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Hannibal Read & Download à 4 ✓ [PDF / Epub] ★ Hannibal Author Thomas Harris – Horticulturetrader.co.uk 'Worth the wait Harris's writing bears the hallmarks of honed perfection This piece of literature is popular fiction only in the sense that it will sell And selllook no further for the chiller of the 'Worth the wait Harris's writing beaLliant book' Mail on Sunday 'It is a gut churning nail biting skin crawling often lyrical triumph addictive on every levelThe plot is a helluva plotThe denouement is as exciting as the restIf there's a better book this year with truth fantasy and a touch of erudition combined in prose which really does leap off the page I'll eat my hat' Francis Fyfield Express 'No panting fancould have hope for Hannibal is a g. He’s Hannibal alright but she’s not Clarice This is the third novel in the “Hannibal Lecter” book series WILL THE REAL MAIN CHARACTER PLEASE STAND UP I already explained in my review of The Silence of the Lambs that I became fan of the story for Clarice Starling instead of Dr Hannibal Lecter and pondering about the “ball effective time” of Lecter in the first two books I still believe that Thomas Harris never thought that Hannibal Lecter would become the leading character in the book seriesbut for better or worse after the successful film people embraced the character of Dr Hannibal Lecter as the main one in the sagaso it was logic now that third book would be title Hannibal so there wasn’t any doubt now that Lecter was the protagonist of the book series and the investigators Will Graham and Clarice Starling were just unlucky pawns of Dr Lecter’ storyIt was HIS storyNot Will’s not Clarice’s HISWill Graham had left the game But Clarice could still make a second swingbut Harris made the wrong call in my humble opinion NOT UNDERSTANDING THE MONSTER In real life monsters because monsters exist don’t need a reason to do what they do and how they do it sometimes it’s explained but sometimes they are justmonstersHowever in literature there is a need of reason a need of order a need to avoid senseless chaos if the monsters have a reason of what they do how they do itreaders tend to accept the monsters So while the whole backstory of Hannibal Lecter would be deeply exposed in his following novel Hannibal Rising here you learn the real crucial piece of information about the past of Lecter which gives you the key to understand the monsterand while Harris seemed to develop the book’s story according to thatat the endI don’t believe he understood Lecter for not saying Starling neither REALLY KNOW YOUR CHARACTERS FBI Special Agent Clarice Starling was the star rookie thanks to catch “Buffalo Bill” even before of her formal graduation from uantico butthat was seven years ago and you can’t survive of only past glories and she has just did an unspeakable mistake in a field assignmenteven Dr Hannibal Lecter is worried about Clarice’s futureHowever Dr Lecter should be worried about himself since with a life doing so many wrong things to so many dangerous people it was obvious that sooner or later someone from his dark past would catch on him looking for reckoningEvil faces eviland Clarice’s mental health is in the middleTo be honest two thirds of the book were uite well developed showing many of the darkest things that human beings can do to other human beingsit was the final act don’t worry I won’t spoil it that I humbly think that Thomas Harris made the wrong call A VERY WRONG CALL with the characters of Hannibal and Clarice not understanding the real reason of why they were so obssessed with each otherand while you may think that only Clarice was ruined as character and that Hannibal wasn’t that bad ruined trust me if you understand Hannibal even him was ruined to a levelsince even a monster can only fall to a certain degree to avoid twisting its own code of why what how and to whom do things

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Reat popular novel and a plausible candidate for the Pulitzer Prize' Guardian 'Well if this novel isn't the number one bestseller by this time next week I'll eat my tongueit is uite simply a compelling and brilliant thrillerit seems all too real and uite terrifying Thomas Harris is a brilliantly clever authorSentence for sentence there is nobody to match himIt is an incredible achievementabsorbing' Daily Mirro. OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD Hannibal by Thomas Harris is the 3rd book in the Hannibal Lector series and I need 🌟 this is my favourite and I think the best one of the seriesIt's creepy edge of your seat thrilling and a little goryscary starving boars wild pig's and people eating and threating to eat people 🤢 enough said oh did I forget the big twist at the end 😱This series is a series I recommend for everyone to read The film'sTV series do a great job but we get a lot insight into the charactersHannibal Lector is definitely the character we love to hateOr is that just me 😬

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Hannibal'Worth the wait Harris's writing bears the hallmarks of honed perfection This piece of literature is popular fiction only in the sense that it will sell And selllook no further for the chiller of the year' Peter Millar The Times 'Insanely readableNo thriller writer is better attuned than Thomas Harris to the rhythms of suspense No horror writer is adept at making the stomach churn compellingtruly shockinga bri. It has been many years since I read a Hannibal Lecter book The last Thomas Harris book I read was a couple of years ago Black Sunday and is very different from his Lecter titles I noticed some of my friends were doing a buddy read of Hannibal so I figured it was about time to give it a tryI will say 3 to 35 starsI liked it But it was a fiftyfifty thing Half of it was the gruesome suspenseful mysterious story that I remember from previous Lecter books and movies The other half was drawn out slow and sometimes uncomfortable weirdness I think that some people might enjoy those parts but to me they just felt like filler And the uncomfortable weirdness was in the few spots where it went from believable insanity to silly WTF ness A big part of this for me was the end it just got way too out there to be satisfyingOverall what it felt like to me was like Harris did so well with Red Dragon and Silence of the Lambs that his publisher convinced him to write the next chapter in Lecter story and he just didn't have enough for a full novel So in order to get a complete book the came up with some bizarre stuff to fluff it up a bit I don't think that everyone will feel this way about it but I couldn't avoid feeling that way no matter how much I kept hoping it would click for me before the endI will finish my review by saying despite my criticisms I was entertained throughout So even at those points when I was scratching my head at the aforementioned WTF ness I was still enjoying the book This might seem a bit of an oxymoron enjoying a book while at the same time not being satisfied but that is how it wasNote on audiobook I don't recommend I was not super impressed with the narrator and there is a character who cannot talk very well to say any would be a spoiler so it is very hard to understand at times