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read reader ì Ignite Me ☆ ☆ [PDF / Epub] ★ Ignite Me By Tahereh Mafi – With Omega Point destroyed Juliette doesn’t know if the rebels her friends or even Adam are alive But that won’t keep her from trying to take down The Reestablishment once and for all Now she must With Omega Point destroyed JulieOwn The Reestablishment once and for all Now she must rely on Warner the handsome commander of Sector The one person she never thought she could tru My reviews of the rest of the series#1 Shatter Me#15 Destroy Me2 Unravel Me#25 Fracture Me#3 Ignite Me#4 Restore Me OMGI can't evenI've lost the ability to canThis book didn't go anywhere that I thought it would but wow did I like it I haven't felt this emotionally attached to characters or a story since I read Clockwork Princess I devoured this book in a day and now I don't know what to feel because the series is overI don't want to say too much for fear of spoiling something But if you want to know what I'm feeling proceed with caution view spoilerOMG WARNERRRRRRRRRRRRYW#TIA;OEGHI%##AHis character arc through this series was incredible almost as incredible as Juliette's I can't believe they ended up together Like Wow I don't think I've read a YA book that surprised me this much in terms of the love triangle PROPS TO YOU TAHEREH MAFI And Kenji My beloved KenjiHe might be even funnier in this one than he has been in the previous two If that's possibleBasically I was a bottle of emotions reading this book And I exploded during the not one but multiple steamy scenes that I'm still kind of shocked she was allowed to include in a YA book Like Warner Juliette have way chemistry than Adam Juliette That's all I'm sayingle sigh hide spoiler

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With Omega Point destroyed Juliette doesn’t know if the rebels her friends or even Adam are alive But that won’t keep her from trying to take d After reading this book I have one thousand and one thoughts running inside trying to escape out of my head And I think it took a while before I processed everything that I have just absorbed And they were plenty So many As a forewarn though Ignite Me was different from what I expected it to be but in some ways all the same I’m still reeling everything in to be uite honest But here I go; I’m going to spill my guts right about nowThe Shatter Me series is for me not really a dystopia novel per se It’s not about the world they were living in but it’s about this girl namely Juliette and her personal journey And that’s why I wasn’t completely surprised when it ended when things normally should be just starting In a way it feels like it was halted in the middle of the story but I liked how the author ended where things were about to begin I think it was clever way to end a story making readers think while leaving glimmer of hope for the characters we all fell in love Although I think that that build up was stretched out and it fast forwarded the last events In fact despite the all too many disclosures there were still uestions that were left unanswered Yes I would have wanted but then I realized that it’s not about Anderson and the war The story always led me back to Juliette It’s not about the result but it was how she got thereI really loved reading Juliette’s journey; from this timid little girl who only had pen and paper as an emotional outlet to being this brave girl leading a rebellion And while I do like how strong and confident she was now I can’t help but still doubt on how fast she transformed to this new persona of hers I also do think that she isn’t capable of leading At least not yet as she’s still didn’t feel whole to me She isn’t ready that responsibility is too big for her even for the new JulietteHere’s a revelation that shocked me I cannot hate Adam I just can’t From all of the people in there the only person who I find the most transparent and vulnerable was Adam No I don’t condemn his actions towards Juliette But really can you blame him He was just speaking his mind He had his emotions on his sleeves; his reaction to Juliette’s changes was acceptable as it was real I can’t fault him; the guy had a bruised ego and a broken heart And those made me see him In fact I actually came to like him now as opposed to the two novels He was so raw in here so exposed that I get to glimpse the real Adam amidst this big brouhaha between him Juliette and WarnerIs that my cue to tackle my most favorite part of this book I think I have said everything I need to say in this manifesto I might tweak it up a bit later on but basically I sort of hit right on the mark So I don’t think I need to add But in the first two books we’ve seen him too closed expression clipped and emotions contained But reading about Warner’s vulnerability and struggles were still shocking So it was delightful to see him well happy I must say the intimate scenes between Warner and Juliette shared were scorching hot I think I came to a sensory overload But basically my ship is sailing pretty far to dreamland I completely and totally satisfied You should see my huge grin after those hot scenes I will never look at a boardroom table the same way ever again And these honeysuckle soaps where can I buy themAh Kenji This man is just so awesome beyond words I couldn’t even count how many times he cracked me up but surprise surprise when he admitted that he too was broken as everyone else It also tires him to be this jokester masking the pain behind his jokes But I really really loved his platonic relationship with Juliette They interact so animatedly whether they sharing moments on the rooftop or teasing Juliette’s when she kept on ogling Warner while he bench pressed It’s not even Warner or Adam who had been there on her mission—it was Kenji Oh Kenji you also had meI’m bit sad that one of my favorite series had come to an end It’s always bittersweet to me Only a few books that got me this overly excited and definitely this is one of them I’m still too hang up and I probably will take a while before I completely get these emotions out of my system I don’t think I will ever bePlug My little project called Project Sixty TwoPre Reading Comment #3 10172013“That this girl would know exactly how to shatter me” – Warner Destroy Me“You destroy me” – Warner Unravel Me“I want to believe in the boy with a tortured childhood and an abusive father I want to understand him I want to unravel him” – Juliette Unravel MeAnd there’s Warner’s tattoo IGNITE NOW GO FORTH AND FANGIRLPre Reading Comment #3 08082013Oh sweet baby pandas all the cute kinds We have a title cover people IGNITE ME IGNITE ME So many feels I'm drowning in joy The title has Warner's name written all over and under Pre Reading Comment #2 06282013I just saw the teaser summary of Untitled Me well still no titleJuliette now knows she may be the only one who can stop the Reestablishment But to take them down she’ll need the help of the one person she never thought she could trust Warner And as they work together Juliette will discover that everything she thought she knew—about Warner her abilities and even Adam—was wrongThis indicates that 1 More Warner scenes 2 More time together Warner Juliette interactions 3 More Warner I’m solid Team Warner And I approved this plotPS To anyone who doubt if Warner loves Juliette Ms Mafi even wrote it in my copywinksPre Reading Comment #1This is going to be a long wait And Ms Mafi I'm holding you on these promisesview spoiler hide spoiler

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Ignite MeSt The same person who saved her life He promises to help Juliette master her powers and save their dying world but that’s not all he wants with h I am so sad this series has ended BUT IT WAS SO GOOOOODODODODODODOODODODODOD It's impossible to write anything without spoilers so please just read the series if you haven'tI want a certain character to have a spin off series just sayin