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SUMMARY Mimi Malloy At Last î PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ✓ ✅ [PDF / Epub] ☉ Mimi Malloy At Last By Julia MacDonnell ⚣ – Mimi Malloy At Last is an unforgettable novel alive with humor unexpected romance and the magic of hard earned insight a poignant reminder that it's never toR days in a storage facility for unwanted antiues Mimi knows her mind is or less as sharp as ever and she won't go down without a fight As she prepares to take her stand she stumbles upon an old pendant of her mother's and slowly her memory starts to return specifically recollections of a shocking and painful childhood a sister who was sent away to Ireland and the wicked stepmother she swore to forget Out of the ashes of Mimi's deeply troubled history Julia MacDonnell gives us a redemptive story of the family bonds that break us and remake u. I just finished reading Mimi Malloy at Last a novel by Julie MacDonnell This is an excellent book Trust me when I say it is not the book it starts out to beAt first it seems like familiar ground just another book about a woman at mid life who is depressed due to forced retirement who lives alone after betrayal and divorce Mimi is alienated from some of her daughters and the others are trying to force her to give up her apartment and move into senior housing due to her increasing memory lapses That's when the author suddenly adds some twists and turns to the plot Mimi whose real name is Maire is one of the six beautiful Sheehan girls and the oldest surviving sister She herself is the mother of six girls oh those big Irish Catholic families A visit to a neurologist gives some unwelcome news small spoiler alert Mimi has been having TIAs transient ischemic attacks aka mini strokes and is told to give up smoking and drinking As she ponders the situation over a cigarette while sipping a manhattan there are some comic overtones at times Mimi begins to get flashes of memories of things long forgottenor were they repressed Her younger sister's insistence on digging up information for a family genealogy project ultimately reveals that secrets and lies do not always stay buriedIf you like novels with twists and turns novels about the Irish in Boston novels about the relationships between mothers and daughters between sisters about second chances in relationshipsyou will find all this and when you meet Mimi Sheehan MalloyI recommend that you doThis would also make an excellent book club book

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Mimi Malloy At Last is an unforgettable novel alive with humor unexpected romance and the magic of hard earned insight a poignant Mimi Malloy PDFEPUBreminder that it's never too late to fall in love and that one can always come of age a second timeMeet Mimi Malloy A daughter of the Great Depression Mimi was born into an Irish Catholic brood of seven and she has done her best to raise six beautiful daughters of her own Now they're grown and Mimi a divorcée is unexpectedly retired But she takes solace in the comforts of her new life her apart. Not normally the type of book that I would have picked off the shelf to read but I received a copy through the Goodreads First Read giveaways Glad I did I Couldn't help to like Mimi from the very beginning It was like getting to know Maxine the Shoebox Greeting card lady before she began her card career Although the plot isn't an edge of your seat thriller it does make you want to keep reading There is plenty of humor a little romance and a little bit of mystery

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Mimi Malloy At LastMent in the heart of uincy the occasional True Blue cigarette and an evening with Frank Sinatra on the stereo and a highball in her hand Yet her phone is arguably the busiest in greater Boston it rings Day In Day Out as Ol' Blue Eyes would say Her surviving sisters love to gab about their girlhood while her eldest Cassandra calls every morning to preach the gospel of assisted living And when an MRI reveals that Mimi's brain is filled with black spots areas of atrophy her doctor says it looks like that's exactly where she's headed to spend he. The cover of the book is whimsical and looks like a light fluffy summer read but don’t judge a book by its cover There’s humor but there’s also a sadness and heartache in this story of a rather uirky 68 year old divorcée Mimi lives alone after being dumped by her husband for a younger woman and has recently been forced into retirement Her daughters are worried about Mimi’s memory and when an MRI shows signs of TIAs there is a campaign to convince her to move to an assisted living facility Mimi flatly refuses She loves her independence and her needs are simple Frank Sinatra music playing in the background a clean home a Manhattan and a cigarette With Mimi what you see is what you get I loved her attitudeMimi is from a large Irish Catholic family and has 6 daughters of her own As so often happens in families there’s miscommunication and strained relationships but Mimi declares she’s not one to dwell on the past Everything changes when a grandnephew needs her help on a genealogy project and Mimi finds a pendant that belonged to her mother who died in childbirth when Mimi was very young These two events brings back long repressed memories of her disturbing and painful childhood including the mystery of her sister Fagan’s fate after she was sent away to Ireland but never heard from again I enjoyed reading about the get togethers with her sisters the Yik Yak Club and how siblings growing up in the same family can have different memories and versions of events The relationships she has with her daughters and how coming to terms with one’s past can bring healing to present day relationships felt very real to me The side story of her budding romantic relationship added to the charm of the novelI didn't much care for the inclusion of Irish fairy folklore near the end of the book and at times I felt Mimi was portrayed as someone 20 years older than she was although I suppose there are women like this but it wasn't enough to ruin the book for me Pay attention to the chapter titles as as they are lines from Sinatra songs A nice touch