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text ì Ö Khadija Mastoor PIncreasing levels of global conflict and political violence provide a critical challenge for development theorists and practitioners Many countries have endured decades of armed conflict and other My 300th post and I am glad that's it's a review of one of the finest books I have read this year Read on to hear my thoughts about itKhadija Mastur was known as the Bronte sister of Urdu literature I can see why This book is a literary masterpiece Read on to hear my thoughts about it Very delicately translated by Daisy RockwellThis novel is set in the 1940’s in the background of Indian independence and with the partition looming as a dark shadow It also puts light on the political furore that went within the country during those timesThis is the story of Aliya who lives her life like a caged bird in the inner courtyard of her house She is tired of the trifle suabbles that take place in her home everyday She longs to educate herself and spread her wings in the wide sky The women of the household are engrossed in gossips and picking fights over events in the past The situation worsens when Aliya’s sister commits suicide and shortly later her father is arrested She and her mother shift to her Uncle’s place where the situation is far from perfect men engrossed in the political happenings in the country and women who only dream of stepping outside the house Aliya keeps herself busy in her books and studies and dreams of a free life one day and that forms the rest of the storyThis book is a fine feminist classic with the courtyard as the central setting with respect to the bygone era where the courtyard was a place where women used to gather together I loved how the book had a feminist tone which was very ahead of its time It was a very difficult review to write as I had so many thoughts while reading itThis is not a partition or a political novel per say Overall this is a masterpiece and I finished it in two days Please also read the Afterword by Daisy Rockwell as it will help you to understand the book better it’s a treasure trove This book releases on October 10 2018 so be sure to keep an eye on it as you don’t want to miss out on this one Full review on the blog Link

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read epub ´ آنگن è À horticulturetrader ð [Reading] ➻ آنگن ➱ Khadija Mastoor – PIncreasing levels of global conflict and political violence provide a critical challenge for development theorists and practitioners Many countries have endured decades of armed confli Conflicts have been underrepresented and often misrepresented This book gives a broader understanding of the complex changing relations between women and men in societies facing violence and confli My views on the book I always had an urge to explore different genres and authors I was looking out for books by Muslim Authors and a friendrelative suggested me this and i am glad she didKhadija Mastur was considered as a Bronte sister of Urdu literature which is apt And yes she is a feminist writer of her eraThe novel is set around 15 years before Independence from British rule The book is not about freedom fighters or political problems It is about general people who are trampled in the race of freedomWomen of these kind of household are bound and expected to cook food and bring up children The men of the family have rather important work indulging in freedom fighting parties ignoring their wives children and household The women are worried about their husband's whereabouts wheather he is in jail or not and the money to cook the next mealAmongst all this the protagonist Aliya is caged in a congested household after her sister's demise and father being sent to jail She is a lovely girl to loves to educated herself She shifts to her Uncle's house which is full of different kinds of people and divided in political dramas of Muslim league and CongressShe is trying to keep herself busy by studying and rest is historyIt is difficult to review this book because the story is full of taboos and women just suffering due to others and becoming victims and also not willing to improve their condition in the name of customs

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آنگنS live under the permanent menace of political violence Throughout the gendered impacts of armed conflict and political violence are key issues The gendered causes costs and conseuences of violent I’ll go right ahead and write this down Khadija Mastur’s “The Women’s Courtyard” is one of the most satisfying novels I have ever read It is elegant poignant and utterly unputdownable There is much to be said about Mastur’s simple frills and frippery free style of storytelling and Daisy Rockwell deserves a shout out for doing justice to this manuscript which has been translated from Urdu Aliya finds herself securely sealed within the suffocating confines of her home relatively safe from the troubles of a world in turmoil with the final stages of India’s struggle for freedom playing out and the partition looming ahead But she is all but cut off from an outside world with its endless possibility for one who dreams of self – sufficiency and left to keep her hopes alive amidst the broken dreams and carnage of conflicting ideologies evidenced by her extended family The protected environment she has grown up in proves insufficient to the task of shielding her from the trauma of losing her beloved elder sister Tehmina and dear friend Kusum to suicide when they invest too heavily in the possibility of heady love and romance in the otherwise arid landscape of their lives only to be left utterly devastated These episodes leave her with no faith where romance is concerned especially since she is also an appalled witness to the marriages of her mother and aunt to men who are wedded to their politics Aliya is horrified by both the anger and pettiness of her mother as well as the emotional ruin her aunt is Yet with a wisdom that belies her years she is filled with compassion has a reservoir of good sense and never ceases to care for her tormented loved ones choosing to learn from their mistakes while teaching herself to shield herself from the pain wrought by irredeemably bad judgement Interestingly enough in this cloistered space reserved for women men who are related by blood seem to have right of access and given a surprisingly free hand to romance stalk molest or manipulate their cousins There is Safdar who loved Tehmina to death Shakeel who has little ualms about stealing from his cousins and Jameel who refuses to take no for an answer Aliya is adamant when it comes to rejecting Jameel’s love for her despite a certain physical attraction fully aware that he has wronged another cousin Chammi writes middling poetry hasn’t distinguished himself in the professional sphere and is a little too much like the other men in her life given to sacrificing their women and children on the altar of their politics Love triangles are usually tedious affairs but the prickly one between Aliya Chammi and Jameel is beautifully realized The book is radically ahead of its time in giving us a heroine who adamantly sticks to her guns when it comes to resisting patriarchy even when enforcers pressure her with the prospects of love and marriage which Aliya realizes are both likely to entrap her surely than the chains she has been struggling against all her life Mastur doesn’t spare the women who enable sexism either Aliya’s mother in particular is a gut wrenching example of a gender traitor A magnificent book that depicts the bitter battles women fight far from the battlefield