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Read & Download Fay AUTHOR Larry Brown Þ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook â [Read] ➼ Fay ➹ Larry Brown – She's had no education and you can't call what her father's been trying to give her love So at seventeen Fay Jones leaves home carrying a purse with half a pack of cigarettes and N the town There's a strip joint bouncer who deals on the side And in the end there are five dead bodies stacked in Fay's wake Fay is a novel that could only have been written by Larry Brown whom the Boston Globe called one of our finest writers honest courageous unflinchin. I am a major fan of Cormac McCarthy the master of Southern Gothic and after discovering Kentucky's Chris Offutt I decided that I finally needed to read Larry Brown grit lit author extraordinaire from wait for it Oxford Mississippi home of William Faulkner In Fay a 17 year old girl flees from her family where she suffered neglect abuse and poverty and decides to cross the state of Mississippi in order to get to the coastal town of Biloxi and make a new life for herself At the start of her journey Fay has two dollars and a pack of cigarettes to her name so she has to rely on the kindness of strangers and not all of them have pure intentions when they encounter a naive young girl who knows almost nothing about the world at the side of the road But while Fay certainly lacks experience and an education she is clever and resourceful so there are uite some men who will soon find out that they are mistaken when they think they can take advantage of or dominate her At the end three men and one woman are deadBrown shines when he describes the rough reality of those who are generally referred to as white trash Young poor women who were exploited and then abandoned; alcoholic mothers trapped in abusive relationships; bouncers and barkeepers in sleazy stripclubs; and again and again alcoholics as well as men and women who have stopped expecting anything from their lives Although this book clearly isn't a comment on current politics it was first published in 2010 I couldn't help but wonder whether many of these characters living by a dog eat dog mentality with no social security no health care no child services in sight and no mandatory schooling would be part of Trump's infamous base The fascinating center of the text is clearly Fay who tries to navigate a world that is unknown to her and as the events that start to unfold during her journey slowly pick up speed the text gets seriously addictive this tome is a fast read It also shows that Brown worked as a firefighter one of the characters is a highway cop who is again and again called to gruesome accidents where people have died and that he himself drank a lot and spent uite some time listening to guys hanging out in creepy bars the characters in this novel feel unsettlingly real Kudos to Heyne for being the first publisher to put out a German translation of the book 17 years after its initial publication I'm looking forward to reading Larry Brown

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She's had no education and you can't call what her father's been trying to give her love So at seventeen Fay Jones leaves home carrying a purse with half a pack of cigarettes and two dollar bills She's headed for the bright lights and big times of Biloxi and even she knows. FayLarry Brown's Look at Love in All the Wrong Places Fay was chosen by members of On the Southern Literary Trail as a group read for November 2014 Larry Brown July 9 1951 – November 24 2004 Oxford Mississippi Fay First Ed Algonuin Books Chapel Hill North Carolina 2000 I have one of those first editions of Fay But it's not signed I kept meaning to get over to Oxford Mississippi to meet Larry Brown Actually I had several first editions by the time Fay came out I figured I had plenty of time After all Brown was a young man So was I I was stunned when he died of a heart attack at the age of fifty threeIt was a wake up call of sorts I was one year behind Brown I was fifty two when he checked out I was still walking the court room floors as if I owned them trying the hard cases burning the candle at both ends While I noted as did Edna St Vincent Millay that blazing candle indeed made a lovely light I was also conscious of the fact that all candles eventually burn outWith Larry Brown's death I began to make an effort not to find an excuse to skip a book signing And now I'm sixty two My health could be better I joke about my key to immortality being a stack of unfinished books Wouldn't it be pretty to think soWith Larry Brown I'll have to be content with the writing he left us The interviews he gave A wonderful documentary The Rough South of Larry Brown I think I would have liked Larry Brown sitting down and talking with him He understood people brought them alive on the page the good ones and the bad ones That is so evident in FayI got a feelin' called the blues oh LordSince my baby said goodbyeLord I don't know what I'll doAll I do is sit and sigh oh LordThat last long day she said goodbyeWell lord I thought I would cryShe'll do me she'll do youShe's got that kind of lovin'Lord I love to hear her when she calls me sweet da a addySuch a beautiful dreamI hate to think it's all overI've lost my heart it seemsI've grown so used to you somehowWell I'm nobody's sugar daddy nowAnd I'm lo o onesomeI got the lovesick blues Cliff Friend and Irving Mills1922Fay came out of the hills north of Oxford Mississippi raised poor She grew up hard