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read doc ☆ Frost At Christmas ☆ Paperback Ê horticulturetrader Á ❴Download❵ ➹ Frost At Christmas Author R.D. Wingfield – Ten days to Christmas and Tracey Uphill aged eight hasn't come home from Sunday school Her mother a pretty young prostituS to fit every occasion proceeds with the investigation in typically unorthodox style After he's consulted a local witch Dead Man's Hollow yields up a skeleton Frost finds himself drawn into an unsolved crime from the past and risks not only his career but also his lif Frost at ChristmasRD WingfieldSearching for a missing girl Frost encounters one colorful character after another They include for a start an upstanding vicar with a taste for pornography a foul mouthed drunken tramp and a witch like clairvoyant to say nothing of his own pompous chief inspector

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Ten days to Christmas and Tracey Uphill aged eight hasn't come home from Sunday school Her mother a pretty young prostitute is desperate Enter Detective Inspector Jack Frost sloppy scruffy and insubordinate To help him investigate the case of the missing child Frost ha First the good the mystery was engaging and perfectly twisty The male secondary characters are well drawn and Frost does manage to be amusing at timesBut it's all wrapped in a giant turd of misogyny Every woman who makes an appearance is either fuckable or doesn't matter Most glaringly is when Frost blames a 12 year old girl for the fact that the vicar has naked photos of her See the vicar's not a bad sort the girl is just a slut who drove him to it Frost then shares a charming story of when he was 19 and was doing a girl he later found out was 11 I've got news for you if you're 19 and you can't tell that some one is 8 years younger than you you're either not trying very hard and making excuses or you have some sort of mental deficiency At first I read on thinking he was pulling a Stabler move from SVU where he pretend to be into something gross so the suspect will confess But no Even at the end the vicar isn't to blame the 12 year old girl is That's the most egregious thing but then there are the little things piled on top of it When some young man hits and kills and old woman with reckless driving Frost feels bad for the driver The hell with the woman In fact I was dumbfounded by the fact that everyone said that Frost fell apart when his wife died He didn't seem the type of character to care I would think he'd just move on to someone else since one hole is as good as another to men like that So when the big reveal comes that his marriage was horrible I was wondering why we were supposed to be surprised it made sense to me Of course the bad marriage was the wife's fault she was a nagging bitch who wanted money success Jeez maybe she was a nagging bitch because she had the bad luck to marry a giant arseholeSo I read to the end waiting for the punchline Little did I know the joke would be on me Luckily I got it from the library It's too bad because it was a good mystery but while I like flawed characters I can't spend this much time in the head of someone who hates my gender this much

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Frost At ChristmasS been assigned a new sidekick the Chief Constable's nephew Fresh to provincial Denton in an oversmart suit Detective Constable Clive Barnard is an easy target for Frost's withering satireAssisted and annoyed by Barnard Frost complete with a store of tasteless anecdote A book set at Christmas but not a Christmassy book so can be read at any timeIt's a police procedural featuring Inspector Frost who plays the bumbling fool but has excellent intuition and is liked by allexcept the bossesI really enjoyed this one I love a good detective mystery and I really liked Inspector FrostThis is standard detective fiction but the characters are very good and the story engaging would like to read in the series