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A Song for Issy BradleyA mesmerizing literary for Issy Epub #218 debut novel of doubt faith and perseverance in the aftermath of a family tragedy for fans of Me Before You Little Bee and Tell the Wolves I’m Home  The Bradleys see the world as a place A Song Kindle where miracles are possible and where nothing is important than family This is their story   It is the story of Ian Bradley husband father math teacher and Mormon bishop and his unshakeable belief that everything will turn out all right Song for Issy PDF #180 if he can only endure to the end like the pioneers did It is the story of his wife Claire her lonely wait for a sign from God and her desperate need for life to pause while she comes to terms with tragedy   And it is the story of their children sixteen year old Zippy experiencing the throes of first love cynical fourteen year old Al who would rather play soccer than read the Book of Mormon and seven year old Jacob whose faith is bigger than a mustard seed p. I know so very little about the Mormon faith so that was my motivation for reading this book What I found inside was a wonderful surprise A family sorely tested after a tragedy a family that was so invested in their faith and now found themselves struggling to align their faith with what had happened The story is told in alternating chapters by the five family members Clare the mother Ian the father and Bishop of their church Zippy a young girl struggling to find her place Alma a young boy who only wishes to play football and little Jacob whose staunch belief in the church's teaching leads to some very humorous yet poignant moments Jacob uickly won my heart as did all the children The author has such empathy for her characters and this shines through in the telling of each of their stories It would be easy to cast Ian as the villain because his actions sent mixed messages to the children He was so invested in his faith he often reacted in ways I found strange and very unsympathetic I think he did try to the best of his ability because really that was all he could do Clare was not raised in the church she converted for Ian upon their marriage This was an emotional and raw telling of the face of profound grief How it is different for everyone that there is no time limit and no wrong or right way to grieve A family in crisis just doing the best they can A wonderful mixing of the tenants of a faith and the doubts that can prevail A beautifully written book with many unfolding layers A book thaw may not be for everyone especially those who are grieving themselves Yet this book had a huge impact on me one I will not soon forgetARC from librarything

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Mes bestselling author of Orphan Train   “ A Song for Issy Bradley is that rarest of things a book that is beautiful tender and a page turner Carys Bray made me fall hopelessly in love with each and every one of the Bradleys” Carol Rifka Brunt New York Times bestselling author of Tell the Wolves I’m Home   “I cannot remember the last time I have felt so emotionally invested in a novel It is brilliant and profoundly moving utterly compelling and almost unbearably real” Nathan Filer author of The Shock of the Fall   “Carys Bray is a strikingly original new voice in fiction I loved this tender moving funny and deeply truthful story about a family and a faith tested to the breaking point” Helen Dun author of The Lie and The Siege   “I loved A Song for Issy Bradley With courage warmth and intelligence Carys Bray sweetly and subtly breaks your heart It’s an incredible debut” Charlotte Mendelson author of Almost English and When We Were Ba. 35I found this book almost unbearably sadit's about a family tragedy and how it affects the different members of that familyIt's also about the Mormon faith something I knew very little about so from this point of view it was something of an educationThere are some very well drawn characters one who made me angry and some who broke my heart and actually made me cry Not a favourite book but one I'm glad to have read even though its theme made reading it uite difficult at times

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Free download A Song for Issy Bradley è PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ✓ [Download] ➶ A Song for Issy Bradley By Carys Bray – A mesmerizing literary debut novel of doubt faith and perseverance in the aftermath of a family tragedy—for fans of Me Before You Little Bee andRobably bigger than a toffee candy he thinks and which he’s planning to use to mend his broken family with a miracle   Intensely moving unexpectedly funny and deeply observed A Song for Issy Bradley explores the outer reaches of doubt and faith and of a family trying to figure out how to carry on when the innermost workings of their world have broken apart   Praise for A Song for Issy Bradley  “I loved A Song for Issy Bradley It’s wry smart moving and comforting A terrific book about faith and what happens to that faith when the unimaginable happens” Nick Hornby“In this wry original generous spirited debut novel members of a family come to terms with grief each in his or her own way They wrestle with belief and disillusionment desire and hopelessness pervasive sorrow and moments of transcendent joy The result is riveting powerful and uietly devastating uite simply A Song for Issy Bradley took my breath away” Christina Baker Kline New York Ti. If you have read anything about this novel you know that it’s about a grieving family If you don’t want to know at this point what tragedy caused this grief you may want to stop reading this now I find that it’s just not possible for me to write a review about how I feel about this story and not talk about what happens to Issy Bradley and her familySPOILER ALERTFour year old Issy Bradley dies of meningitis and her family is devastated“The house is full of sadness It's packed on every crevice and corner like snow There are bottomless drifts if it beside Issy's beanbag in the lounge The sadness gives Jacob the shivers and he takes refuge in the gardenThe Bradley's are a Mormon family in England and their religious rituals faith in God and their uestioning of their faith are central elements in the story But it is ultimately about a family who love each otherFor Ian Bradley his faith and the church help him cope He is just so accepting of Issy's death because he believes it’s about the resurrection and that everything will be okay He is concerned about being removed as bishop so he covers up about what his wife is going through and he is less than truthful to church members There were times that I just didn’t like the man He can’t or doesn’t want to see what is happening to his family especially his wife and throughout the book he puts the church and its members before his family However I have to admit there were times when you could see his genuine griefIt is heartbreaking to see what Issy’s mom Claire is going through The depth of grief that a mother has at the loss of her child is so clearly depicted at the funeral home when she wants to take Issy’s body home for the weekend The funeral wasn't until Monday and she doesn't want Issy to be alone This touched a real place for me Many years ago my brother passed away and while he was 22 not a 4 year old child he was my mother's child I remember vividly that even though my parents had a cemetery plot they decided to bury my brother with my grandparents because my mother couldn't bear the thought that Sammy would be alone The grief of this mother is as real as it gets I had to catch my breath when I read that because I heard my mother saying it After the funeral Claire just wants to stay in bed Issy's bed and she sinks into the depths of depressionThe impact on the children is heartbreaking Sixteen year old Zippy and fourteen year old Al are typical teenagers in so many ways with the typical angst over boys and sports But they too are grieving and the loss of Issy impacts everything for them Jacob is seven years old and if this little boy doesn’t steal your heart no one can I think Jacob suffers the most next to his mom and the depth of his loss and just how much he misses his sister are evident in some poignant moments He reads Jack and the Beanstalk and he knows it’s not a miracle but a fairy tale “He wishes he could plant the magic beans at the bottom of the garden behind the hedge and watch an enormous stalk twist and stretch skyward And even though dad says heaven is not actually in the sky he wishes he could climb the stalk right up into the clouds and find Issy” Jacob believes in miracles He prayed a blessing over Issy’s dead goldfish “bless this sick and afflicted fish to be resurrected And it was or at least that's what Jacob thinks and so his he prays over Issy's grave for her to come backThis is a moving heartfelt story that will break your heart but will ultimately give you the hope that heali