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The Moving Finger free read ↠ 6 ¾ ❰BOOKS❯ ✪ The Moving Finger Author Agatha Christie – Die anonymen Briefe sorgen für böses Blut in dem kleinen Städtchen Als sie dann noch zwei mysteriöse Todesfälle auslösen bei denen die Polizei hoffnungslos im Dunkeln tappt wird es Miss Marple z Die anonyRiöse Todesfälle auslösen bei denen die Polizei hoffnungslos im Dunkeln tappt wird es Miss Marp. The Moving Finger by Agatha Christie is the third installment of A Miss Marple Mistery set in Lymstock England The books takes its name from verse 51 of Edward Fitzgerald's translation of the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam The Moving Finger writes; and having writ Moves on; nor all thy Piety nor wit Shall lure it back to cancel half a Line Nor all thy Tears wash out a word of it The poem in turn refers to Belshazzar's feast as related in the Book of Daniel where the expression the writing on the wall originated Anonymous letters leads to Murdered Jerry Burton is set from London to the sleepy village of Lymstock on doctors orders and bring his sister Joanna Burton in tow Initially they are utterly charmed with idyllic surrounding and uaint people that they meet Yet soon they received an anonymous poison penned letter accusing them of being lovers not siblings and they soon discover that most people in the village are getting eually scandalous letters too Things soon take an even darker twist when one of the receivers of this letter dies at first people think that it may be suicide until the fact starts to point to murder and another soon follows Where do one's fears come from Where do they shape themselves Where do they hide before coming out into the open Miss Marple The reader's reaction In everybody's life there are hidden chapters which they hope may never be known But what happens if someone uses these very hidden chapters to blackmail others This is the premise of the The Moving Finger In this part Agatha Christie has given landmark description of her imaginary place Lymstock A fictional village somewhere in the heart of England Lymstock was a place of importance That importance was ecclesiastical It had a priory and had a long succession of ambitious and powerful prior Lords and barons in the surrounding countryside made themselves right with Heaven by leaving certain of their land to the priory The Moving Finger reveals a mature side of Christ's writing This one has romance and mystery in eual amount Jerry Burton the narrator a former pilot who moves to Lymstock to recover from injuries Joanna Burton present to the reader as modern woman very pretty and very gay woman and she likes dancing and cocktail and love affairs and rushing about in high powered cars With so much adaptation the story is slow placed Miss Jane Marple remaining behind the background for most of the part The siblings did most of the sleuthing deductionMore or less it is Agatha Christie one of her favourite writing but to the readers it may varies

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Le zu bunt Statt länger Landluft zu tanken legt sie ihr Strickzeug beiseite und schreitet zur Tat. Another Agatha Christie to pass the time Mmmmm Delicious Only I do have the same complaint I had with another of her books that was listed as a Miss Marple Mystery Jane Marple doesn't appear until the last 14 of the book and then she's just a cute little old lady who says a few words at the end That doesn't count as a Miss Marple mystery for me I much prefer it when Miss Marple is the one solving the crime firsthand The short stories featuring her are the way to go I'm figuring out Which isn't to say that I disliked this book I DID like it once I got over my disappointment that no elderly spinsters were going to appear and kick butt and take names The main characters in this story are Jerry and Joanna a clever funny brother and sister pair who come to the small village of Lymstock so Jerry can recover from some unnamed accident Then people start getting mean anonymous letters a few bodies turn up and Jerry gets involved trying to help I liked it My copy says that Christie thought this was one of her finest novels It was certainly funny in many parts and had a small romantic sub plot which was cute and unexpected A good read if you're an Agatha Christie fan

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The Moving FingerDie anonymen Briefe sorgen für böses Blut in dem kleinen Städtchen Als sie dann noch zwei myste. Not a favorite by any means The Moving Finger is a good tidy mystery but our Miss Marple is not part of the story until the very end I have read uite a few Christie mysteries stand alone stories a few Poirrot a few Tommy and Tuppence but mostly Miss Marple She is my favorite because she knows human failings and foibles so well and she looks like a dowdy old lady; and therefore is not taken seriously by murderers until it's too late