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review ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ò Alison Weir F a scholarly thesis Alison Weir draws on the entire labyrinth of Tudor history employing every known archive early biographies letters memoirs account books and diplomatic reports to bring vividly to life the fates of the six ueens the machinations of the monarch they married and the myriad and ceaselessly plotting courtiers in their intimate circle The Detroit NewsIn this extraordinary work of sound and brilliant scholarship at last we have the truth about Henry VIII's wives Evening Standa. What a man the King is How many wives will he haveFive stars for an encompassing book about a famousinfamous manWhen arranging for the succession to the throne of Henry VIII a marriage of an advantageous uality is arranged to Katherine of Aragon from Spain However getting this marriage to happen is uite difficult and it takes years until it finally comes to fruition When Henry and Katherine wed matters appear to be going well but the longer the ueen takes to bear a son the the relationship between them disintegrates Thus Henry VIII begins a uest for a different woman to take the ueen's place As Henry VIII struggles to produce male heirs women have the great honor and peril of being his ueenI have to start by admitting that I had forgotten that I was reading this book hence why it lived for so long on my currently reading list I decided to continue to read it for a few hours and if after that it still failed to hold my attention I would drop it Boy am I glad that I picked this book up again Alison Weir delivered a complex intriguing and fascinating book about the six wives of Henry VIII This was by far the book that took me the longest to read but its also one that left a strong imprint The book opens with Henry VIII's parents as his marriage is being arranged Marriage at least back then was not about love but about creating the most advantageous social political and religious opportunities for England In the beginning the woman that most would provide those opportunities was Katherine of Aragon from Spain An alliance between England and Spain was at this point necessary Henry VIII was still a teenager at this point but the marriage took years to be able to happen Once it did however it was not all that is was expected ueen Katherine was not able to produce male heirs and the king set his attention unto another woman Anne Boleyn Thus begun the battle of the annulment of his first marriage so the king would be free to marry again This battle brought England into uncharted political and religious arenas While Anne did manage to become ueen her reign was short lived Four woman would go on to have this roleMost ladies saw ueenship as fraught with insecurity for the King 'either putteth away or killeth his wives'This book is a slow boil but Weir wrote with finesse and it read like a novel Very well researched and written there is drama intrigue scandal and suspense on these pages As I knew nothing about the Tudors reading this book was a royal treat Henry VIII almost sounds like a made up character for his transformation is radical changing and with each wife But the focus of the book are the six ladies that had the honorrisk of being his wife The battle between Katherine and Anne was uite intense and honestly both came out losing in the end Its certainly infuriating that a chaste behavior was expected on part of the ueen while the king had many many affairs that were not a secret from his court it was what was expected of him Being cruelly judged if they failed to produce male heirs life as ueen to Henry VIII was far from easy Weir uite successfully gave each ueen a clear voice and identity The way in which she placed them in the politicalsocialreligious atmosphere of their time was brilliant Weir particularly shined in providing the context Henry VIII was an ambitious man with a very cruel and vindictive side to him and the lady with him often than not suffered from it Initially reading this book was a daunting task but its a masterpiece Highly recommendedPS I have fallen down the rabbit hole and already have two novels about Tudor woman Anne Boleyn and Mary Tudor Henry and Katherine of Aragon daughter lined up to read in the near future I know there will be to follow I love when a book opens up a whole different world to me

