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In Veronica and her brother flee for their lives into the German woods after their father is burned at the stake At the dawn of the eight I sat down the other night to read a few chapters of this whilst on holidays and then magically it was 4am and I had finished it I just couldn't put it down I have traversed our pale blue dot to Scotland Germany and even Bundanoon too and these wonderful witchy words instantly transported me back to all of these fantastic places The plight of these three young and strong women grabs hold of you tightly and doesn't let go until the very end The way that the author decided to cycle through the three girls tales every chapter was devilishly smart and part of the reason I just couldn't stop I would highly recommend this to everyone especially if you are interested in the witch hunts of old as this book is actually very factual Fingers crossed for a seuel

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HexenhausEenth century Scottish maid Katherine is lured into political dissent after her parents are butchered for their beliefs In present day Au Well done Nikki McWatters you just succeeded in bundling everything I love about YA fiction in 331 pagesAs you can probably gather I am uite excited about this title A delectable combination of 15th Century European History and Contemporary fiction I was riveted to the book from the first page Told in alternating narration Hexenhaus tells the story of Veronica from 1628 Bamerg Franconia in what is modern Germany Katherine from 1696 Scotland and Paisley from present day Bunadoon Australia The three share a commonality their names inscribed in a single book the Systir Saga a volume which binds them together in a witchy sisterhood than transcends generations hailing back to early pagan society With a powerful mix of historical truth and fiction McWatters weaves the lives of the women together through their shared experiences of persecution and journey of self discoveryFrom the outset as a text aimed at a YA audience I think this works magnificently Paisley’s narration effectively grounds the story in the here and now and will appeal to many teen readers drawn to stories that speak to their own experiences As a contrast to this the narrations of Katherine and Veronica add a historical depth to the tale that is intriguing and highly evocative of the period explored I challenge anyone to read this story without feeling drawn at the very least to read further into the history of the Grand InuisitionWith obvious parallels to Nathaniel Hawthorne’s The Scarlet Letter and Arthur Miller’s magnificent play The Crucible Hexenhaus is perfectly suited for use with senior secondary students Used independently or as a shared text it is a story that will certainly inspire important discussions about modern society while complementing a historical exploration of the Grand Inuisition witchcraft through the ages and life and society in 15th century EuropeHexenhaus is much than a tale about witches and witchcraft It is a story which examines the notion of evil masuerading in the guise of good the evolution of mass paranoia and hysteria all the while celebrating the indomitable feminine strength and triumph of the human spirit Hexenhaus succeeds in its mission to unveil historical truths that must never be forgotten all the while speaking to a contemporary YA audience in a voice that they will understandTanya Grech Welden

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Hexenhaus kindle ☆ Paperback ☆ nikki mcwatters ☆ ❴Download❵ ➽ Hexenhaus Author Nikki McWatters – Horticulturetrader.co.uk In 1628 Veronica and her brother flee for their lives into the German woods after their father is burned at the stake At the dawn of the eighteenth century Scottish maid Stralia Paisley navigates her way through the burning torches of small town gossip after her mother’s new age shop comes under scrutiny I couldn't put it down once I started to read it This was a brilliant book and I think any girl or woman of every age will find themselves swept along with Nikki's wonderful prose She manages to carry you along through the three different ages so the girls Veronica Katherine and Paisley come alive in your imagination You will feel their terror and pain and for two of them the sweet release from their anguish