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Bonjour tristesse review Ì 103 Ó ➽ [Reading] ➿ Bonjour tristesse By Françoise Sagan ➲ – Bonjour tristesse är en sommarlovsberättelse från Rivieran om en sjuttonårig flicka som tillsammans med sin livsnjutande fader drömmer bort den ena solgassande dagen efter den andra Men när den Bonjour triBonjour tristesse är en sommarlovsberättelse från Rivieran om en sjuttonårig flicka som tillsammans me. This is why I don't read books written by teenagers Banal and melodramatic A bored spoiled 17 year old who has a bit of a crush on her playboy daddy hates her soon to be stepmother Cue never ending angst alcohol scheming glam life underage sex and boredom boredom boredom and voila a bestseller and a classicPlease somebody get her to do some chores so that she doesn't stuff her head with rubbishI am tired of such tripe being praised because of but the author was only 17 when she wrote it excuse

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Len hotas av faderns plötsliga förälskelse finns det ingenting som stoppar Céciles raffinerade grymhet. This short and sparkling novel was famously published when the author was just 18 years old While the same length as some short stories Bonjour Tristesse feels fully formed and deftly plotted The narrator Cécile is a 17 year old girl enjoying an extended summer holiday in the south of France with her father Cécile is pampered spoilt and somewhat bratty; her father who she worships is a louche and charming womaniser They see themselves as free spirits although their 'easy' lifestyle is of course only enabled by their significant wealth At the beginning of the book they are staying in a villa along with Daddy's current mistress Elsa than a decade his junior and doing little other than sunbathing swimming and socialising Cécile is also conducting a half hearted on her side romance with a young man Cyril who is staying in the same resort This dreamy euilibrium is disturbed when her father invites a female acuaintance of his own age Anne best friend of Cécile's late mother to join the trip Anne's presence provokes Cécile's jealousy and uspets the balance of her father's relationship with Elsa leading our narrator to devise a deadly planThe narrative captures the melodrama and insouciance of teenage years so well I'm tempted to say it's incredible that the author managed this when she was still so young herself but maybe this is the sort of insight you could only have while still living the experience In any case Cécile is an incredibly well drawn teenager and her characterisation displays a remarkable self awareness on Sagan's part I was drawn back into that strange mix of overreacting to the smallest things while at the same time disregarding some of the biggest; Cécile's father's romance with Anne is the end of the world and Anne's insistence that she should study for exams nothing short of a life ruining catastrophe but Cyril's apparent love for her is just a game one she is not prepared to indulge fully because he likes her too much Cécile may be selfish and petulant but her naivety allows for insights the adults sometimes miss About her father's engagement for example 'I had so often seen him happy on account of a woman' well indeed There is also sometimes a sense that the novel is written from a future standpoint that of a mature woman reflecting on her youth Perhaps this too is typical of the characterauthor's age when you're 18 the stuff you did when you were 17 seems a million miles awayWith a precocious teenage protagonist over privileged rich people swanning around doing whatever they want and a 26 year old man 'falling in love' with a girl who isn't even out of school you'd think I would have absolutely hated this In fact I thought it was utterly brilliant; I can't find anything critical to say about it at all I should have read Bonjour Tristesse a long time ago and I heartily recommend it to anyone who hasn't it only takes about an hour to get through and it's well worth such a small portion of your time

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Bonjour tristesseD sin livsnjutande fader drömmer bort den ena solgassande dagen efter den andra Men när den loja livssti. Being stuck on the runway for three hours with Bonjour Tristesse in hand is no fun I tell youI read this at a time when I had a lot on my plate I didn't have enough patience to be concerned about the problems of a bunch of vain people who are wealthier than Scrooge McDuck who spend their days sun bathing and surfing and whose evenings are dedicated to drinking and dancingYeah I agree it is well written for an 18 year old author But it is also so superficial It is natural that the 17 year old narrator acts like a teenager What is extremely annoying is that all the adults behave like teenagers as well The average I of all the characters in this book is likely to be very low They simply blame the heat for all their stupidityLet's meet these charactersCecile spoiled daughter of a rich dad Her life sucks right now because her dad's girlfriend is trying to make her study for an exam and doesn't let her sleep with the pretty boy Could it be any worseRaymond rich irresponsible promiscuous Hey Raymond you have a daughter to look after rememberElsa beautiful fashionable DUMBOccupation being a mistress to rich menCyril 25 year old boy that Cecile finds attractive Considering how he gets involved into Cecile's schemes probably not too brightAnne cold calculating condescending She decided she wanted Raymond in her life followed him down to his beach house wore a flattering dress one evening and voila mission accomplished HERE BE A MAJOR SPOILER LOOK AWAY I do have sympathy for Anne's tragic end but there is this another voice in my head that wants to shout at Anne What are you a silly teenager A woman her age should know better than to end her life over a short relationship with a frivolous man known to be loose with women Anne's action is also difficult to digest as there was no indication of love or any real emotion in their relationship The two barely even spokeDamn this heat Look where it got herI spent the rest of the flight reading The Stranger which like this one featured French people who spent a lot of time on the beach and cursed the heat But then there was so much too Way better