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FREE EBOOK ☆ EPUB Keeping Secrets Telling Lies ä 9780979561818 ´ TRICE HICKMAN ´ [PDF / Epub] ✅ Keeping Secrets Telling Lies Author Trice Hickman – What would you do if the secret you were keeping could set you free yet ultimately devastate thAvel in the blink of an eye when long held desires and decades old secrets come back to haunt them Victoria's road to deceit begins when Parker Brightwood re enters her life She thought she'd gotten over the brazenly handsome surgeon who once stole her heart but an unusual set of circumstances ushers the ebony prince back on the scene and this time he's determined to win her back at any cost Ted's undoing begins with his mother's su Definitely a Page Turner

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What would you do if the secret you were keeping could set you free yet ultimately devastate the ones you love?After six years of marriage Victoria and Ted are the ultimate power couple She's a beautiful business savvy sister who owns one of Atlanta's most sought after event planning companies He's a powerful blue eyed CEO who knows how to take care of business in and out of the boardroom But their seemingly happy life begins to unr The Truth Shall Set You FreeSix years have passed Victoria and Ted Thornton are living their happily ever after Victoria owns one of Atlanta 's most sought after event planning and catering companies Divine Occasions Ted's telecom company ViaTech is thriving They've added to the mix Alexandria their precious and precocious five year old daughter Life is good untila blast from the past is now very much in the present At one time Victoria was in love with Parker Brightwood Now with the sudden reappearance of him in her life feelings that she thought she long ago buried seem to be resurfacing Further complicating things a tragedy in Ted's life is wedging a gap between the couple With both keeping secrets and telling lies is their marriage strong enough to survive? Trice Hickman returns with her love triangle of Parker Victoria Ted in her sopho release Keeping Secrets Telling Lies Some of us may never know the intricacies or the innermost feelings of someone in an interracial relationship Fortunately for those Hickman is available as she captures readers with a front row seat She again delivers with an entertaining as well as thought provoking story I look forward to from Hickman Reviewed by Toni

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Keeping Secrets Telling LiesDden death and a mysterious secret that leads to unexpected places When the truth is finally revealed it's a realization so shocking it threatens the life and marriage he holds so dear As Victoria and Ted journey down a road filled with uncertainty they're forced to take a hard honest look at themselves and confront their hidden fears Can they repair the damage before it's too late or will they follow a path headed toward destructio Keeping Secrets Telling Lies by Trice HickmanAbout a black woman who marries a white male That's only the start of their problems It's not them that have the problem but others in their lives just don't accept it They are both highly successful people in the business world and they have a 5 yo daughter who goes to school When Victoria goes to sign her up she sees an old boyfriend who had cheated on her He's there with his son to register him for the same school She sees him at the wedding of her friend because he'sthere with his cousin Samatha Ted's mother is very ill and not expected to live but a few days so he hightails it to Boston to be with her and the siblings What is learned will not only shatter his life but the whole familyHe was also handed an envelope at the funeral that he didn't open til later He didn't tell his wife everything eitherShe didn't tell her husband everything either