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Read Hans Brinker; or the Silver Skates A Story of Life in Holland ñ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ☆ ❰Ebook❯ ➠ Hans Brinker; or the Silver Skates A Story of Life in Holland Author Mary Mapes Dodge – Gretel looked at her mother in troubled Gretel looked at her or the Kindle #211 mother in troubled silence wondering whether it were very wicked to care for one parent than for the other and sure yes uite sure that she dreaded her father while she clung to her mother with a love that was almost idolatry from Hans Brinker A beloved childhood Hans Brinker eBook #236 favorite for a century and a half and a book that readers continue to enjoy and appreciate long into adult. What a delightful book this is I am generally disappointed by children’s books but Mary Mapes Dodge did not talk down to her audience and as a result the read is enjoyable even for an adult Interestingly enough I had thought this book was written by a Hollander but it was written by an American She obviously wanted her young readers to learn something about a nation that she so clearly admired so she included a great deal of history descriptions of customs and well drawn images of the countryside and the cities The history was interwoven into the story as a group of boys showed off their land to a visiting English lad It was done deftly so that you could learn a great deal without feeling you had just sat through a lecture and it did not subtract from but rather added to the boy’s adventuresThe story at the heart of the book a tale of a poor but proud family with a seriously ailing father and a race in which the two children Gretel and Hans compete to win a pair of silver skates was nothing like the idea that I had harbored over the years I never read the book as a child so somewhere along the way I had adopted an erroneous idea of the plot The actual story was much complex and far interesting than the one had imaginedI’m sure modern children might find this a little old fashioned but it was sweet had a good moral purpose and would make a worthwhile read for them all the same

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Hood Hans Brinker or The Silver Skates went through than editions during the author's lifetime alone First published in this replica of the edition features the exuisite illustrations by Alice Carsey Brinker or the Kindle #180 whose sensitive eye and delicate pen and ink lines enliven the tale of the poor but virtuous Dutch boy in a way that few other artists have achieved This replica edition brings the enchanting work of Dodge. A wonderful tale of a close knit family set in the beauty of Holland I come back to this nearly every winter A perfect read to curl up in front of the fireplace with

Read Hans Brinker; or the Silver Skates A Story of Life in Holland

Hans Brinker; or the Silver Skates A Story of Life in HollandAnd Carsey to a new generation of children Author and Brinker or the Silver Skates PDFEPUBeditor Mary Mapes DodgeBrinker or the Silver Skates PDFEPUBwas born in New York City She served as editor of the children's magazine St Nicholas to which she attracted such writers as Mark Twain Louisa May Alcott Robert Louis Stevenson Frances Hodgson Burnett and Rudyard Kipling She also authored the short fiction collection Irvington Storie. I loved this book as a kid and reread it several times It was especially enjoyable while eating Dutch chocolate shoes ; This book made me fascinated with all things Holland I still have the edition I read when I was 8 or 9