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CHARACTERS Õ HORTICULTURETRADER.CO.UK ´ Steven Erikson An alternate cover edition can be found hereIn Northern Genabackis tribal mountain warriors raid southern flatlands Years later T. I'm pissed that Ralph Lister isn't the narrator any Why Did something happen to him The other dude isn't bad but still Karsa can kiss my ss I liked my old characters and Adjunct Tavore That's all I got You can go read the million of long drawn out smart reviews on the book I'm not caring for reviewing or reading really not with this shit cancer going on So don't mind me I will always love the Malazan world Well until I get to the one I'm going to hate Mel 🖤🐺

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READ & DOWNLOAD ↠ House of Chains Î ➥ [Ebook] ➠ House of Chains By Steven Erikson ➯ – An alternate cover edition can be found hereIn Northern Genabackis tribal mountain warriors raid southern flatlands Years later Tavore Adjunct to the Empress enters the last Malazan stronghold New to An altern Avore Adjunct to the Empress enters the last Malazan stronghold New to command she must hone recruits to House of Kindle resist. The rage of the Whirlwind Goddess was an inferno beaten on the forge of Holy RarakuThe Whirlwind rages at its most dangerous The Army of the Apocalypse stands behind Sha’ik Reborn And all that opposes it is an untested commander with an army of fresh recruits House of Chains is a return to the Seven Cities story arc that was opened in the second book of the series A return to the place where the Chain of Dogs was slaughtered to the last man and where a gargantuan rebellion against the Malazan Empire rages with religious fervorAnd yet the book begins on distant Genabackis where a young Teblor leads a raiding party far away from his village venturing forth with the ambition to slay thousands of ‘children’ And the fourth instalment in the Malazan Book of the Fallen is than anything Karsa Orlong’s story The story of how the mighty warleader journeys from the home of the Teblor and into the heart of the Apocalypse in Seven Cities But also the story of how he changes from a bloodthirsty brute to something altogether different ”I care not for fame” Karsa said “I did once”“And then”“I changed my mind”Sadly I did not enjoy this fourth book as much as the previous three For the most part I had huge difficulties connecting with the story and I felt that it had same pacing problems as the last Seven Cities book; in other words sometimes being hopelessly boring Luckily that changed toward the end and the book sucked me in completely About two thirds through and on to the end I was barely able to put it down But before that I just didn’t enjoy it at allNevertheless the road goes ever onwards and I’m getting and immersed in the Malazan world for each book Malazan Book of the Fallen reviews #1 Gardens of the Moon#2 Deadhouse Gates#3 Memories of Ice#4 House of Chains#5 Midnight Tides#6 The Bonehunters#7 Reaper's Gale#8 Toll the Hounds#9 Dust of Dreams#10 The Crippled God

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House of ChainsThe Whirlwind of her sister Sha in the Holy Desert The power struggle of the seer's warlords threatens the soul of the rebellion. A buddy read with the lovely ladies Sade and Orient Thank you for putting up with me on this adventure D ‘Is that all we mortals are The victims of tortured irony to amuse an insane murder of gods’ House of Chains is another fantastic addition to The Malazan book of the Fallen This book started off a little different than the previous installments The first 20% of the book was focused on one main character and his journey from his homeland in northern Genabackis to the desert continent of Seven Cities Probably one of the most fearsome and intimidating characters I have read in fantasy None other than Karsa Orlong I will admit to not liking him much at first for his overwhelming bloodlust and barbaric nature but he did grow on me after a while I won’t elaborate any further as to spoil anything but I believe most Malazan fans would agree with that assessment The continent of Seven Cities is the destination for the main part of this story The new Adjunct Tavore Paran has taken over the city of Aren and plans to march a company of recruits into the holy desert of Raraku against Sha’ik and her Whirlwind rebellion It’s time for payback for what was done to Coltaine and the Chain of Dogs but they are severely outnumbered and under experienced Also Raraku is a desert with its own secrets and deadly history The outcome of this clash is anything but certain ‘Raraku is a hostile land resentful of whatever life dared exploit it Not holy at all but cursed Devourer of dreams destroyer of ambitions And why not It’s a damned desert’ As in all Malazan books we have a huge cast of characters Some familiar and some new but all with their own interesting story arcs that intersect in a final convergence that was both epic and brutally sad After four books you would think I would be used to the horrors that Erikson can manifest in each story but he always seems to one up himself And the results leave me heartbroken every time ‘The glory of battle Koryk dwells only in the bard’s voice in the tellers woven words Glory belongs to ghosts and poets What you hear and dream isn’t the same as what you live – blur the distinction at your own peril lad’ Fiddler House of Chains is another great adventure sure to delight all epic fantasy and grim dark fantasy lovers alike The immensity of this world characters magic system and everything in between is well worth the time put into reading them I’ve had a blast reading every one of these books and can’t wait to get started on the next Coming up Midnight Tides5 stars