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Summary ☆ Spirit Guides ô PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ç [KINDLE] ❃ Spirit Guides By Iris Belhayes – Now in its 16th printing this best seller has become a metaphysical classic Iris Belhayes delivers an inspirational and uplifting message We are not alone We are surrounded at all timE for this lifetime Besides offering a sense of meaning and purpose Iris shares her techniue for getting in touch with your own spirit guides so that you too can experience a sense of hope reassurance and jo. I found this book somewhere amidst the ever growing flood of recommendations given at the back of books on Wicca and pseudo shamanic practices It was keyed as a particularly thorough assortment of ideas and activities to stir up the knowledge of and communication with spirits I read it in conjunction with Ted Andrews' book on the same subject and it turned out to be a good combinationBelhayes certainly seems to now her subject and her treatment of it is exhaustive I personally have no definite evidence that I have ever communicated with a spirit guide although there have been plenty of vision mind dream communications that could certainly have been such Belhayes' ideas are interesting because they suggest that these latter communications could certainly be the real thing In fact her book opens up the possibilities for real things to the point of bewilderment or even confusionBy the end of the book the reader may well get the idea that anything is possible when it comes to spirit communication communication with any object or being conceivable by the imagination I actually like this idea very much but unless one is ready to practice in discipline it can never really become a part of psychic experienceI'm all for infinite possibilities and I recommend this book as such Perhaps it will find a stronger hold on your own psyche than it did on mine

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Of our spirit guides The author shares what she has learned from her guide Enid explaining the role of our spirit guides and how our spirit families support and assist us in living out the game plan we chos. Summary I would recommend this to those that are really new to the idea of spirit guides The back half is slightly better if you're familiar with the concept and perhaps a little further along in your understanding of itBelhayes describes life a as a game and it takes a bit of time for me to get use to her form of communication But as I read further I realized why she was describing things this way and I can see how that can be very helpful if someone is uite new to thinking about life in the context of the earth school Overall the ideas that resonated most with me had to do with the idea that while many look for spirit guides outside of themselves in that classic ghost sense you can also look for them living within other people and also within yourself because you are a spirit That was coolSome uotesp 12 there is no need to learn compassion outside the physical universe because there is no lack of compassion thereThe only way w can experience the blossoming of our enlightenment is to come to a world that admits the possibility of un enlightenment p 24 as relates to karma However and this is a very big however no debt owed can ever really be cleanly paid back at the expense of either party but must be paid easily and lovingly In truth such 'debts' are not real and exist only in the mind Only if one thinks there is a debt does it exist at all She then goes on to a lesson I think is very important We are not here to help or save others that do not extend their hand out to receive that helpchokengtitiktitikchokeng 74 She's talking about one's connection to the spirit world and how that just exists We are a part of it whenever we use the mind to think about things that aren't lodged in the physical world like daydreaming or just imaging Then she says To deny the spirit world is to deny one's own beingness one's own existence one's own reality To deny one's own imagination and the scope of one's own realities serves only to postpone one's own awakening Also to deny t he spirituality of others the reality of the existence of others whether in or out of the body is again denying one's own spiritual possibilities This to me is a very uniue way to think about spirituality and open mindedness that is become a really vital part of globalism

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Spirit GuidesNow in its th printing this best seller has become a metaphysical classic Iris Belhayes delivers an inspirational and uplifting message We are not alone We are surrounded at all times by the love and support. Really good book on understanding spirit guides; our connections to them and them to us I am often asked many of the uestions that are addressed by Belhayes I have recommended this book to a number of clients who have found it very helpfulIt is written in acccessible language And doesn't hit ya over the head with preachy talk as so often many books do