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PDF ☆ Degrade Flawed #1 Ã T.L. Smith Librarian's note This is an alternate cover edition for ASIN B014NUJROMZekeOne rule only one rule women need to follow when they're with meDon’t ask for This rule is in place for a reaso I'm just going to put this out there I have a thing for degradation stories Yeah Yeah I know that's sick and twisted but it is what it is I like them A lot When I read the blurb to this one I could not wait to get it started It was everything I wanted it to be Zeke was a cold hearted dick He used women and threw them away He loved breaking them down piece by piece leaving them completely destroyed and wasn't ever sorry about the way he treated them Then he met Bexley and she was smokin' hot He couldn't wait to start breaking her down next Only Bexley wasn't desperate for his attention and eager like he wanted her to be She even walked away from him and avoided his calls and texts Avoided him like the plague And then Zeke actually worked for Bexley's attention and their relationship took off from there Zeke starts to fall for Bexley so he gets cold and distant with her hurting her Bexley tries to stay unaffected by Zeke but it's impossible for her There's a magnetic draw between these two and they just cannot walk away from each other no matter how hard they try There's was so much packed into this story it stayed interesting the entire time and the twists and turns in this one made it impossible to see where the story would end up Oh yeah and the sex between these two dynamic characters was amazing This was one hot and steamy read I enjoyed every second of this fantastic story and I cannot wait to read Aria's story in the seuel

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PDF ´ BOOK Degrade Flawed #1 ´ HORTICULTURETRADER Ð ❆ [KINDLE] ✿ Degrade Flawed #1 By T.L. Smith ➟ – Horticulturetrader.co.uk Librarian's note This is an alternate cover edition for ASIN B014NUJROMZekeOne rule only one rule women need to follow when they're with meDon’t ask for This rule is i To break me down so I'm a shell of the person I once was He's chipping away at me bit by bit Though I’m not as weak as he thinks and when I can’t handle it any I will come back swingin Oh this book is good it's good for many reasons One thing I did find hard with Degrade is exactly what categories to put it in because it touches on a hell of a lot it has darkish elements along with romance it has hints of trafficking along with kidnapping It packs a lot in indeed it's flippin greatThe writing and style I can pretty much guarantee TL will deliver me a cracking good read in her style and yep she's done it againThe story TL took it to places I wasn't uite expecting that's always a plusThe characters Oh man let's start with Zeke Bloody infuriating dominating uncaring unfeeling asshole and I LOVED him God this man is all kinds if fucked up and he's brilliant He's your worst nightmare but brilliant book boyfriend material He's so bad he's sooooo good Bexley oh yes she should have run for the hill at the start but hang on oh no she shouldn't Bexley has hidden talent and wow when it's unleashed watch out This girl had me screaming at her awwing for her and pretty much phoarring for her tooSecondary character Hot damn they were good Aria oooh I loved her yet I didn't love her job She's going to wind me up immensely in her book I can see it coming I want to love her but she's terrible what she does Dunker oh man BANG Mika now there's a man I want to know about hopefully will in Aria's story The secondary characters including Bexley's dad are all great and play their parts very wellI really was hooked from the get go with Degrade I loved it and I wouldn't hesitate in telling you to read it if you like you men messing with your head having you scream at your kindle and then swoon over them too Yeah I can see some reviewers arguing over Bexley and her choices but no way they shouldn't because without her choices there would be no story end of so I hope they give her a break ☺I received Degrade in return for an honest review my reviews are my own and 100% honest

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Degrade Flawed #1N you won't get of what’s not there to giveBexleyHe is striking and he's all man He is also the devil or so I believe him to be I gave him my heart not realizing I was doing so He likes This was a seriously hot little book WOW I really need to read from this author ARC provided in exchange for an honest opinion