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Black BeautyOrse's point of view Black Beauty's own story takes you into the mind and heart of a sensitive animal searching for love and understanding From happy times as a young foal romping with his mo. Black Beauty has had 9 masters over her lifetime but only 5 of them treated her wellHer birth master “Master”Suire Gordon of Birtwick ParkMr YorkMr Barry whose groom was FilcherJerry Barker the nice cab driverJakes driver for the corn dealerMr Skinner mean cab driverMr Farmer ThoroughgoodMiss EllenA few words about the mastersSuire Gordon was very good to Beauty and she loved the three happy years she spent there But the mistress got sick and had to move to warm placesJerry Barker a cab driver whose real name was Jeremiah was great to Beauty He had a nice daughter and son and his wife was named Polly But he got dangerously ill and the family moved to the countryDo not you think it is odd that both of these exceptionally nice masters had to move because of health related family mattersThe only mean horse that Black Beauty ever met was Ginger but they grew up to be best friends Ginger had suffered a harder life than Beauty so it was only natural for her to be a little mean tempered sometimes One day when Beauty was still Jerry Barker’s cab horse a pitiful sight of a horse pulled up a cab and Beauty saw it was his old friend Ginger with the same chestnut color although the once shiny and glossy coat was now beaten up and missing in places She looked half dead so Beauty wanted to believe that this horse was not Ginger but it was Later they saw a dead horse being towed to the burial place on a cart and Beauty saw the chestnut color and hoped it was Ginger to end her long sufferingMerrylegs was a fat gray pony but it’s not clear whether he was a boy or a girl I think Merrylegs is male but there is no conclusive evidence or proof What do you think Merrylegs was often thought of as a machine by the little boys and they mistreated him cruelly by hitting him with sticks to make him keep goingSpeaking of little boys mistreating horses there are boys who are awfully mean in this book to all the horses not just to MerrylegsCase 1 Black Beauty and her mother Duchess lived with their first master But there was a boy who liked to steal blackberries from Mr Master and throw stones at the horses which really hurt the horsesCase 2 Filcher was employed as the groom when Beauty was under the care of Mr Barry her fourth owner Filcher brought a child everyday with him to work and the child stole Beauty’s oats making her very thin The child and Filcher both went to jail after their plot was discoveredI think if anything the illustrations are beautiful even if the book is sad and filled with hatred yet also with kindness I don't know but who do you think the girl on the cover is

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A horse's life can be filled with love and tenderness It can also be filled with meanness and cruelty Black Beauty learns both sides of life in this classic tale by Anna Sewel Told from the h. This book will surely make the reader aware of the hardships that horses have to go through in their livesIf the reader owns a pet or owned a pet any animal this book will especially be a boon for herhim as he will be able to connect at a deeper level with the pet after reading this bookThe author has kept the language simple and yet all the simplicity has such profound emotional effect on the reader's heart that it is hard to believe that 'Black Beauty' is Anna Seawell's first and only bookA must read indeed

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Black Beauty review õ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Ñ [Read] ➲ Black Beauty By Deidre S. Laiken – A horse's life can be filled with love and tenderness It can also be filled with meanness and cruelty Black Beauty learns both sides of life in this classic tale by Anna Sewel Told from the horse's po A horsTher Duchess to harsh years as a cab horse in the city and finally to a peaceful old age Black Beauty's life shows that horses have feelings too and sometimes they even know things people don. Picked this up out of the unit box at the camp I volunteer at The girls in the cabin were going into 4 6th grade and I read it aloud over three nights I enjoyed the fact that the book is narrated by Beauty; I only knew of a few other classics like that It really lacked human details though and I found myself wanting to rewrite chapters from the human perspective as a fun writing exercise Why was the master’s wife sick for example A warning though this book is pretty real about the way horses were treated back then and I’m sure in some places now It doesn’t not leave humans with a favorable view of humankind but only that there are kind exceptions to the rule The parts surrounding Ginger who appears several times across the book are especially dark with Ginger voicing aloud to Beauty that she wishes someone would shoot her and put her out of her misery Beauty even feels this way a little when he gets hurt In another chapter Beauty sees Ginger looking especially bad and being led away and then late Beauty thinks he sees Ginger dead in a cart that rolls by Not good bedtime fare but definitely realistic and I enjoyed it in general