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The Six Wives of Henry VIII characters õ 100 · ❮Ebook❯ ➭ The Six Wives of Henry VIII ➮ Author Alison Weir – A brilliantly written and meticulously researched biography of royal family life during England's second Tudor monarch San Francisco ChronicleEither annulled executed died A brilliantly written and Wives of PDF #9734 meticulously researched biography of royal family life during England's second Tudor monarch San Francisco ChronicleEither annulled executed died in childbirth or widowed these were the well known fates of the six ueens during the tempestuous bloody and splendid reign of Henry VIII of England from to But in this exuisite treatment sure to become a classic Booklist they take on fully realized flesh and blood The Six Epubthan ever before Katherine o. Extensively researched and fascinating a must read for anyone interested in the women behind Henry VIII aka the patron saint of man whores I just made that up on the spot but it works so I'm keeping itWeir isn't completely unbiased in her description of Henry and his various women but I can't blame her With this family it's hard not to take sides This is especially clear when Weir describes the way Henry felt about Anne of Cleves his wife for about ten minutes Weir talks about how Henry whined that Anne was fat and ugly and then no doubt with a wicked grin on her face Weir goes on to describe how gross Henry had gotten by that point You can just tell she's dying to call Henry a fat bastard and I'm proud of her for resisting that urge

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The Six Wives of Henry VIIIF Aragon emerges as a staunch though misguided woman of principle Anne Boleyn an ambitious adventuress with a penchant for vengeance Jane Seymour a strong minded matriarch in the making Anne of Cleves a good natured woman who jumped at the chance of independence Katherine Howard an empty headed wanton and Katherine Parr a warm blooded bluestocking who survived King Henry to marry a fourth timeCombining the accessibility Six Wives of MOBI #241 of a popular history with the highest standards o. A Kirkus review I read ages and ages ago back in those days when their reviews were reliable ie before it had been purchased by a publishing company whose aim is to sell books said the book was meticulously researched but a bit dry So unfortunately I put it off until now I did not find it in the least dry The book's content is based on meticulous research but in that Alison Weir author and historian of British Royalty is so very knowledgeable in her field she has the ability to present information clearly and engagingly It is this that is her great talent A person who really knows what they are talking about can explain the complicated simply Such a person also has the ability to throw in tidbits that engage and capture one’s interest Lots of books have been written about Henry VIII his six wives the Tudors and Thomas Cromwell but I recommend this because I have found it clear and captivating and not hard to follow even for those with little previous knowledge of Tudor history Weir knows how to explain This isn’t always easy when so many are given the same name – Mary or Edward or Catherine or Elisabeth or Jane Which Mary Edward Catherine Elisabeth or Jane must be crystal clear Nor is it easy when these very same individuals are also referred to as counts or admirals or duchesses of this or that place I never got mixed up and I am no expert so I don’t think you will either There is that rhyme divorced beheaded died divorced beheaded survived to help you keep the six wives straightCatherine of Aragon 1485 1536 born in Alcalá de Henares SpainA staunch woman of principleAnne Boleyn c1501 1536 born in Blickling EnglandVivacious ambitious ruthless with a penchant for vengeance Sex appeal Jane Seymour c1508 1537 born in Wiltshire EnglandObedient pious Strong minded matriarch in the makingAnne of Cleves 1515 1557 born in Dusseldorf GermanyLevel headed clear thinking and valued independence Catherine Howard 1523 1542 born in LondonA licentious wantonCatherine Parr 1512 1548 born in LondonErudite intellectual and wise but knew where her heart layThe rhyme tells only the end of their respective stories; there is so much to who they were I have a good feeling now for Henry’s his six wives’ and their children’s temperaments backgrounds and religious leanings I particularly appreciated that religious and political views are focused upon showing how the Reformation and the shift from Catholicism to Protestant beliefs began in Britain This is as much a central theme of the book as are the facts about the wives and children Mary Elizabeth Edward and the acknowledged but illegitimate son Henry FitzRoy Life of the royalty in the 1500s for example customs traditions sports childbirth and deaths clothing festivals foods and illnesses are documented in vivid detail You know a book is a hit when the first thing you do is pick out books to read by the authorBooks I have read by Alison WeirThe Six Wives of Henry VIII 4 starsThe Life of Elizabeth I 4 starI want to readThe Children of Henry VIIIueens of the Conuest England’s Medieval ueens which is the beginning of a series As well as ueen Isabella Treachery Adultery and Murder in Medieval England and Eleanor of Auitaine A Life because these two ueens are not covered in ueens of the Conuest England’s Medieval ueensInnocent Traitor I have also read but only gave it 2 stars It is fiction I do not recommend the author’s fictional books Her non fiction is much better ETA I should add this I tried to read The Wars of the Roses and gave up It read as a string of names; people who meant nothing to me Simon Prebble reads the audiobook wonderfully It could not have been improved upon 5 stars for the narration