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REVIEW ✓ Fitz by Mick Cochrane ✓ ★ Fitz PDF / Epub ✈ Author Mick Cochrane – A father a son and a gun This could make for an interesting day Sometimes Fitz would look at himself in the mirror an expression of pathetic eagerness on his face He was a dog in the pound wanting to A father a son and a gun TA father a son and a gun This could make for an interesting day Sometimes Fitz would look at himself in the mirror an expression of pathetic eagerness on his face He was a dog in the pound wanting to be adopted He'd smile What father wouldn't want this boyFifteen year old Fitzger. “A father a son and a gun”Everyone has a story to tell But with two sides to every story how do we know which side is the truth Fifteen year old Fitzgerald Fitz is determined to get the truth He needs to know what happened between his parents and why his father doesn’t want to be a part of his life Fed up with getting no answers from his mother Fitz sets out to kidnap his father at gunpoint and finally get his version no matter what As Dinah Washington once crooned “What a difference a day makes”Fitz Fitz Fitz—your big heart won me over from the get go A good kid with friends school chores music in his heart and a crush on a girl With a mix of vulnerability and determination Fitz’s need to know why his father abandoned him pushes him to the point of desperation with powerful heart on your sleeve emotion The feelings this story pulled out of my heart truly surprised me Tears stung my eyes and anger bubbled in my blood At times I even caught myself muttering—just tell him Say it Fitz’s emotional confusion and battle between lashing out with anger and wanting to be loved was captured with such tenderness on the page Like in this scene—Fitz’s sweetness shines blushes and blooms in this diner scene with his Dad Curtis“A second piece of pie in a restaurant—it just never even occurred to Fitz as a possibility It violates some iron law some rule so fundamental and obvious and universally accepted that it never needs to be spelled out each diner may order one and only one dessert But today that rule doesn’t apply Today all bets are off”The writingwait hold up review skids to a halt I have to sidetrack beg here for a second Music plays a big part of Fitz’s life and day But as the story unfolded I found myself wishing for and music scenes The language emotion and words Mr Cochrane puts together on the page to describe music beats and voices left me speechless and in complete I am not worthy awe Listen to the way Fitz describes bluesman Jimmy Reed’s music—“It was like Jimmy knew all about having a hole at the center of yourself” Or here when Fitz talks about Nora’s aka the crush vocals—“He didn’t tell her that whenever he heard her sing no matter what it was—could be a spiritual could be a corny show tune—he felt something Her voice seemed to know things—there were secrets in it” sigh Sooooo this is where I crawl and beg for Please Mr Cochrane write a story focused on and alive with music These few lines alone made my heart beat very happy so a full book with your words centered on music would be heaven OkaySorry back on track Never hurts to throw a beg in the suggestion box D Now on to my bump in the journey The heartfelt message I took from Fitz’s story and my one disappointment are actually intertwined here For me communication is the key to this tale Both Fitz and his father needed to express the life long pent up anger guilt faults and wishes to each other Get it out Ask the uestions Say the words Words and emotions left unsaid hurt and sting just as much as words spoken out loud That is why the ending—something Fitz does near the end—disappointed my heart After all they had been through shared and talked about over the day that one action robbed me of the message’s impact The importance of communication I’m trying my hardest here not to spoil anything HahaJust read it and see for yourself D The message is still there but just not as clear as I would have liked at the endWith strong likeable characters and powerful emotions simmering underneath every move uestion and detail—this book pulled me in by the heartstrings My heart ached for Fitz and his father Both father and son begin to share reveal the past and admit their mistakes But will they ask for from each other Regrets Life can fill up pretty fast with regrets if we let fear rule our hearts Don’t let one of your regrets be not saying how much you care Say it I highly recommend this powerful read for young readers Thank you Netgalley I am off to hunt down Mick Cochrane books uotes taken from uncorrected advance reader’s copy

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Ald Fitz to his friends has just learned that his father whom he's never met who supports him but is not a part of his life is living nearby Fitz begins to follow him watch him study him and on an otherwise ordinary May morning he executes a plan to force his father at gunpoint t. Video Review book's plot was better than the actual execution for me The whole aspect of this young teenage boy pulling a gun on his father that left when he was a baby seems super teen angsty and intriguing especially with Fitz being a good kid I felt like we were going to to get some sort of big reveal with why the events had occurred why his dad left and without spoiling anything I just wanna say it was a major let down The book itself didn't suck I just feel like Cochrane had a good premise but didn't flesh it out practically at all and decided that was good enough I think the plot had a lot of potential and just wasn't thought out thoroughly The places they went The zoo¿ were pretty irrelevant and I found Fitz to be kind of unbelievable I feel like he tried so hard to get you to like the side characters even though you saw them for maybe a total of like 20 pages through the whole book I just felt very detached for all the characters and over all was not impressed

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Fitz by Mick CochraO be with himOver the course of one spring day Fitz and his father become real to one another Fitz learns about his father why he's chosen to remain distant and what really happened between him and Fitz's mother And his father learns what sort of boy his son has grown up to becom. I read this ARC via NetgalleyFitz has always done what he's told even though growing up with a single mom hasn't been easy Until one day when he takes a gun and goes to where he's found out his father lives and takes his father hostage for the day He isn't sure exactly what he wants from his father Can one day make up for a lifetime Fitz's conflicted feelings would ring true with any kid growing up in a single parent household I wondered a little bit at what would make Fitz decide to take this radical action in the first place although he and his father uickly gained some trust between each other making the gun unnecessary While Fitz seemed a bit bland he is a good kid after all he did have an interest in music which he shared with his father