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READ & DOWNLOAD ☆ HORTICULTURETRADER.CO.UK µ J.C. Daniels NOTE This Kindle edition is no longer available and has been replaced by ASIN BYCJS Tip Don’t get on her bad side Tip There’s no good side Her name is Silence If she was ever known by any other name she doesn’t rememberShe is a killer If she was ever anything else she doesn’t remember She has an owner If she was ever freewell that she does remember She was free and then somebody gave her to a madman to p. I went back and forth with myself about whether I wanted to read this after I saw the warning in the blurb about some scenes involving uestionable consent I appreciate the heads up but I am glad I decided to go ahead and jump in As much as I love JC Daniels efforts in Urban Fantasy I have to say she rocked Sci Fi pretty hard as wellSilence is an assassin but not of her own choosing She can't remember being anything else She is enslaved by a man who controls her through a leash on her mind He abuses her mentally physically and sexually And she sees no escape outside of her own death At this point she is ready to embrace even that She is on the verge of risking it all when her master offers her one last job that could buy her freedom What he doesn't tell her is that her mark holds the secrets to her past and a future she hasn't even let herself dream could be realDaniels does a fantastic job putting you in Silence's headspace I really felt her hopelessness despair anger and shame I wanted to kill her master every bit as much as she did As the story progresses the truths and horrors of the past 10 years of her life are revealed and it only served to make me hate him Such depth of feeling is pretty impressive for just a hundred pages She even managed to make me root for an HEA between Silence and her markObviously I liked this uite a bit My only complaint is that the story felt unfinished It builds to a great climax and then it just ends Are we to assume it all works out Will there maybe be a seuel I would read that BTW but I've seen no indication that is the case If that is really the end of Silence's story I feel a little cheated This could have easily been a great full length novel in my opinion I'm a bit sad that it wasn'tRating B ARC provided by Samhain

CHARACTERS Final Protocol

CHARACTERS ¹ Final Protocol ¸ [Download] ➸ Final Protocol ➽ J.C. Daniels – NOTE This Kindle edition is no longer available and has been replaced by ASIN B06Y2CJ3S4 Tip #1 Don’t get on her bad side Tip #2 There’s no good side Her name is Silence If she was ever known by a NOTE This Kindle edition is no lon Ay a debt that wasn’t hers She’s his toy his petand his trained killer She kills at his whim or she diesShe has a target Her so called ownerthe man who makes her life a living hell If she could kill anybody in the universe it would be him But he holds her life in his handsAnd she has a wish to find a man she barely remembers A man she knows she once loved The man who betrayed her and stole away her freedomWi. Silence has no memories past the last ten years The last ten years have been hell Forced to serve a man she hates as his personal assassin and toy all she can think about is escape in what ever form it takeshis death or likely her own Until he promises her freedom all she to do is one last job kill one last man only her target brings back memories that might explain her mysterious pastI am really enjoying JC Daniels' Colbana Files series so I jumped on the chance of reading Final Protocol especially as it's a sci fi I have a weakness for sci fi And I wasn't disappointed although it was a short read it managed to pack in plenty of action and emotionSilence is one of those heroines that if you dropped her in a forest with paperclip and plastic cup she would come out a few days later with a spring in her step and a new wolf skin jacket Completely kick ass However in Silence's case her ability to kill and survive originate in a place so dark she can't remember how her slavery began This added a dark edge to this Final Protocol This was a great short read perfect for if you want a taste of JC Daniels style it had a Urban Fantasy rather than romance style so if you're looking for something heavy on sweet nothing and gentle sex then this isn't for you But if you want something a little gritty with some action and an interesting conclusion give Final Protocol a tryARC provided by publisherReviewed by Suzanne❤ ♡ Don't want to miss any of our posts Subscribe to our blog by email ♡ ❤

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Final ProtocolTh one final target between her and the tantalizing promise of freedom she moves in for the kill There’s one problem There’s something strangely familiar about her mark Something that echoes in the void where love used to live Warning One woman with a mission one evil bastard who lies as often as he breathes and a man who’ll stop at nothing to find what he lost Be warnedsome uestionable consent lies within. This was a pretty cool little story and Silence was kickass h Well thought out to be so short; both the wordbuilding and the setting Although there is nothing to indicate that this is anything than a random ss from Daniels mind it has all the ualities that would make a good scifi series Why not see the universe now that they are free; and go after Gold to make him pay for his abominations to Silence and Orion as well as those still trapped in his service