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Science Is MagicPacked with over 40 magical science tricks for kids using simple experiments Join comedian and author Steve Mould #1 bestselling author of How to be a Scientist and learn the secrets behind some of the most famous magic tricks and illusions and learn some of your ownLearn how to bend water with a balloon turn water into juice make a glass beaker disappear in oil and wow your friends with levitating tinsel Packed with optical illusions pranks and fun facts this book is a must have for any aspiring scientist or magician the two aren't as different as you might thinkEach trick is explained using step by step photographs and the science behind each one is showcased clearly and simply Sprinkled There are many of scientific education books of this type available for kids – and it’s nice to see one that pitches the levels just about right making it attractive and fascinating without delving too deeply into the physicsThere are over 40 examples given About half of these are “magic” little non messy experiments using common household items with mostly excellent visual results that will produce a “wow” of appreciation from young minds The rest give an easily assimilated account of apparently inexplicable but natural occurrences such as the mysterious “Solar Wind” producing the aurora borealis and how magicians and showmen like Houdini performed their tricksThis book also exposes some of the old superstitions and nonsense that have puzzled an unsuspecting public for generations The basic explanations of Newtonian physics optics surface tension osmosis the effects of pressure differences etc are well within the range of most enuiring young minds However it would be nicer and helpful to go through the book with an adult to clear up any misconceptionsOverall this is a very informative and educational book for kids

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Throughout the book are profiles of famous magicians and illusionists such as Harry Houdini and David Blaine and stories of how they used science to create their most famous tricks Science is Magic is the perfect addition to any family bookshelf or classroom putting a fresh spin on science for kids What's fantastic about this kids' activity book is that many of the magic tricks or experiments are something you learn to perform on a friend and reuire practice Thus the genius bit it's not something kids will just do once and then turn the pageThink Magic Is Just An Illusion? Think again Discover science REAL magic at your fingertipsLearn some amazing experiments to wow your friends find out This is an informative and entertaining book for kids that will teach them science and give them some fun magic tricks It even goes into the explanations behind strange and supernatural seeming natural phenomena like the Northern Lights There are lots of simple science and magic tricks and I tried one on my two youngest kids making their fingers supposedly become magnetic and pull towards each other Mould also debunks things like crystals and water dowsing but I'm not sure that I agree with him that anything that we can't explain can't be real My husband told me about dowsing years ago and I set out to prove him wrong because I was sure it was hogwash Our little handmade dowsing rod found water below us even though I didn't know in advance where it was I couldn't explain it I was the one holding the dowsing rod and I didn't believe in it but it did seem to work Mould points out that they used dowsing to find the best place to drill wells and just says that science has never found an explanation for why it would work so he says it can't be true Science still can't explain why anesthesia works either but I'll still choose that when I have surgery In any case this is a brightly illustrated fun book for kids of all ages are sure to enjoyMy rating system1 hated it2 it was okay3 liked it4 really liked it5 love it plan to purchase andor would buy it again if it was lostI read a temporary digital ARC of the book for the purpose of review

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DOC ↠ READER Science Is Magic FREE Ò STEVE MOULD ✓ ❮Download❯ ➿ Science Is Magic ➺ Author Steve Mould – Packed with over 40 magical science tricks for kids using simple experiments Join comedian and author Steve Mould #1 bestselling author of How to be a ScieHow magicians use science in their most famous tricks and discover the magic of the world around youPacked with activities for kids from magic tricks to optical illusions and peppered with fascinating facts this educational book is a must have for scientists and magicians alike Added bonus each 'trick' or experiment in the book uses simple items that can be grabbed from home or a hardware storeGet ready to wow your friends with some cool science backed magic like Magnetic fingers Reading minds Color changing potion Guess the coin Floating ping pong ball and much Add other fun filled Steve Mould titles in the DK collection to your bookshelves like How To Be A Scientist and The Bacteria Boo Explore the magic of science and the science of magic Learn the secrets and scientific principals behind amazing magic tricks and optical illusions and discover how famous magicians and illusionists use science for their most popular tricks Reviewer 14