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read Freshman Year kindle Ì Paperback ☆ horticulturetrader Í ❰Read❯ ➳ Freshman Year Author Annameekee Hesik – Abbey Brooks Gila High freshman to be never thought a hellish day of shopping at the mall with her best friend Kate could change her life But when sAbbey Brooks Gila High freshman to be never thought a hellish day of shopping at the mall with her best friend Kate could change her life But when she orders French fries from the flirtatious Hot Dog on a Stick Chick she gets than deep fried pot This was one of the best YA books I've read Hesik captures teen angst and pours it onto the pages in a way that transports you back to crowded halls high school cliues and smelly locker rooms Her characters are so true to life her story so well written and so compelling it is a must read for any middle school or high school student I hope to see copies of this book in a lot of libraries Oh yeah it's a great read for adults too

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Bey to try out and Abbey doesn’t hate the idea But Kate made Abbey pinky swear to avoid basketball and to keep away from the you know who girls on the teamSometimes promises can’t be kept And sometimes girls in uniform are impossible to resi I won this book via GoodReads I was thrilled when I found out This the first entirely LGBT book that I have read and I thoroughly enjoyed it In fact I read it over a few hours as I couldn't put it down It was wonderfully written I think this in itself is a good sign I loved itOver the last year or so I've developed a love of contemporary ya particularly those with sports related storylines mixed with a bit of romance Examples include Catching Jordan and Stealing Parker by Miranda Kenneally So I was really looking forward to this oneI really liked the main character AbbeyRoad She was an independent witty sarcastic clever young woman who also kicked ass at basketball I especially liked that she wasn't perfect and made mistakes which she admitted to Too many characters in ya are a bit too perfect for my liking I imagine I would have gone on with her pretty well at school Another stand out character for me was Garrett She was funny strong and oozed confidence I wish I could be like her I don't want to give away the plot so I won't There were crushes mixed feelings betrayals laughter and love I really enjoyed this one I'll be looking out for books by Annameekee and I hope to see The You Know Who Girls again

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Freshman YearAtoes Abbey tries to ignore the weird happy feeling in her gut but that proves to be as impossible as avoiding the very insistent and rumor has it very lesbian players on Gila High’s girls’ basketball team They want freakishly long legged Ab Amazing emotional read I could not put this book down I loved it so much I was torn between wanting to read it all in one sitting and needing to make it last as long as possible The characters are soNORMAL they're easy to relate to whether you're gay straight or uestioning your sexuality They're also very memorable I know I certainly won't be forgetting about them anytime soonI read ALOT and this story is familiar yet really uniue and fresh It made me laugh It made me cry And it made me angry I cannot tell you the last time one book made me feel all of those emotions I was left feeling emotionally drained but satisfied I highly recommend picking up a copy of The You Know Who Girls Freshman year when you get the chance I'm very much looking forward to Annameekee's next book in what I'm hoping will be a series