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Superpowered Click Your Poison #3The choice would you save the world or conuer it? In SUPERPOWERED the choice is yoursAfter a bizarre experiment leaves you with one of three superpowers play the book multiple times to explore all Firstly I received the ebook through LibraryThing and secondly the author is super niceAnyway this book I haven't read a book like this where you can make your own story since I was really young and I loved them This is a great interactive adventure where you can choose to be a superhero choose the powers you receive and how the story ends It was definitely interesting to see how all the different selections played out but in some places there wasn't an option to choose and it just continued on This was something that let me down a little as I would have preferred a bit variation in choices and sometimes when there was than one choice they were a bit cliché and not really true to what I would do in that situation but at the same time I know it's impossible to do this for every reader I would have liked variation in the story so there were different characters and development in relationships but again understand that with all the different options this would have been a long book though some parts felt so rushed and the story felt over so uickly that it was a little disappointing and a little predictable I would have just like to have human choices variation and much development and depth in the characters and their storylineApart from that the book was intriguing a uick read and gives you the ability to reread it the next day with different choices to change the outcome It was fun but sometimes the lack of depth and development made it hard to attach to the story and became a bit difficult to enjoyI will definitely be reading the authors others books because it's nostalgic and because I like creating my own outcomes and endings3 stars for this for all the reasons previously mentioned I wanted to give but I just felt that there wasn't enough keeping me interested in the story and that it was too rushed and if you chose not to follow the crazy man it was over in two pages this could have still been developed and it would have been nice if the realistic responses and choices also had a path alongside the storyline

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3 Uniue Storylines Over 50 Possible Endings Just one uestion Will YOU Be a Hero or a Villain?You know the superhero fantasy What would life be like if you had superhuman abilities? But really given As the author I'm admittedly biased Of course I think my book deserves 5 stars But here's why you should too SUPERPOWERED lets YOU choose to be a hero or a villainWith three superpowers to choose from you can save the world or conuer it 3 uniue storylines 50 possible endings Finally a book with replay valueAs the author of the Click Your Poison series I hope you love reading SUPERPOWERED as much as I enjoyed writing it I spent over a year in Mercury City destroying it one day and protecting it the next Imagining grand scenarios and blending story paths in ways that often surprised me with the outcomes I'm happy to say that I've created a book that you absolutely must read multiple times Learn to fly deflect bullets or create a killer robot and savetake over the world Get SUPERPOWEREDNote This book is on sale for only 099 during pre order James Schannep

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PDF Ì BOOK Superpowered Click Your Poison #3 FREE å ❴Reading❵ ➺ Superpowered Click Your Poison #3 Author James Schannep – Horticulturetrader.co.uk 3 Uniue Storylines Over 50 Possible Endings Just one uestion Will YOU Be a Hero or a Villain?You know the superhero fantasy What would life be like if you had Three you must ally with or confront the other two test subjects while the fate of Mercury City nay the world hangs in the balanceLive your own interactive comic book adventure and Get SUPERPOWERE I won this as a giveaway and decided to review itThis was my first choose your adventure type book and I liked it It was easy to step into the shoes of the character you were portraying which was nice I do wish some of the other characters were fleshed out I felt that Catherine was a bit one dimensional and somewhat undeveloped as you encounter her later on in the storyIt would be nice to be specific about the hypertext and keeping track of titleschapters to go back Sometimes the previous chapter doesn't give you options and you need to remember the previous two chapters not just oneI found about 23 of the possible endings and so far it's been fun If you're easily frustrated this is not a book for you the fun is in finding a satisfying ending than being annoyed the dead endings don't have a lot of text or explanationsOverall it's a good escapist read