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read Friend Foe reader î Hardcover ô ❮EPUB❯ ❃ Friend Foe ✾ Author Adam Galinsky – What does it take to succeed This uestion has fueled a long running debate Some have argued that humans are fundamentally competitive and that pursuing self interest is the best way to get ahead Other WhatRm relationships and get of what we wantHere Galinsky and Schweitzer draw on original cutting edge research from their own labs and from across the social sciences as well as vivid real world examples to show how to maximize success in work and in life by deftly navigating the tension between cooperation and competition They offer insights and advice ranging from how to gain power and keep it how to build trust and repair trust once it’s broken how to diffuse workplace conflict and bias how to find the right comparisons to motivate us and make us happier and how to succeed in negotiations – ensuring that we achieve our own goals and satisfy those of our counterpartsAlong the way Started with promise but I found the real world comparisons that were constantly referred to distracting and un related I understood the premises being initiated by the writers and felt frustrated that each one had to be accompanied by an explanation that was suited to a child

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They pose and offer surprising answers to a number of perplexing puzzles when does too much talent undermine success why can acting less competently gain you status and authority where do many gender differences in the workplace really come from how can you use deception to build trust and why do you want to go last on American Idol and in many interview situations but make the first offer when negotiating the sale of a new carWe perform at our very best when we hold cooperation and competition in the right balance This book is a guide for navigating our social and professional worlds by learning when to cooperate as a friend and when to compete as a foe and how to be better at bot Outstanding review of the psychology of power powerlessness competition and cooperation Engaging fast and written by two of THE experts on the psychology of power

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Friend FoeWhat does it take to succeed This uestion has fueled a long running debate Some have argued that humans are fundamentally competitive and that pursuing self interest is the best way to get ahead Others claim that humans are born to cooperate and that we are most successful when we collaborate with others In FRIEND AND FOE researchers Galinsky and Schweitzer explain why this debate misses the mark Rather than being hardwired to compete or cooperate we have evolved to do both In every relationship from co workers to friends to spouses to siblings we are both friends and foes It is only by learning how to strike the right balance between these two forces that we can improve our long te Imagine going to to an orchestra performance You are really looking forward to this occasion as you have heard great things about the performers and the music they will be performing But as the first notes start playing you realise something is off The music is discordant uncoordinated even and the whole audience is in a state of confusion Disgruntled and frustrated you leave the performance at half time having learned no than before you got there For anyone wanting to learn about when to cooperate and when to compete —a fundamental element of personal and career success — this is the state of academia confronting them Although a great deal of research has been done and a great many insights gathered the field is difficult to access for experts and lay people alike Until now that is Profs Galinsky and Schweitzer in their roles as conductors of the orchestra are able to weave together individual instruments and tones into a comprehensible melody And their contribution does not end at the role of conductor this dream team of researchers and writers have also been crucial in the development of some instruments and playing techniues in the orchestra metaphor having written over 250 scientific articles on this very topic Galinsky and Schweitzer achieve a sheer genius feat being able to provide the interested readerlistener with the latest knowledge in cooperation and competition tied together with personal stories and anecdotes that touch both the heart and the brain The line of outstanding social science writers like Steven Pinker Malcom Gladwell Daniel Gilbert and Daniel Kahneman must now also count Adam Galinsky and Maurice Schweitzer amongst themselves Bravo