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read kindle ð Strange Son Ô Hardcover Î portia iversen » [Ebook] ➢ Strange Son By Portia Iversen – Part memoir part detective story this is the powerful story of how two mothers from opposite sides of the world united in an effort to communicate with their severely auPart memoir part detective story this is the powerful story of how two mothers from opposite sides of the world united in an effort to communicate with their severely autistic sons discovering breakthroughs that challenged prevailing theories about autism Tito Mukhopadhyay an autistic boy from India who spends most of his time flapping his fingers in front of his eyes has an I of 185 He favors the writings of Wordsworth and Ibsen He loves philosophy reads People and worries about conflict in the Middle East He also writes beautiful poetry That Tito can communicate at all is due to his mother Soma who single handedly developed a revolutionary metho There should be a caveat given before reading this book this will not be easy to believe If what this memoir written by a mother of a child with autism claims is true there is so much to be done Portia Iverson is obsessed with learning as much as she can about her son's Autism sets up a foundation and brings over a miraculous Indian woman Soma and her autistic son Tito who she has taught to communicate The implications are wide non verbal severely autistic individuals may not be unintelligent as we believe They may understand think and dream but be unable to communicate any of it essentially being trapped The new method Soma developed seems too good to be true Maybe it is Little has come of it since its greater dissemination and if it really does work miracles then every autistic person should have the chance to try her method

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A have made remarkable progress in teaching their sons how to break through the walls of autism And in the process they have assisted scientists in making astonishing discoveries about the nature of autism itself Strange Son is the extraordinary account of two families who redefined how autism and autistic people should be treated all the while helping to answer some of autism's most baffling uestions and prompting new research Iversen weaves the twin stories of Soma and Tito and how Soma's methods mystified experts together with her own story of how she and her family came to understand Dov The result is a book suffused with uplifting human drama Amazing book I was eagerly turning the pages dying to know about the mind of this boy A lot of her observations were not rooted in science but they seemed to poignant and insightful It was a shame that these ideas aren't accepted or explored unless they can be tested and accepted by the peer review science method It just goes to show there ARE some things that can't be explained by science alone I was very taken with this book What a wonderful world to explore I say wonderful realizing that autistic children are trapped in this world and taken forgranted but wonderful bc it spoke out for these children and showed the tip of the iceberg of what lies inside of them and gives hope for breaking throughAnd I learned a lot about autism

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Strange SonD of teaching him in their one room apartment in Bangalore a classroom that lacked even running water Portia Iversen an Emmy winning art director whose life was turned upside down when her own son Dov was diagnosed with autism heard of Soma's miraculous story in the course of her own desperate search for a cure Under the auspices of Cure Autism Now the foundation she started with her husband that is now one of the largest funds for autism research in the world Portia brought Soma and Tito to America to help researchers understand how Soma accomplished this amazing feat and to determine what can be learned from their success Together Soma and Porti This is a complicated book to review because I have so many conflicting feelings about it It is absolutely a must read however for understanding autism You can learn in just this book that anywhere else Iversen the mother of an autistic son starts the foundation Cure Autism Now now merged with Autism Speaks with her husband She writes about her most important endeavor that of bringing over Tito Mukhopadhyay and his mother Soma from India Tito is labeled as severely autistic non verbal and with a lot of self stimulating and uncontrollable behaviors He has however learned a means of communication and is a published poet His mother Soma was able to teach Tito to point to letters on an alphabet chart and to write himself She is now a teacher of what is called the rapid prompting method and her techniue has worked on other children including Iversen's son The book then is a fascinating glimpse into autism itself Tito is not by any means recovered so he is often able to relate what it feels like to be autistic He writes that hand flapping is a way of feeling his body He has very little body awareness and hand flapping is a way of making sure he is still there Interesting Iversen talks about early ABA methods when they would shock students out of certain behaviors Despite shocking they could not make autistics stop hand flapping Most animals the scientists knew would stop certain behavior if shocked enough including to their own detriment such as not eating So hand flapping is essential behavior to autistics Tito also articulates the fact that much of his behavior remains beyond his control He is an interesting contrast to Temple Grandin whom Iversen talks to about Tito While Temple relies heavily on her visual sense and processing Tito is almost unable to use this sense at all and relies on his auditory sense In fact Tito relates that he can only use one sense at a time and if he is listening to something he is unable to make eye contact or notice anything visually It really is a fascinating glimpse into the autistic mind Soma is able to teach the method to Iversen's son and they are able to see that he has learned much than they knew One of the interesting things that they learn is that the communication is not always easy With both boys communication is still not like it is with 'typical' peers Communication alone is not a bridge to a so called 'typical' boy trapped with no communication Some things cannot be answered Even easy uestions such as what they want for breakfast But other things can be expressed with such depth and loveliness that it is astonishing Fascinating read I did not give it five stars because I did not care for the author much or for the way that the book was written She admits that she does not spend much time with her autistic son because she doesn't know how to be with him It seems that her other children have also suffered from neglect in her obsession with autism While I can sympathize as a mother dealing with autism myself I just found her a bit cold Also in her treatment of Soma who seemed to desire a closer relationship with the author While I understand that this might be difficult being from two different cultures was it necessary to recount this in the story as well as the author's rejection of her? It was a bit weird and ruined for me what was an absolutely fascinating look into an amazing group of people