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FirebirdD herself who is actually an enchanted maiden who has been waiting for true love to break the spell that holds her captive I rate this book so highly because at 14 when I first read it it was incredible Adults looking for accurate historicalfantasy fiction should look elsewhere as this book is best appreciated with an adolescent naïveté However I recently reread it at 28 and enjoyed it tremendously for the classic mythic storytelling and characters

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Tastical version of Old Russia solving magical mazes and befriending a talking fox before falling in love with the Firebir It took me a couple of tries to get through The Firebird I usually don't keep trying but I really enjoy Lackey's Thousand Kingdom books and the Firebird is a favorite fairy tale and another retelling In the Forests of Serre is one of my all time favorite books The beginning is sluggish and it takes a while to get into the meat of the story Also I felt Lackey missed in her attempt to create a loveable rogue although the characterization itself is well drawn and the background history is logical and even poignant If you are expecting the fun romantic romps of the Thousand Kingdom series you won't find it here As books go it's okay at least for me I could easily see another reader picking this up and it becoming a favorite but it just didn't work for me

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Firebird kindle ´ Mass Market Paperback ´ mercedes lackey ´ ❮BOOKS❯ ✭ Firebird Author Mercedes Lackey – A young nobleman who has glimpsed the legendary enchanted Firebird is banished from his homeland He journeys through a fantastical version of Old Russia solvA young nobleman who has glimpsed the legendary enchanted Firebird is banished from his homeland He journeys through a fan Firebird introduces Ilya the least favoured of Tzar Ivan’s sons Upon first impression Ilya struck me as cheeky arrogant skirt chasing idiot an impression that lasted just as fervently all the way through Putting that aside the plot in itself was purely nonsensical As the story progresses Ilya undertakes a supposedly reckless mission involving the rescue of several very pretty “damsels in distress” the gorgeous Tatiana with whom he fell in love on first sight for the single virtue of her otherworldly beauty among them On top of that the book was unusually slow paced and much to my frustration the author felt the need to elaborate on and analyze each of the character’s acts words or feelings as if they weren’t laid bare in front of the reader’s eyes as it is Secondary characters were just as bad their only redeeming virtue is the fact you don’t have to bear so much of them as of the main character