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Firefly Gadroon Read & Download ☆ 108 á ❮Ebook❯ ➡ Firefly Gadroon Author Jonathan Gash – Lovejoy—unscrupulous conniver feckless lecher and important gifted visionary who loves beautiful antiues than life itself—marshals all of his diverse skills to revenge the murder of an old friend LoLovejoy unscrupulous conniver feckless lecher and important gifted visionary who loves beautiful antiues than life itself marshals all of his diverse skills to revenge the murder of. returnreturnOne of the best; Lovejoy's obsession with antiues and his particular code of personal loyalty lead him to a dramatic and waterlogged showdown with cosmic vengeance delivered by a bereaved donkey because the state's forces of law and order are too corrupt and compromised to do it I think I'd recommend this one to people wondering if the Lovejoy novels are their kind of thing

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On This bawdy fast paced adventure in which the all time scamp must confront an international ring of antiues smugglers and murderers is an entertaining delight from start to finish. Until I came across this novel in my local charity shop I hadn't realised that the popular TV series Lovejoy was based on somebody's novels I was pleasantly surprised this is a highly enjoyable read although it differs somewhat from the television seriesFictional antiue dealer and womaniser Lovejoy lives in a small village somewhere in the North of England I think near an ancient town that is bursting at the seams with antiue shops and auction houses He also lives within a few miles of the North Sea an impressive WWII fort and an eually impressive estuary with a yacht club The book version Lovejoy character cannot resist regaling his audience with stories of antiues and how to restore them and the book version of this loveable rogue is also far chauvinistic than its TV counterpart Clearly TV bosses felt they'd alienate a female audience if the main character was so outspokenly misogynistic Also in the book the character of Jane Felsham is not an aristocratic lady living in a mansion but a fellow antiue dealer specialising in certain antiues Georgian silver and watercolours if I'm not mistaken The story begins with an auction where Lovejoy is drafted in as a last minute replacement for the auctioneer who has fallen ill Lovejoy manages to annoy one of the big wig dealers Devlin and makes a friend of an American collector whom he saves from buying a fake Nelson letter The gadroon of the title refers to Lovejoy's ambition he hopes one day to be able to produce a silver Reverse Gadroon a type of silver platter with an intricate pattern that is stencilled in by hand Drummer an old man who lives in a hut by the sea and provides donkey rides to children is a retired master silversmith who gives lesson in gadroon making to LovejoyI won't give away any details of the plot for it would only spoil Goodreads bookworms' enjoyment Let's just say the plot involves a never ending stream of women in Lovejoy's bed a horrible murder and a very very dramatic ending that will put most readers off the seaside and boating for ever Donkeys rule though and in sturdy little Germoline the author has created a wonderful four legged heroine after my own heartThe story ends with Lovejoy's arrest which is where I think the TV series began the antiue dealer having just been released from doing time in prison and now picking up the pieces of his life I cannot wait to read although the novel is firmly rooted in Britain of the 1980s where all men were chauvinist swine and a uid could still buy you antiues If you love beautiful things then this series of books is not just entertaining but also educational teaching you not only silversmithing in the process but also how to restore anything made from oak What could a discerning bookworm ask for

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Firefly GadroonAn old friend Jonathan Gash's entertaining expertise covers everything from ueen Anne baby walkers and stumpwork boxes to the ultimate antiue the hand hammered silver Reverse Gadro. This is the 4th of the Lovejoy books that I've gorged on over the last 5 weeks and this one was as brilliant as the othersThe great thing about this series is that Lovejoy's character is utterly immutable he's always broke always going to end up in bed with a woman and he will invariably end up getting on their nerves when he ditches them for an antiue sale Because of his character staying the same Gash can drop Lovejoy into bizarre situations and style them out to seem utterly realistic The icy terror I felt as Lovejoy view spoiler sailed out to the gun turret in the thick East Anglian fog hide spoiler