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Hameful past makes any future with her impossible But in the sultry desert heat desires are uncovered and secrets unveiled and soon Christopher will risk everything to claim his desert princess. Read my review on RomanceJunkiescom by clicking on the link below

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Claiming His Desert PrincessStolen nights with the secret princess Bound to marry for duty Princess Tahira finds her only freedom in forbidden escapes to the desert Then one night she encounters a stranger under the stars. I received an ARC of this book in return for an honest reviewThis is the last volume in the series of the Hot Arabian Nights uadrilogy You don't need to read the others in which to follow this story If you have read the stories about the Armstrong Sisters by this author you may find this adds to the story This book also has a very pretty coverThe hero and heroine of this story Christopher and Tahira are both caught in the actions of their parentsfamilies and their own views about fidelity and marriage They are also culturally different all the better as I like exploring different cultures but their love for an early form of archaeology shines through as a shared passionInitially meeting accidentally and then clandestinely we get to know them as they dig in some underground tunnels in Nessareh Tahira the Princess in uestion's home city Both hide who they really are but it is in the confines of the tunnels that they explore each other in mind as well in body as much as their beliefs allowI liked the morality actually of both Christopher and Tahira they stuck to their moral ideals as much as possible factoring in human nature and desires I also like their academic interests in the tunnel digs the country and the fact that Christopher had a job Sayeed the sand cat was interesting tooI did not enjoy so much the long wait to find out what the reason for Christopher trying to return the amulet and what his difficult past was as it was obvious who his father was if you read the acknowledgments at the beginning Also why mention the amulet and his birth mother if we are never to learn why the family had it and why it was to be given to him as a baby This was entirely unresolved apart from confirming his adoptive parents' obvious love for him I did also confusingly think of the archaeology as Egyptian it was just how it read to meThe conclusion was satisfying however as Christopher gained a kind of strength from finishing his task and is able to cleverly attempt to reunite with Tahira in a way that honours them both They were actually a rather sweet couple in a good wayNot my favourite of Marguerite Kaye's books but still a good three and a half to four star read

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Claiming His Desert Princess review ´ 103 î ❴Read❵ ➵ Claiming His Desert Princess Author Marguerite Kaye – Stolen nights with the secret princess Bound to marry for duty Princess Tahira finds her only freedom in forbidden escapes to the desert Then one night she encounters a stranger undeAdventurer Christopher Fordyce Claiming His PDF He's wildly attractive and thrillingly dangerousan illicit fantasy she can't resist Even unaware of Tahira's royal blood Christopher knows his s. Claiming His Desert Princess is the fourth and final book in the Hot Arabian Nights series by Marguerite Kaye I have had the pleasure of reading the first 3 books and although you definitely don't need to read them in order to fully enjoy or understand this one at some point I hope you will read them too Like this one they are all fabulous stories that I cannot recommend enoughChristopher Fordyce is professionally a surveyor His supposed midas touch helps him to discover ore water fertile soil you name it he can generally find it But his true love is archaeology It isn't that or his job that finds him in Arabia though He is looking for closure on something very painful in his past something that to him is shameful closure that can only be found by finding the owner of a precious necklace and giving it back to them Princess Tahira is unhappy with her life and she is definitely unhappy that she is considered a shame on the family because two betrothals her brother arranged for her led to no marriage In order to earn respect again she must marry a man of her brother's choosing this time going past the betrothal to the actual marriage She feels trapped and smothered She wants adventure and lately that adventure comes from sneaking out from the palace and visiting a turuoise mine that her brother is having readied for mining She can only sneak out at night which is handy because it's the easiest time to get close to the mine undetectedOn one of her forays she comes across Christopher in him she finds a kindred spirit and she also finds him absolutely gorgeous She loves that he is an archaeologist as it's something that absolutely fascinates her She can't let on to Christopher that she is of royal blood so to him she is just Tahira A woman with an ogre of a brother that is forcing her to wed Also a woman that longs for adventure and wants to help Christopher find the origins of the necklace he has and to help him return it to it's rightful ownerTheir adventure is one that she hopes will sustain her throughout the years when she is married and once again 'owned' by a man What she doesn't bargain on is the force of her feelings for him Their attraction is absolutely mutual and on their many evenings together Christopher does all that he can to help Tahira's dreams become a reality before she is trapped into a loveless marriage He doesn't count on their attraction to each other being so strong and they find themselves in many a passionate moment Passionate moments that mustn't lead to fully making love because Tahira must be a virgin when she marries Can they resist the final joining thoughThey know that they have no future together and although they think they can just enjoy this amazingly exciting interlude with each other what will happen when it comes to the day that they have to say goodbye Will Christopher be able to let Tahira go to marry a man he knows she doesn't love doesn't even know Will he find out that she is a Princess and how will he act ifwhen he finds out And what of the necklace will he be able to find it's rightful owner give it to them and get the closure he desperately needsAs I mentioned earlier I have loved every book in this series and after each one I have thought that the next one couldn't possibly be as good as the last But I am happy to say I was wrong Every book this one included of course has been an amazing read So full of passion forbidden love and all set in such a beautiful time and place The author's writing skills easily puts you amongst the scenery being able to see the beauty of the area the gorgeous clothes and even the stinky breathed camels This book and the whole series took me away from the grey climes of the UK into the heat and beauty of Arabian NightsheavenI voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Readers' Copy of this book