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Maigret bâilla poussa les papiers vers la jeune Epub #222 le bout du bureau – Signez ça les enfants et vous pourrez aller vous coucher Les « enfants » étaient probablement les trois gaillards les plus durs à cuire ui fussent passés par la P J depuis un an L’un d’eux celui u’on appelait Dédé avait l’aspect d’un gorille et le plus fluet ui avait un œil au beurre noir aurait pu gagner sa vie com. Another entry in my Maigret marathonI loved this story and than ever the character of Maigret I also enjoyed the Parisian setting and the ambiance of the various neighborhoods each distinct from the others as neighborhoods are I felt transported to another time and place and it was a good visitIn this story Maigret is investigating the murder of a young girl whose identity is unknown He becomes fascinated with the character of the girl than with solving the case As usual his method is to become immersed in the lives of the victims and the people surrounding them until the identity of the killer comes into view like that of a photograph developing an analogy he himself uses in this book He often seems to go into a kind of trance where all the facts simmer and ultimately come together for him and so he solves the caseI would have given this story 5 stars except that I was disappointed in the ending It made sense but was not for me emotionally satisfying However as I find with all the Maigrets I've read so far its the characters and the settings and the workings of Maigret that are the important aspects of the books and what makes them so interesting and fun for meIf you haven't tried any of these books I strongly suggest you do especially if you like mysteries or romanticize the Paris of the pastI also would love it if anyone who has read any of the series could recommend any particular ones to meNow I'm on to Maigret and the Good People of Montparnasse Inspector Maigret #58

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Maigret et la jeune morte Maigret #45L’obscurité Depuis longtemps on n’entendait plus d’autre bruit u’un lointain klaxon ou les freins d’un taxi ui dérapait sur le pavé mouillé Au moment de leur arrivée la veille les bureaux étaient déserts aussi parce u’il n’était pas neuf et la jeune PDF #10003 heures du matin et ue le personnel n’était pas encore là Il pleuvait déjà de cette pluie fine et mélancoliue ui tombait toujour. Here we first meet the long suffering and much suffered Lognon the hard luck cop who's never appreciated with good reason He's always working hard but not in the way he's asked Carry an umbrella in the pouring rain Why when slogging it out under the spring downpours is the best way to prove his devotion to duty or so he thinks A strange slow police procedural in which Le Patron spends most of the story sitting in his office making phone calls and gathering intelligence from the boys until he stops at a bar and recognises the bar man So slow is the case that even Madame Maigret is worried and provides silent support at her patient bestI found the reasoning behind the murder of the young girl weak indeed but then I suppose many a murder is committed for weak reasons at best A glance at my local newspaper proves this theory

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summary Maigret et la jeune morte Maigret #45 ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Î ➯ [Read] ➫ Maigret et la jeune morte Maigret #45 By Georges Simenon ➻ – Maigret bâilla poussa les papiers vers le bout du bureau – Signez ça les enfants et vous pourrez aller voMe lutteur forain Janvier leur passait les papiers une plume et maintenant u’ils venaient enfin Maigret et MOBI #10003 de lâcher le morceau ils ne se donnaient plus la peine de discuter ne lisaient même pas le procès verbal de leur interrogatoire et signaient d’un air dégoûtéL’horloge de marbre maruait trois heures et uelues minutes et la plupart des bureaux du uai des Orfèvres étaient plongés dans. This is a very interesting case in the police stories about Chief Inspector Maigret by Georges Simenon Set almost entirely in Paris with links by phone and records across France Europe and North America it is an investigation that shows Maigret at his bestThere is the clear support of his team of detectives and criminal support As forensics begins to play a role from post mortem to analysis of the victims clothesThey all know his methods and how thorough he is and above all how his mind worksThis story is especially special in that it re introduces inspector Lognon Previously he had felt hard done by in that Maigret has taken over his investigations As an aside Maigret here reflects that he is not one to seek credit and often he leaves this for others in his team to take The trouble for Lognon is that he can never be part of that inner circle However he remains a talented and dogged detective who knows his stuffHalf way through this case it appears Lognon has got the drop on Maigret and seems to be one step closer to solving the crimeIt seems the chief inspector's dream about a chess game against Lognon is becoming a reality and Lognon could out manoeuvre his chief I loved the interactions with Maigret and his wife there is great humour here and a real love shownA good novel with a terrific plot where a crime seems solved by first understanding the victim