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The Peacock EmporiumLe town There she makes perhaps the first real friends of her life including Alejandro a male midwife escaping his own ghosts in ArgentinaThe specter of her mother still haunts Suzanna But only by confronting both her family and her innermost self will she finally reckon with the past and discover that the key to her history and her happiness may have been in front of her all along JoJo Moyes came onto my radar with her two books about her caretaker role with her handsome intelligent patient in Me Before You and After You I believe half the world okay maybe half the women in the world discovered her with these two phenomenal books and the movie that soon followed This then forces me to pose an unpopular uestion Why release this book Peacock Emporium written in 2004 a very early book for Moyes already released in the UK then NOW in the US?Don't get me wrong it's a decent book but clearly not her best just an early try We know she's improved as a writer enormously We love her books in fact we love her Maybe her publisher thought her fans just want her books ALL THE TIME why don't we give them this too Ok I'll buy that; but please make sure you put the original 2004 date as when written and 2019 as the US publication Otherwise US fans will be confusedAs far as my review of the book Athene Foster is a spoiled rich girl who loves to have fun and I mean FUN She literally seduces the most eligible money bachelor into marriage She has an affair gasp and produces a daughter Suzanna Peacock who 35 years later opens up The Peacock Emporium a uaint bold and eclectic coffee shop in her original hometown during the 1960's Gotta shock all Grandmumi's old friends right? Most of the book is about Suzanna and her long suffering husband Neil It's worth reading to the end because there it gets better Read it you might like it Opinions are all my ownI thank NetGalley Penguin Books and JoJo Moyes

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Heir Douglas Fairley Hulme her parents breathed a sigh of relief But within two years rumors had begun to circulate about Athene's affair with a young salesmanThirty five years later Suzanna Peacock is struggling with her notorious mother's legacy The only place Suzanna finds comfort is in The Peacock Emporium the beautiful coffee bar and shop she opens that soon enchants her litt I never write reviews but I had to for this book If Jojo Moyes meant to write the worlds most annoying main character Suzanna Peacock then she is a wonderful author mission accomplished

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The Peacock Emporium eBook í Paperback î horticulturetrader ☆ ❮PDF❯ ✪ The Peacock Emporium Author Jojo Moyes – From the #1 New York Times bestselling author Jojo Moyes the story of a young woman who finds new meaning in life after opening an eclectic shop anFrom the #1 New York Times bestselling author Jojo Moyes the story of a young woman who finds new meaning in life after opening an eclectic shop and comes to terms with the secrets of her pastIn the sixties Athene Forster was the most glamorous girl of her generation Nicknamed the Last Deb she was also beautiful spoiled and out of control When she agreed to marry the gorgeous young A bit confusing in my opinion but good once the ending brings everything together The Peacock Emporium reflects Jojo Moyes' much earlier work as it was first published 15 years ago Moyes has grown as a writer by leaps and bounds since then but this novel was still an interesting read that alternates timeframes and heroinesMy favorite uote “Because that was it loving someone wasn't it? The knowledge that if nothing else you wanted them to be happy”Audiobook narrated by Elizabeth Sastre Christine Rendel and Fabio Tassone