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S the life of this first modern president TR’s accomplishments in office were immense As President Roosevelt redesigned the office of Chief Executive and the workings of the Republican Party to meet the challenges of the new industrial economy Believing that the emerging aristocracy of wealth represented a genuine threat to democracy TR broke trusts to curb the rapacity of big business He improved economic and social conditions for in the White Epub #223 the average American Roosevelt built the Panama Canal and engaged the country in world affair. This book was frankly awful It began with the ludicrous assumption that Theodore Roosevelt's policies eventually found their rightful place in the other Roosevelt's statist New Deal policies That alone would not have set me off the book but the grammatical errors were frankly astounding Consider this sentence That he wanted to be a scientist made college necessary Just think of one of the ten ways you could rephrase that to make it better This is a cheap money making ripoff of better biographies such as TR and Theodore Rex I give it one star and do not recommend it to anyone

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Lion in the White House A Life of Theodore RooseveltS putting a temporary end to American isolationism And he won the Nobel Peace Prize the only sitting president ever so honored Throughout his public career TR fought valiantly to steer the GOP back to its noblest ideals as embodied by Abraham Lincoln Alas his hopes for his party were uashed by the GOP’s strong rightward turn in the years after he in the White House A Kindle left office But his vision for America lives on In lapidary prose this concise biography recounts the courageous life of one of the greatest leaders our nation has ever know. A very good overview of the life of one of the most interesting men to ever hold the office of President of the United States

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Lion in the White House A Life of Theodore Roosevelt summary à E-book, or Kindle E-pub ´ [Reading] ➾ Lion in the White House A Life of Theodore Roosevelt By Aida D. Donald – New York State Assemblyman Assistant Secretary of the Navy New York City Police CommNew York State Assemblyman Assistant Secretary the White Epub #218 of the Navy New York City Police Commissioner Governor of New York Vice President and at forty two the youngest President ever in his own words Theodore Roosevelt “rose like a rocket” He was also a cowboy a soldier a historian an intrepid explorer and an unsurpassed environmentalist all in all perhaps the most accomplished Chief Executive in our nation’s history In Lion in the White House A Life Lion in Kindle of Theodore Roosevelt historian Aida Donald masterfully chronicle. OK short bio of Theodore Roosevelt Too uncritical and broad most of the time but if you want a basics and not have to read Ted Morgan's massive bio already at 1500 pp and only 2 of proposed 3 volumes done at this time this will fill the bill She spends too much time showing how Teddy was progressive when it came to women and Af Ams Not a major emphasis ever in his career so don't try and make it one And she never provides us w citations for the long uotes which open each chapter To whom he is writing and date is very important and would be helpful Pretty short 265 pp of text smaller format and larger print So a lot less text than if this book had been published by a university press OK intro too uncritical too broad but gives the basic outline of his career Knowing what I do now I am not sure I would have read this