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review Wide Body The Triumph of the 747 Õ eBook or Kindle ePUB ò [PDF / Epub] ⚣ Wide Body The Triumph of the 747 ✈ Clive Irving – The creation of the 747 is a fascinating story composed of diverse elements a disparate scientific team and one visionary engineer confronting a maPoration at stake Body The Triumph PDF #8608 cutthroat competition among corporate giants and political subterfuge on a global scale photos. Nominally about the design of the 747 airliner but in fact ranging over most of Boeings commercial planes and the B 47 which set the pattern for multi engine subsonic jets

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The creation of the The Triumph Kindle #215 is a fascinating story composed of diverse elements a disparate scientific team and one visiona. This book is an analogue of The Soul of a New Machine by Tracy Kidder except it is about the famous Boeing 747 airliner not an obscure 1980s minicomputer However it starts out much earlier When the Allies occupied Germany in the summer of 1945 they discovered a vast secret aerodynamic research center in a forest near Braunschweig Its laboratories and wind tunnels gathered data that said that in order to fly near or above the speed of sound a jet aircraft should have a swept back wing Boeing's chief aerodynamicist was so impressed by what he saw that he wrote a seven page letter back to Seattle putting Censored on the envelope to avoid the delay of censorship This led to the design of the Boeing B 47 Stratojet bomber A jet engine on a military airplane could be hit with a bullet and the blowtorch coming from the bullet hole should not fry the crew or burn through a wing; so the jet engines were put in nacelles on struts underneath the wing where the slipstream could carry the flames away Serendipitously this turned out to have good aerodynamic properties the nacelles counteracted the tendency of the swept wing to pitch up during turns The prototype XB 47 easily outran its chase plane the straight wing Republic F 84 Thunderjet which was the fastest fighter plane in possession of by the US Air Force However the airplane had a tendency to Dutch roll alternate rolling and yawing This was suppressed by a feedback mechanism connected to the rudder called the yaw damper The Boeing B 52 Stratofortress was a bigger airplane with the same configuration as the B 47 but engines The company's first civilian jet airliner the Boeing 707 also followed the same configuration developed circa 1946 and so did all the subseuent Boeing 7x7 airliners all the way to the Boeing 787 Dreamliner which first flew in 2009 almost to the day 62 years later than the XB 47The second part of the book is specifically about the Boeing 747 which is essentially the Boeing 707 scaled three times bigger which was enabled by the development of high bypass turbofan engines; I already knew the story from the autobiography of Joe Sutter the chief designer of the airplane I found aerodynamics and control theory or rather hints of them for someone who has never studied them in college interesting than business history how the limitations imposed by the laws of physics dictated the form that was followed by the American Boeing 7x7 the European Airbus A3x0 and even the Soviet Ilyushin Il 86 and Il 96 Sutter tells about a meeting with Soviet engineers in Paris where he explained to them his reasons for putting engines in nacelles underneath the wing and they shared knowledge about working with titanium a metal needed by the later canceled Boeing 2707 supersonic transport How little progress there has been in the last 50 years of civil aviation compared to the previous 50 years At the Hiller Aviation Museum in San Carlos CA there is a 20 foot obliue flying wing investigated by NASA and Stanford University circa 1990 as a prototype of a supersonic airliner that would change its sweep angle as it flew; if built it would be a radically new aircraft configuration However in reality no one is going to build something so radically new and telecommuting and teleconferencing are gradually obviating high speed air travel anyway

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Wide Body The Triumph of the 747Ry Wide Body MOBI #10003 engineer confronting a massive aeronautical challenge huge sums of money one do or die project putting a whole cor. The fascinating story of the development of the 747 After reading this book you will never fail to notice one of these beautiful aircraft when one flies low overhead