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mobi Ô Odinsbarn Hardcover ↠ ➳ [Reading] ➶ Odinsbarn By Siri Pettersen ➩ – Nella serie Raven Rings i classici elementi della letteratura fantasy vengono reinventati Non troverete profezie dragoni o spade magiche Certamente c’è la magia ma uesta parola non compare mai nei Nella serie Raven Rings Ri è proprio uesta mancanza di capacità soprannaturali che invece gli altri posseggonoImmagina di essere privo di ualcosa di cui tutti gli altri dispongono ualcosa che rappresenta la prova della tua appartenenza a uesto mondo ualcosa di talmente vitale che senza di esso sei una nullità Una piaga Una leggenda Un essere umanoHirka che ha uindici inverni all’improvviso apprend This review was originally posted on unConventional Bookviews Odinsbarn is a fantasy that includes the kind of epic ness that is so hard to find it seems almost impossible Alas it's completely possibleOdinsbarn is a fantastic story where the mythology has a certain Norse feel to it Where the 12 person council that rules over the world seems to be rotten on the inside; all the while fearing the rot of those that are other I found the fear of other and how that fear was dealt with to be both fascinating and accurate The folks in this story were proud of their tails their history and their ability to share energy with the earthThe Seer was there to protect them from the blind and I was so completely immersed in the story from beginning to end it was difficult to put the book down to get some sleepHirka is definitely other she is the tail less possibly an Odinchild and she is both feared and looked at with disgustThe world building is amazing and I can't say it enough this has to be translated to English so all my English speaking friends can get immersed with the ravens the ability the all aroundness and the fight for justice The writing is so well done though so the translator would have to be able to also transform some of the wordplay in order for the whole story to have the same voice and feel to it as in the original versionOdinsbarn is both plot and character driven with Hirka a fantastic heroine She is young and in some instances I felt that In other instances though she was able to see much farther than herself and her close circle to understand things much older characters didn't even begin to grasp Her inner strength was both calm and sure and when she was afraid of something she embraced that fear and made it her own Dealing with it feeling it and the she could move forward once Odinsbarn is tight and it is solidly built on the foundations of Norse mythology The author managed to use the mythology as a building block and then make it her own though And of course I will go straight to the next book Råta The Rot so I can see if any of my predictions turn out to be true Because the fact that these folks are afraid of humns and they think Hirka is an Odinchild They use ravens both for protection and as a guid makes me think there is still much to both the story and the worlds than what conclusions I have made so farWritten in third person point of view past tense and mostly from Hirka's perspective Odinsbarn grabbed my interest in a different way than any YA fantasy has done Maybe because of the Norse roots? Maybe because the very distinct voice of Hirka? Maybe because the times when I got parts of the story from a different character's perspective it truly brought something both interesting and vital to the story? I can't really explain it but if you enjoy YA fantasy you should cross your fingers and your toes for a translation Not sure if there are any ears we can try to whisper to?Rime warned of danger she felt it in every single one of her nerves She had thought she'd recognized him but what she saw in front of her was only a memory The man in front of her was no childhood rivalFather looked at her His eyes were deep and withered like his legs This was how it was going to be She was a wrongborn who couldn't share the energy She was blind for the Ability Cheated of what everyone else had Ability less And tail less The room smelled like leather from the bindings And power It smelled like power This was how power was supposed to smell Everlasting Immortal BoundlessShe closed her eyes against his chest and listened to the beats of his heart The best sound she'd ever heard The best she'd ever felt And also the worst She had tasted something that could never be hers Not without killing him It was too much to bear

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E di essere una figlia di Odino una creatura putrida e senza la coda proveniente da un altro mondo È disprezzata odiata e scacciata da tutti Non riesce più a trovare una propria identità e ualcuno la vuole eliminare affinché tutto ciò rimanga un segreto Ma ci sono cose ben peggiori degli esseri umani e Hirka non è l’unica creatura ad essersi introdotta attraverso i porta Debating if I should try to learn Norwegian just to read this or if I should just wait and hope it gets translated to English some day

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OdinsbarnNella serie Raven Rings i classici elementi della letteratura fantasy vengono reinventati Non troverete profezie dragoni o spade magiche Certamente c’è la magia ma uesta parola non compare mai nei testi La protagonista è piena di risorse vive emarginata e come una selvaggia al nord Non è una “prescelta” e non ha poteri speciali In realtà ciò che la distingue dagli alt Since this book is only in norwegian I'm going to write this in norwegian I really hope they will translate the book to english because it's so good I pity those who will not be able to read it because you don't understand the language It's one of the best fantasybooks I've read in a long time and it's a flavore of fantasy that's not easy to categorize So since I don't know how long you will have to wait for the english version you better start learning norwegian so that you won't miss itOdinsbarn er ingen lett bok å starte på forfatteren går ikke ut i fra at leseren er en idiot og må holdes i hånden hele veien Det er nok kanskje en elsk hat bok enten får man ikke nok eller så faller man tidlig av Jeg er i den første gruppen Du blir sluppet rett inn i en verden du ikke kjenner med uttrykk du ikke vet hva betyr Gradvis lærer du verdenen å kjenne og det er en fantastisk verden En verden inspirert av gammel norrøn mytologi men absolutt sin egen verdenHovedpersonen Hirka er ei tøff jente en som ikke passer inn noe sted men likevel ikke lar seg kue Persongalleriet er godt utviklet selv de man føler kan være litt flate til å begynne med utvikler seg godt gjennom bokenJeg vil anbefale denne boken for alle som liker tradisjonell fantasy med en twist Jeg sliter litt med å kategorisere den den passer ikke godt inn i noen av undersjangrene til fantasy Men du bør lese den