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Doc Ô Bag of Bones ✓ Stephen King Ünlü bir yazar olan Michael Noonan karısının ani ölümüyle adeta hayata küser Ne yaptığı işe ne de Bag of PDFEPUBçevresine karşı bir isteği kalmıştır Tüm bunların yanında yaşadığı yalnızlık duygusu I am a Stephen King junkie I started reading him in high school and uickly tore through just about everything he'd ever written and then started buying every new book he put out Being a Stephen King fan is kind of like being a geek for Dragonlance or comic books reviewing his work seems borderline pointless because non fans will usually dismiss him out of hand and be hard to convince of any intrinsic value and fans are already pretty hardcore about him Nevertheless I wanted to add this specific Stephen King book to my all time faves shelf for three reasons1 It's amazing2 Among King's books this one is lesser known hasn't been made into a movie or mini series isn't usually on people's Top 5 lists etc3 I think it's one of his accessible and mainstream booksDon't get me wrong I love IT and The Stand and the Gunslinger septulogy all the crazy outlandish horror and fantasy that is SK's bread and butter But I adore Bag of Bones and think it is one of his absolute best It's very intimate very down to earth with the supernatural downplayed It's told from the first person perspective of a widower writer with writer's block I wouldn't want to give away much than that It's just a really solidly told story where King writes about what he knows doesn't try too hard or reach too far and ends up with a perfectly polished gemThis is not just a great Stephen King book it's a great book

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Download Bag of Bones Reader ☆ 590 pages ✓ Horticulturetrader Ü ➻ Bag of Bones Free ➱ Author Stephen King – Ünlü bir yazar olan Michael Noonan karısının ani ölümüyle adeta hayata küser Ne yaptığı işe ne de çevresine karşı bir isteği kalmış Beraberinde bunalımları ve kâbusları getirir Her gece Sara Laughs adını verdikleri yazlık evlerini rüyalarında görür Karşı koyamaz ve gider Artık yeni bir hayata uyanacağını düşünmektedir Ne var ki hiçbi I read any kind of book and it doesn’t matter if it’s genre literary or nonfiction; the only reuirement is that be well written Horror is not my favorite in fact it is my least favorite it’s just not for me This book however is a solid five stars I also really enjoyed The Tommy Knockers The Stand Full Dark No Stars and othersStephen King is the truly a master story teller and his work will last through the ages because of his enormous talent to entice the reader into the fictive dream and hold himher there I think he accomplishes this in two ways First he continually endears the reader to the character called “patting the head of the dog” and second; he also continually relates the reader to the setting the time period and the events within the scene This second aspect is where he excels the most and in my opinion he’s the best of any author writing today because of it He sparks inside the reader a nostalgic cord something similar that has happened to the reader in the past And while at the same time casting the reader into a nightmare one King slowly spins up into complete chaos It’s truly brilliant Note Robert McCammon comes closest especially with Boy’s Life and Swan Song The Bag of Bones is my favorite of King’s books and I think it is because it is not so much horror as a haunting and the love for the main character has for his deceased wife Writing this review makes me want to go back and read it again to dissect or deconstruct exactly how King pulled it offThe Bag of Bones was King’s first book in a contract with a new publisher and they pulled out the stops on the cover it is a work of artWhether a horror aficionado or not I highly recommend this book Give it a tryDavid Putnam the author of the Bruno Johnson series

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Bag of BonesR şey göründüğü gibi değildir O lanetli evde kâbuslarının birer gerçek olduğunu anlaması uzun sürmez Burası dünyanın bu cennet köşesi aslında hayal ve gerçeğin birbirinden ayrılmadığı bir cehennemdir Had you asked me a month ago what I thought of Bag of Bones I might have chuckled and shook my head I might have told you it is one of the worst Stephen King books there is that it is easily in my bottom five King reads down there with such piles of Kingly excrement as Dreamcatcher Wizard and Glass The Eyes of the Dragon and From a Buick 8 the latter being the pinnacle of Uncle Stevie's fecal production In other words friends and neighbors I hated this bookBut that was then and this is now What happened over the course of 17 years the timespan between my first read and this one Well I stopped doing Class A narcotics for entertainment purposes became a husband and a father of two grew up a little and all around dug my head out of my ass My change of heart could have something to do with one of those things or all of them I don't know But this is a gorgeous book A little heavy in the rear but absolutely beautiful My only complaint this time around is how long the book goes on after the denouement It's not annoyingly long but I feel a few uestions could have been edited out in the beginning half of the book so that we didn't have to sit around for twenty pages reading about two men chatting over whiskey about what happened in the past 710 pages I only say this editing could have been done because it is one of the things the made for tv movie gets right One of the toughest topics this book tackles is the subject of male lust how immediate and destructive a force it can be It took a heavy sack on King's part to speak honestly about something every man deals with yet most cannot explain King does not condone or make excuses here He explains This is how it is and there are men that find their own thoughts reprehensible Yes we all lust Yes we all imagine how wonderful it would be for our partners to say Do what you want but not all of us prefer that over love and tenderness Okay here's where you take responsibility By clicking on view spoiler you agree that you've read King's entire catalogue and will not hold me responsible for things being ruined because you're too damn inuisitive Trust me the shit hidden here is only interesting if you have read all of King's booksview spoilerObvious Tie insThad Beaumont The Dark Half oddly enough this is the novel wherein we learn of Thad's suicide He's mentioned as having had a divorce in Needful Things but this is where we learn of his deathWilliam Big Bill Denbrough is too ItRalph Roberts Insomnia has a pretty big role for a walk on character from another book Usually we're only given mentions of people but here Ralph sits down to coffee with Mike and chats for a whileAlan Pangborn Polly Chalmers and Norris Ridgewick Needful Things Alan and Polly are only mentioned but Norris has a walk on role as the sheriff of Castle CountyNehemiah Bannerman is obviously the gradfather of the ill fated sheriff George Bannerman who makes his first appearance in The Dead Zone only to meet his end in CujoThe storm of the century in you guessed it Storm of the Century is briefly mentioned as the stawm of the centuryRing Around the Tower Bag of Bones takes place in the same world as Insomnia In the final two DT novels King's vacation home Cara Laughs is mentioned Noonan's vacation home is Sara LaughsAnd yeah the recurrence of the number 19 in this book is kinda obnoxious It's fucking everywhere hide spoiler