the realm of science and the universe What if science points us beyond science the author asks He cites Bonhoeffer We are to find God in what we know not in what we don't know Metaxas does an excellent job defending miracles and also the Christian faith in these early chapters The 2nd half of the book tell the miracle stories conversion healing angelic and variety Reading through each one some only a couple pages some longer deepened my faith I will continue to recall these miracles in the years ahead and applaud Mr Metaxas in writing such a great book I hope the mainstream of American culture takes note of this book and its message It is desperately needed

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MiraclesHatever one has thought of the topic before  Miracles is also a timely thoughtful and civil answer to the books of the New Atheists Richard Dawkins Christopher Hitchens and Sam Harris who have passionately asserted not just the impossibility of miracles and the supernatural but the outright harmfulness of belief in them  Metaxas whom ABC News has called a witty ambassador for faith provides the measured and wid. This a must read for anyone who has wondered how God communicates with his children Miracles are a way for our Father to bring us closer to him by demonstrating awesome insight into each of our lives and the ability to direct any situation toward His purposeThis is a wonderful exploration into the miraculous existence of human life on Earth and illustration of how a few of our brothers and sisters have been reminded of God's love