with a Daddy who led her mother and her other siblings from place to place She's followed the migrant workers Lost one brother to death One was so sick Daddy traded him for a car There's got to be a better life Fay's heard there's a beach down on the coast When Daddy expressed an interest in her no Daddy ought to have it's time to start walking With two dollars stuffed in her bra her pack of cigarettes in a purse slung over her shoulder Fay is looking for that better lifeShe's a natural beauty with a body that makes men turn and stare That first night trudging down the road some boys in a pickup offer her a ride They seem nice enough They have beer and they're going to fry catfish Well of course one or of them's got designs on Fay but with all the booze the dope and an obliging woman on the premises Fay makes it through the night in a maidenly way but gets an eyeful of the obliging older woman satisfying two young men at the same time Fay feels a shudder somewhere deep inside never knowing that something like that was possibleIt's time to keep on walking Fay meets Sam a State Trooper who takes her home with him Sam lives in a cabin with his wife Amy It's a loveless marriage A lot of marriages don't survive the loss of a child Sam and Amy lost their daughter Karen four years before killed in a car wreck Sam had the misfortune to be dispatched to work that wreck found his daughter dead in a crumpled car not a mark on her but with a broken neck That's hard on a man It's hard on Amy who has become an alcoholicFay becomes their second daughter She's seventeen Amy buys her clothes Fay lives in Karen's room Sam loves to take her fishing Fay's good at it I wish I had a Daddy like you Fay tells himBut this fairy tale can't last Amy is killed in a wreck Soon after the funeral Fay and Sam become lovers Bottom line Fay is a natural at sex And she enjoys it Sam is bothered at their age difference but DAMN he can't stop If only he had the presence of mind to have worn a rubber that first time But noNow Sam and Fay being a couple upsets Alesandra the beautiful woman Sam was having an affair with before Fay came into the picture Alesandra has a temper Alesandra also has a gun While Sam is away Alesandra is going to kill Fay Fay kills Alesandra in self defense and leaves Sam's home which leaves Sam in a lot of trouble with law enforcementAnd Sam has a bad case of the lovesick bluesHitching rides with truck drivers Fay ends up in Biloxi that beach at the coast She finds herself at a dive called the Love Cage a strip club where she meets Aaron Forrest the bouncer She also meets Reena a down on her luck stripper who offers her a place to stay Of course Fay will end up with Aaron who starts out as a caring and protective man The Love Cage covers up a lot of ugly secrets Drugs Prostitution Pornography Aaron is in the thick of all of it He wants to keep Fay away from the business out of Biloxi over at his mother's place in Pass ChristianFay is a natural at sex Oh Had I already mentioned that Aaron has it bad Aaron has a jealous streak If Fay were to leave him Aaron would have a bad case of the lovesick bluesFay misses Sam Things are going to get very complicatedLarry Brown puts the reader through the ringer This is an outstanding read The dialogue crackles The sense of place is so strong you can smell the pines of Northern Mississippi and the salty breeze of the Gulf Brown's scenes of violence explode leaving the reader shuddering and the victims whimpering This is a country noir thriller with overtones of ironic black comedy Why not five stars At five hundred pages as magic as some of the prose was the story didn't merit uite the length of the telling A SOLID 4 STAR READ Highly recommended EXTRASAn excerpt from The Rough South of Larry BrownAnother excerpt from The Rough South of Larry BrownJust One More Visit With Larry Brown Oxford American June 2013SOUNDTRACKLovesick Blues Hank WilliamsCrazy Patsy ClineWhat'd I Say Jerry Lee Lewis Elvis PresleyWalking After Midnight Patsy ClineIt's Only Make Believe Conway Twitty

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Fay AUTHOR Larry BroShe needs help getting there But help's not hard to come by when you look like Fay There's a highway patrolman who gives her a lift with a detour to his own place There are truck drivers who pick her up no uestions asked There's a crop duster with money for a night or two o. It's a shame Brown died because I felt this to be his best book and one that screamed for a seuel Given that Fay itself was a seuel of sorts I think this was a very real possibility Fay Jones comes from about as far down the social ladder as you can get I hate the term white trash so I'll just leave it at that so when her family falls apart she departs on her own in a way that definitely reminds you of Lena Grove from Light in August But Fay's a different kind of gal and her departure unlike Lena's is a nighttime journey Yeah she's vulnerable seemingly innocent but if pushed she shows herself a survivor who can take care of herself To my mind Fay is or evolves into one of the great femme fatale characters in all of noir literature but there's nothing darkly romantic here These are real people living out hard lives Fay is a part of that world but she moves through it like a ship of doom Many of these characters a cheating cop a bar bouncer an alcoholic wife a jealous lover a rapist are already damned Fay just provides the final focus I hope the Coen brothers pick this novel up as a future project because it's a killer