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mobi ↠ doc Stage Fright 9780451400857 Free ð horticulturetrader Í ✸ [BOOKS] ✬ Stage Fright By Garrett Boatman ❂ – Out of the darkness of the fetid Hudson River the undead rose to eat their victims aliveHorror movie monsters burst from late night TV screOut of the darkness of the fetid Hudson River the undead rose to eat their victims aliveHorror movie monsters burst from late night TV screens to turn their viewers into victimsBiker g Updated 10417I may have finally discovered The Great American Novel Great synopsis or greatest synopsis? I was hoping Grady Hendrix would go into it a bit considering the artwork was featured on the cover of his Paperbacks from Hell A History of Horror Fiction from the '70s and '80s but no dice other than a line or two So I'm just gonna take the plunge and see if I survive It's the distant future 1998 to be exact and it's exactly like 1988 only there's one new interesting piece of tech called the Dreamatron which allows users to transmit their dreams and fantasies directly into the minds of others Izzy Stark is a superstar dream master playing to huge crowds across the world and he's taking his famous dreamies to another level With the help of an experimental new drug called taraxein which contains the blood of schizophrenics Izzy is able to make his dreams a reality strong enough to kill And since he's slowly losing his mind due to the effect of the drug his dreams are pretty damn twistedWhile the first half of the novel is seriously padded which was the norm for horror novels of the era the craziness gets amped up to ridiculousawesome levels in the latter half with all sorts of monstrous abominations breaking through into the physical world eventually turning into Slightly Spoilery an epic Boschian hellscape with NYC concert goers battling a horde of rotting corpses and demons from hell amidst fire and brimstone all unleashed from the mind of Izzy End SpoilerSo the book does deliver on much of what the back cover copy promised which frankly was a lot to live up to but some may have a difficult time wading through the first half where pages and pages of the various characters' normal everyday lives are sporadically interrupted by insane nightmares come to life The writing and characterization are workmanlike which is fine by me though Boatman does have a tendency to replace said with inuired retorted opined etc which can become a bit distracting after a while Still I'd recommend this to the hardcore fan of pulpy 80s horror who's read the staples and is looking to dive a little deeper I'm disappointed that Boatman has no other novels but I was fooled by an ad inside for another book by the author called 'Death Dream' The description sounded awfully close to this one though and then I noticed it had the exact same ISBN So the publisher must have changed the title at the last minute I'm guessing possibly to match the cover art? Oh well 30 Stars

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Make your dreams and nightmares come true He's the master of disaster the guru of gore the doctor of doom the duke of death and destruction and you can't escape this command performanc I find myself remembering this book now some twenty years after reading it just the once I remember only scene fragments from reading it dreamies a sort of full sensory movie experience similar to the Trumball film Brainstorm a cutting edge tech form of music storage bubblepack as I recall with which a nefariously decadent rock star Izzy Stark planned to use to create a Lovecraftian hell on earth citing Bosch paintings as memory servesAnd for sleeping defense the novel suggests a tip to pull yourself out when stuck inside of nightmares wiggle your big toeThis reminded me when I read it of the lucid dream teaching habit to look at your handI figured if I still remember tasty details from a book I read only once twenty years ago—based on what other sort of books I remember long after reading—it must have been a pretty special bookMr Boatman thank you

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Stage FrightAngs of decomposing corpses rode the highways of America on the hunt for unsuspecting motoristsTake a front seat in the baddest nightmare in town Superstar Izzy Stark has the power to Now available for preorderPaperbackWebsiteEbookWebsite