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L'Arrache cœur eBook à Paperback Read ´ Boris Vian á ❮KINDLE❯ ➜ L'Arrache cœur ❤ Author Boris Vian – Horticulturetrader.co.uk Set in a bizarre and slightly sinister town where the elderly are auctioned off at an Old Folks Fair the townspeople assail the priest in hopes of making iD for causing her the excruciating pain of giving birth to three babies As they age she becomes increasingly obsessed with protecting them going so far as to build an invisible wall around their propert So there are enough reviews already out there dealing with plot and themes and all that jazz so I will simply say I dug it daddio However what I did not expect was the Wakean wordplay which leaped out at me due to my current FW reading and the uality of the translation which achieved that rare ability of seeming as though it was an original text What do I mean? Well howzabout this Sections of the Babylonian garden hung far over the cliff and certain species of plants clung to the most perilous spots Although it was possible to tend them there the majority were left to grow wild in their natural state like the amizaltzes whose violetindigo foliage is tender greygreen on the underside and patterned with coolly exuberant cartographical white veins splendid than baroue tendrils; like the wild powaroses with last year's marienbuds still clinging as umbrella like skeletons of black straw to the straphanging yellowplush occasionally bursting into monstrous nodes which thrust out dry tripartite flowers as unappetizing as meringues of blood; like the tufts of lustrous pearlgrey dreamrape; the long clusters of paletipped creamy ginger fenellacas hanging to the lower branches of the monkeypuzzle trees; the ninastangas with nests than leaves among their winglike clumps of jewelled astrakhan and tailfeathered collars of fossilised seagulls Or even perfectly Joycean Novembruary the cold spitgrey drizzleridden fogeared month Novembruary rain can cause all sorts of damage in all sorts of places It can furrow through the fields flaunch the furrows into ravines and carry off the enraptured ravens Or it can suddenly freeze”See that kind of shizzle really floats my nizzle ya get me? Throw in some sharp and funny commentary on the seriously fucked up nature of our society and you have a winner winner chicken dinner

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E shame of the citizens by fishing junk out of the river with his teeth Heartsnatcher is Boris Vian's most playful and most serious work The main character is Clementine a mother who punishes her husban Why oh why did I let you sit on my shelf so long little Heartsnatcher?At first Vian seems like he's just goofing off He's writing a novel as one tries on a costume and prances around in it Behold my costume don't I look fine in it? Wink Aren't you fooled? Nudge Let's see a novel has what? Characters No problem Here's a new mother with a gun under her pillow And here's a vicar who could've been in the Sex Pistols if there were such a band as the Sex Pistols when I wrote this And here's a Sisyphus kind of guy who's relegated to fishing trash out of the river with his teeth And here's a boy let's name him after a sports car and give him a talent since good characters are often very talented uh flight sure And what else does a novel have? Imagery Easy peasy Here's a crucified horse Here's some eyes painted on a blind seamstress And here's a bunch of plants and birds I just made up and a wall of nothing — not black not white just nothing What a nice touch And the characters will have to talk to each other I guess and they'll have to care about things and the images will evoke naturally as a kind of side effect so off to work I go And pretty soon Vian has begun to not just wear his costume but to inhabit it The characters and the images begin to dance in and out of alchemic combination then lord did you see that? I think I just gave birth to a theme Yup There's my theme all slick and steaming fresh from the womb What to name it? Evil? Shame? Evil born of Shame? Shame born of Need? Evil born of Shame born of Need? My that is baroue but how novel istic Haven't I touched you deeply? Haven't I novel ed you within an inch of your life? Wink Nudge

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L'Arrache cœurSet in a bizarre and slightly sinister town where the elderly are auctioned off at an Old Folks Fair the townspeople assail the priest in hopes of making it rain and the official town scapegoat bears th An absolutely wicked and delicious concoction of magic realism crenulated with a Daliesue purpose of the grotesue a collage of taboo Levitic ean prototype a coronet of greek mythological misdirection and a nexus of all encompassing neuroses are shaken and stirred into an ironic indictment of petty foiblesWhat what? Well hear ye Timortis a ‘psychoanalyzator’ is born again into an anonymous French village where he is witness to a parade of grotesue daily exhibits Each one an exuisite infraction mutilation of old people extinguishing of children crucifixion of animals incarceration Angel blasphemy the downfall of Icarus and the jewel in the crown Glory Hallelujah who has to do thisimage error