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Read & Download The Wedding Ultimatum ë PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ↠ [Epub] ❧ The Wedding Ultimatum Author Helen Bianchin – Twenty four hours to make up her mind Danielle knew Rafael Valdez was out of her league and had never dreamed he'd be interested in her as a womaIm and gave him an heir The idea was shocking intriguing tempting To marry this devastatingly sexy man and share his bed Danielle had hours before Rafael would return to claim h. Another novel by HB where the hero falls in love with the heroine uite a while a year before they get involved although he doesn't realize it until the end of the book It's always fun to read the hero's thoughts about the heroine in the beginning see him draw certain conclusions That's what happens to Rafe Valdez he sees Danielle is smitten then decides to use her family's situation to his own advantage so that he can have her Danielle is the typical slightly annoying HB heroine she's out of touch with her emotions and doesn't understand that she's actually attracted to Rafe not annoyed by him This novel also has the typical nasty OW wannabe but this one seems nastier than the rest and really tries to get the heroine out of her way

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Twenty four hours to make up her mind Danielle knew Rafael Valdez was out of her league and had never dreamed he'd be interested in her as a woman She'd turned to him as a last. I think this has to be one of the most vile exes ever She was true evil and even went as far as to trying to hurt the h physically I was stunned the first time I read it I loved the book though and I loved the hero He never ever gave her reason to doubt him or think he thought about the ow at all Maybe he wasn't in love with her at the beginning but he was close to it The heroine annoyed me though He steps in and saves their business and their lives and she treats him terrible I got so sick of her attitude She should have been kinder I think I know he wanted her to give him a heir and that she was angry over it but she could have said no He was saving her and her Mother and giving them back their lives And as point of fact he never said anything about leaving after the baby was born she was the one who brought it up But then maybe that is why I am not a Harleuin writer He definitely was hot to me and I wish I had a man that was that powerful and loved me that much This is one of my favorite books and I love reading it when I am feeling low It't not the best one I have ever read but it's close I usually love most of the Wedlocked titles Only if they don't cheat of course

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The Wedding UltimatumResort to help her family The outrageous solution he proposed turned her world upside downRafael would The Wedding PDFEPUBmake all Danielle's troubles disappear if she married h. This was a good read with a very wicked and mean ex mistressgirlfriend She was simply pure evil to the point of attempting to physically harm the heroine multiple timesThe hero needs and wants a child an heir to leave his fortune to and in return the hero will save the business of the heroine and her motherThis was a good story but I do have a problem when there is OW drama throughout