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FREE READ La paix du ménage 109 Ã [Reading] ➽ La paix du ménage ➳ Honoré de Balzac – This scarce antiuarian book is a facsimile reprint of the original Due to its age it may contain imperfections such as marks notations marginalia and flawed pages Because we believe this work is cultu This scarce antiuarian boNalia and flawed pages Because La paix PDF or we believe this work is culturally important we have made it available as part of our commitmen. a Paix du Menage by Honore de Balzac – you can find this and thousands of other great books at Nine out of 10La Paix du Menage is the seventh narrative from the epic monumental La Comedie Humaine which so far seems to have been eually entitled to be called La Folie Humaine and it recalls the first short novel in the series La Maison du Chat ui Pelote perhaps on at least two levels one of a rather poignant detail whereas in La Maison the wife of the painter receives from the mistress a precious painting acclaimed by the public and critics the one that has raised the profile of her husband but this symbol of folly debauchery decadence and cheating is torn apart by its author in La Paix du Menage a ring with a diamond is offered by the husband compte de Soulanges to his lover who in turn gives it to baron Martial and then finally it returns to the wifeThe other level on which La Paix du Menage resembles La Maison du Chat ui Pelote would be this adultery the fact that le compte de Soulanges is infatuated with another woman in part due to the Honeymoon effect maybe – the phenomenon which has men and women interested in someone else even if not eual to their partner but benefiting from the advantage of being different new which explains why so many tend to part after two yearsas one expert Tal Ben Shahar puts it you could be with Hale Berry and cheat with someone who is much less handsome but she is differentthe other Effect we could uote is the Coolidge Effect and here is the anecdote in shortthe American president went to visit a farm with his wife and she notices the febrile interaction between rooster and hens and she asked how many times per day does he copulate – if that is the word – with the companions and when the answer was perhaps eighty or times she urged them to tell the president who asked if it is the same hen and when informed that it is always a different one he wanted them to pass this information to his wifeAs in La Maison du Chat the consort of a stunning glorious woman is seeking to find joy in other uarters and he is present at a ball given in November 1809 after the battle of Wagram occasioned by the marriage of Napoleon Bonaparte with the archduchess of Austria Marie Louise I think daughter of the emperor organized by the count de Gondreville where a stranger in blue dress shy and withdrawn as she is has attracted the attention of all presentThe fact that this takes place at a ball brings to mind Le Bal de Sceaux where we have at the center another misunderstanding the main character Emilie de Fontaine meets another stranger this time a man and she is enchanted pursues this relationship almost sure that she has finally met the consort after declining so many suitors proud and arrogant thinking her status would make her worthy of a peer though she wants from her future spouse than just title and riches and the discovery of this unknown man looks like a miracle though nobody has any information about him and eventually when she sees him helping someone in a shop the vain woman is so disappointed and humiliated in her august expectations that she marries a much older admiral only to be turned to stone when the one she had selected and then discarded would be anointed peer of France and would be extremely richThere would be some common elements with La Bourse where a noble young man Theodore de Sommervieux is happy with the encounter of Mademoiselle Adelaide Lesseigneur but intrigued of the relationship she and her mother has with some visitors who lose the same amount of money each night at a game of cards and when he does not find his Bourse – something that served as a wallet at that time – he is almost sure that the poor women have taken it – true he does find some justification for the act seeing that they live without means the death of the father has left them almost penniless but he is wrong nonetheless and this proves that we can often be oblivious to the near perfect people that we have near us just like compte de Soulanges in La PaixMonsieur de Soulages is furious when he thinks his honor is perhaps placed under a cloud and thus we think of La Vendetta wherein we have Bartolomeo di Piombo play the role of the Raging Bull as he takes his Vendetta to an extreme where his daughter Ginevra and his grandson would die of hunger and in sualor because he would disinherit her and not agree with the marriage to a member of the rival clan Porta the ones that have indeed killed all his relatives except for Ginevra and her mother in what reminds us of Romeo and Juliet and the hatred between the Montagues and the Capulets that results in catastropheMadame Firmiani is the only cheerful chapter in La Comedie Humaine so far and maybe La Paix du Menage with its symbolic title would follow a Panglossian positive script for even if there are doubts about the personality of Madame Firmiani some say clever and others stupid one group thinks she is virtuous and another that she has suandered the fortune of Octave de Camps nephew of the rich Monsieur de Bourbonne in the end she proves to be a Wonder Woman the guardian angel and lover of the young man who has convinced him that it is better to Be than to Have and thus he gave the wealth owed to another and gained in the process something much valuable than money a splendid wife love virtue and blissThe previous story in this classic magnum opera is Une Double Famille wherein we follow the fate of Mademoiselle Caroline de Clochard and Roger Granville the latter being the one with the Double Family which is almost the fate we expect for count de Soulanges in La Paix du Menage – if he does not find the treasure the splendid spouse he has at home present also at the ball where baron Martial de la Roche –Hugon bets with the count de Montcornet as to who would be able to dance with the stranger aka Madame de Soulanges – while others are also mesmerized by the unknown beauty who puts the celebrities that are generally rivals for the title of the ueen of the soiree in the shadows If you want to ensure your own Paix du Menage you might want to read The Seven Principles of Making Marriage Work by John Gottman the expert with an accuracy rate in his predictions as to what couple would stay together and which ones would separate of over ninety percent

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This scarce antiuarian book is a facsimile reprint of the original Due to its age it may contain imperfections such as marks notations margi. Balzac prefaces his story by telling us that Napoleon has been invited to the ball but is late because he is having an argument with his wife Josephine He tells us that this argument will lead to his divorce And so I was led to believe Napoleon would eventually make his appearance Would it be a spoiler to tell you I waited in vain The story is really about some of Balzac's fictional characters By the end I was wondering if OHenry had been influenced by Balzac I'll admit that the actual reading of the story was eclipsed by the ending which I loved If I were honest this is probably just 3 stars but you'll find me a liar today and willing to stretch the truth

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La paix du ménageT for protecting preserving and promoting the world's literature in affordable high uality modern editions that are true to the original work. Less melodramatic than some of his work He is excellent at settings no doubt though I really don't approve of his portrayals of women