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Download Big Mama é PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ↠ ✼ Big Mama Epub ✿ Author Tony Crunk – A portrait of a local hero All the neighborhood kids agree that Billy Boyd's grandmother is a wonder She can build freight trains and spaceships she knows intergalactic code and she even plays kiA portrait of a local hero All the neighborhood kids agree that Billy Boyd's grandmother is a wonder She can build freight trains and spaceships she knows intergalactic code and she. Mommy's review from 112211 I really like reading stories with Julia that are about different kinds of families and children In this story a little boy lives with his grandparents because he doesn't have a mother or father any This may lead into some uestions from some children My daughter didn't ask any because she's well aware that some children don't have or live with their parents I'm a single mother so she knows this well But I can see it sparking interest in some children who live in a two parent household and can't imagine anything differentThere's a distinct southern feel to the story and the illustrations That may be only to me because there's a huge difference between 'north' and 'south' to me But Big Mama as the boys grandmother is called isn't just 'Big Mama' to him she's Big Mama to all of the kids and that impression is engraved early on in the storyCrunk goes on to illustrate with the story how easy Big Mama is and what she lets the kids do what she does for them and at the same time he shows how she commands respect and how people listen to herAround the middle of the story Big Mama takes the kids to get ice cream and there's one of those parts we often see in children's books they went this way then that way past this over that under here through there etc I can deal with that fine It's the going back that gets me often than not It's safe to assume the characters are going back Even going back the same way can be assumed So unless something is going to happen on the way back through above under in out on top etc why add it in It's so repetitive and authors seem to really really enjoy it I could be forgiving although not much if I'm honest if this was for a toddler but it's not A child my daughters age 6 will get bored easily with parts like that if they run too long Luckily this stopped on the border Had it gone any farther Julia would have started groaning I'm sure of itThe pictures are kind of so so in how they're done but what they depict is another story entirely I loved how Big Mama an older white woman treated all the children the same black kids white kids older younger in a wheelchair it didn't matter They're treated euallyThis isn't shouted out in the story it's very subtle and I think it's perfectThis is another where I wouldn't recommend running out to purchase it but it's worth reading if you find it at the library or a garage sale or some such I'd even say it's worth reserving it at the library if for nothing else than the pros I've already mentioned

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Even plays kickball Best of all are those hot summer evenings when Big Mama treats the whole gang to ice cream Woody's ice cream stand is all the way across town and with Big Mama in. This book is a book that I really liked that I found during my picture book soak The cover shows Big Mama with a group of kids including a child in a wheelchair The back of the jacket shows two children walking out of a gate with a house behind them The cover is light pink with a blue spine and the end pages are turuoise I thought this book was a fun read for not only myself but for kids In the story Big Mama allows the kids to be as creative as they want and is always doing things with them However if they make a mistake such as breaking the neighbor's window she makes sure that they do what is right to make up for their mistake Also when she takes them for ice creme she stops them at places along the way to help out people in the community To me this book shows that not only is it okay to use your imagination but also it can be fun to help out other people Something that really drew me to like this book as well is that the book starts out by saying that Big Mama is the grandma of one of the kids that no longer has parents and that his grandpa is called Papa This is a book that can be used to show that all families are different and if you have a child that is in this situation it would be a good book to share with them to show them that they are not the only one that has that particular family structure

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Big MamaThe lead the journey there and back again is always full of adventure In this warm affectionate book lush and lively illustrations are filled with amusing details of small town life. I very much enjoyed this book about a little boy's beloved grandmother who cares for him since he doesn't have a mother or father any Perfect for anyone who needs a book about different sorts of families it also seamlessly includes a multi ethnic cast and a child in a wheelchair I loved the fact that all of this was just seen as normal as it should be What was seen as special was the way Big Mama actively engages with the children and seems to really understand their need to explore and even cause a little trouble sometimes She balances this with the insistence on taking responsibility and atoning for mistakes something that can be difficult for parents at times And they go out for ice cream Which is delicious I approve