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Give Food a Chance Free download Ë PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ñ ❮Reading❯ ➸ Give Food a Chance Author Julie OToole – Give food a chance arises from the clinical experience of Dr Julie O’Toole MD MPH over than a decade of treatment for eatiT anorexia Give Food ePUB #231 in particular is a chronic highly heritable brain disorder The book is written for any parents or professionals who care for children with eating disorder. This is one of the top books for parents of a child with an eating disorder I love the clarity and passion with which Julie O'Toole the founder of the Kartini Clinic writes both in this book and in her blog There is an excellent section on the causes of eating disorders the effects of food restriction as revealed in the Minnesota semi starvation study and the sorry history of treatment approaches including how parents came to be blamed and excluded from their children's treatmentJulie O'Toole is a fierce advocate of the role of parents She describes how the Kartini Clinic works with its hospital day unit and outpatient unit how parents are involved and how flexible meal plans which are included in the book are devised She explains her to many parents controversial reasons for not including fast foods or sweets for an entire year There are excellent sections introducing the lay reader to the anatomy and physiology of the brain and explaining the role of psychotropic medication There are also explanations about target weight gain ideal body weight and how it is determinedThis book will not give you any advice on how to get your child to eat at home If that's what you're looking for check out my own book and videos on wwwevamusbycouk as well as the fantastic resources from FEAST wwwfeast edorg You might also want to skip some of the details about how the Kartini clinic works I imagine these sections are in for the benefit of other clinicians But all in all this is an important instructive and highly readable book for parents which I highly recommend along with the other eating disorder related books I've reviewedEva Musby wwwevamusbycouk

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S former theories that claim such disorders are caused by poor parenting issues of control rejection of adulthood or society’s oppression of women Instead the author’s thesis is tha. I am a Pediatrics Resident Physician and this book was loaned to me during my Adolescent Rotation as I have the privilege of working with the author I must admit the title was a bit off putting for me don't worry it won't be once you start reading This book was fantastic and eye opening even as a senior resident It describes the importance of treating eating disorders as a type of brain disorder without any of the blame lying on the patient or their family for causing the eating disorder similar to how we need to treat all mental disorders such as depression anxiety etc Give Food a Chance also stresses the importance of re feeding the brain FIRST hence the title prior to expecting the patient to participate in meaningful discussions or training regarding their disordered eating and that the responsibility of feeding the patient is to rely solely on the treatment team while inpatientstep down and on the PARENTS while outpatient I highly recommend that anyone going into Pediatrics or Family Medicine read this book sooner rather than later I honestly wish I had read it as a medical student This book was written for health care professionals as well as for parents of eating disorder patients and I highly recommend this book for both audiences Dr O'Toole's chapter on food phobias was also uite enlightening

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Give Food a ChanceGive food a chance arises from the clinical experience of Dr Julie O’Toole MD MPH over than a decade of treatment for eating disorders in children and young adults Dr O’Toole reject. This book was written by the doctor who started the Kartini Clinic here in Portland Oregon I started reading the ebook while my daughter was in their Partial Hospitalization Program and while I was up at night feeding my new baby My daughter has since been released from the clinic and as excellent as the information in this book was I cannot bring myself to finish it now that we are out of that phase One of the biggest takeaways is exactly what the doctor told my husband in the hallway of the hospital after diagnosing my daughter with Anorexia Nervosa She said You did not cause this and she did not choose it