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Read É PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ↠ Barry Gilder Enmity Was it the beginning of the break up of the broad church that the ANC had become to unite all forces in the struggle against apartheid Or did the roots lie in the global dynamic that allowed South Africa its freedom as the Cold War cooledWritten in an anecdotal and cinematic style Songs and Secrets explores these uestions through the viewfinder of a former high ranking member of the ANC's secret intelligence wing It. SONGS SECRETS BARRY GILDER ISBN 978 – 1 – 4314 – 0436 – 0 In the mold of those – notably the white accused in the Rivonia Treason Trial – who were prepared to forego their life of privilege to ensure that “blacks in South Africa did not become the new Jews” comes Barry Gilder With his Wits University education and Lithuanian lineage he could have had a comfortable life under the old order But because he hated apartheid than any other thing he threw in his lot with the black army – Umkhonto we Siwe MK the ANC military wing He writes here about his life in the camps of the liberation movement in Angola Botswana Zambia Britain and military training in the old USSR The book details his return to the country after the unbanning and the process of building a new South Africa out of the ruins of the old Shunted around from one top post to the other in intelligence – and Home Affairs – he claims this is not the autobiography of a disillusioned cadre of the ANC He claims he’s no disaffected intelligence officer But when you read about how like an expendable chess piece he was moved around you get a sense the disclaimer in the Author’s Note is disingenuous His relationship with his political principal at Home Affairs then Nosiviwe Mapisa Nakula and exile buddy turned intelligence nemesis Billy Masetlha attest to a torment that pushed Gilder into early retirement two months shy of Polokwane 2007 The alacrity to return to the ‘limelight’ after being offered the lifeline by Joel Netshitenzhe speaks to a man who had unfinished business in his service to party and state Call it what you may Mr Gilder it is still an autobiography – a good one It demystifies the spook and makes you human – a mere mortal who falls in and out of love; weds and divorces; and is the father of three lovely girls wwwmakatilemediacom

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Songs Secrets Summary Ì PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Å ✅ [PDF / Epub] ☉ Songs Secrets By Barry Gilder ⚣ – A decade into its hard won democracy South Africa and its ruling party the ANC have been through turbulent times Confrontation between Thabo Mbeki and Follows the author into the ANC's military camps in Angola to Moscow for spycraft training to the underground in Botswana and into leadership positions in the administration of the new government Gilder's frank memoir explores the personal political psychological and historical realities that gave birth to the new South Africa in particular the oft ignored conditions in which the ANC government tried to turn apartheid aroun. This is a wonderful book Gilder's modesty is refreshing given the propensity of memoirists to glorify their own roles His generosity toward the foibles of his colleagues in the struggle is really uite moving His message about how hard it is to maintain a committed course when the many distractions of personal interest rival for individuals the importance of the general struggle after liberation is sobering but offers a good explanation of what appear to be ANC mis steps Gilder's techniue of interspersing his story with contemporary international events is terrific It successfully puts the ANC's struggle into historical context countering the tendency of historical narratives to proceed in isolation Gilder deserves thanks and admiration for his participation in and reflections on South Africa's and the ANC's astounding stories

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Songs SecretsA decade into its hard won democracy South Africa and its ruling party the ANC have been through turbulent times Confrontation between Thabo Mbeki and his then deputy Jacob Zuma the dismissal of Zuma as Deputy Zuma's defeat of Mbeki in ANC presidential elections and the recall of Mbeki as South African president are events that left many ANC cadres politically and emotionally aghast Were these events the result of personal. Barry Gilder's pen is as well tuned and melodious as his guitar and his songs A young white singer mobilising his fellow students on campus against apartheid Gilder has done his compulsory 9 months military service in the apartheid army but a few months before the 1976 Soweto uprising he refuses a call up which would almost certainly lead him to fight on the wrong side in Angola He has to go into exile where he is accepted in the ANC and chooses to join the armed struggle The book starts strongly with a flight from Cape Town to Johannesburg during which Gilder and an old comrade from struggle days painfully exchange their feelings about present day problems in the ANC their silences filled with lyrical descriptions of the landscapes they fly over In part I Gilder then describes his 15 years in the liberation struggle his socialisation in Umkhonto we Sizwe the armed wing of the ANC training in a guerilla camp in Angola intelligence training in Moscow and underground work mainly in Botswana Part II covers his return to South Africa till his retirement in from government service mainly in intelligence and the ANC's 100th anniversary in 2012 Extensive footnotes ensure the story is as fascinating to anyone not familiar with the subject as to someone who has also been involved in the liberation struggle and stays close to post apartheid South Africa like myself Knowing a number of the people and situations Barry Gilder writes about and having read many comrades' memoirs this book is one of the best Reading was often reliving my own experience reliving the words sounds and smells the comradeship adrenaline and the awful but vital suspiciousness the pain of loss the successes deceptions and next projects brief all the intensity of the years of struggle and the ANC in exile of life in the middle of the turbulent stream of History Then the years after victory that we had imagined differently ignoring what older wiser comrades told us it would be another even harder and 'protracted' struggle And although noone could have foreseen the very different situation South Africa and the world finds itself in since 1994 that is the new struggle Gilder paints in fine sensitive lines without allowing himself or the reader to give up and lose sight of the horizon Gilder feels the soul of the ANC very much alive at its 100th anniversary celebrations Today we are a movement not a political party not a government We are the indefatigable flow of the river of history the waters that propel us forward drawing their strength and their momentum from their sources in the mountains far behind us driving us ever forward to that peaceful calm bountiful ocean we promised ourselves our people our children