SUMMARY 鹿鼎記鹿鼎记 Lu Ding JiThe Deer and The Cauldron 107

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SUMMARY 鹿鼎記鹿鼎记 Lu Ding JiThe Deer and The Cauldron 107 Ø ❰Download❯ ➻ 鹿鼎記鹿鼎记 Lu Ding JiThe Deer and The Cauldron Author Jin Yong – อุ้ยเซี่ยวป้อ ที่มีนิสัยเฉลียวฉลาด มากเล่ต่ไม่ชั่วร้ายถึงที่สุ?. From the grandmaster of wu xia Louis ChaYou know all those crazy kung fu flicks that you like watchingThis is it but bigger richer and SO much adventurousLavish scenery Exotic places Insane duel and battles Characters that are humorous cunning creative exciting deceitful dangerous and heroic That's just Trinket Wait till you meet the others Like the Emperor his sister and his mother Or the ever chivalrous and heroic Helmsman Literally dozen upon dozen character to love and hateAn epic storyThis is definately the best trilogy I've ever read EVER

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อุ้ยเซี่ยวป้อ ที่มีนิส. Note this review is for the entire three volume novelWhat I learned from this book in no particular order1“They are the cauldron and we are the deer” For the common people the subjects of Empire their role is to be the deer If the Emperor doesn’t like somebody he is going to be put in the cauldron and boiled just like a deer that is caught in a hunt This is the meaning of the book’s title2 “Extreme confinement since infancy for Emperors surely led to many of the hideous excesses perpetrated by tyrants down the ages” As imperial subjects you are extremely lucky to get a monarch who is not merely sane but is also intelligent and capable3 Death by a Thousand Cut or Lingering Death is the worst way to die in ing Dynasty China You are not immune from it even if you are a Jesuit priest Better whip up that canon making skills Father4 ‘Losha’ otherwise known as Russia is a huge empire to the north of China with a pesky habit of creating trouble at the border It is a primitive country inhabited by wild Cossacks and boorish foreign devils but it needs to be placated as it possesses muskets and cannons5 Russian Orthodox priests are eually adept at writing erotic love letters and Letters of State When the Russian sovereign is also your lover both types of communication can be conveniently merged in a single letter6 Russian women are beautiful except for their noses which stand up far too prominently from their faces The blonde ones also have bodies that are disgustingly covered with yellow down7 Indecent assault is a legitimate Kungfu move especially if you are too lazy to learn proper martial art8 “All emperors had sisters who were a bit crazy” For ‘crazy’ read ‘nymphomaniac’ The great empires of Russia and China both have at least one of them9 All languages except Chinese is gobbledygook and every alien script is nothing but suiggly lines Of course it doesn’t help if your good self is illiterate in any language10 “The tendency to insult the virtue of an adversary’s mother is or less universal” ‘Tamardy’ is an abuse and NEVER call a Chinese person ‘turtle’ it is a grave insult11 Outlandish praises and idiotic slogans such as ‘Long Live to Our Leader’ and ‘Victory to Our Great Leader’ etc are music to tyrants and cult leaders Run of the mill flattery will do for lesser personages 12 Simultaneously impersonating a palace eunuch AND a Shaolin monk is surely no fun for a red blooded teenage male but it doesn’t matter if you can slip into a whorehouse for some serious romp Get rid of that monkish habit first thoughBUT SERIOUSLYIn his last novel Jin Yong Louis Cha the undisputed master of wuxia Chinese martial art fiction brilliantly subverts the conventions of the genre that he had done so much to popularize with his previous 14 novels For a start the protagonist of the story Wei Xiaobao ‘Trinket’ in this English translation huh is nothing like the typical wuxia hero He is no patriotic Guo Jing who defends Song China from the Mongol hordes or Yang Guo the great xia knight errant from The Return of the Condor Heroes Shen Diao Xia Lu Nor is he Zhang Wuji the hero of Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre who led a successful rebellion against the Yuan Dynasty Trinket is a bastard born and bred in a Yangzhou brothel He is illiterate foul mouthed and too lazy to learn any kungfu despite having the opportunity of learning from the best masters He is also an inveterate gambler a habitual liar and a lecher who managed to marry seven beautiful women In another word he is a lovable rascalAccidentally brought to the Forbidden City at the age of thirteen Trinket impersonates a palace eunuch and strikes an unlikely friendship with the boy emperor Kang xi Aided by his natural cunning he rapidly rises through the ranks to become Kang xi’s right hand man traveling all over China Manchuria and Russia as His Majesty’s secret agent In the process he gets himself tangled up with the Triads in its incarnation as an anti ing resistance movement the Mystic Dragon Cult Mongolian lamas Jesuit priests and Russian spies At one point he is simultaneously a top ing mandarin the master of a Triad lodge the marshall of the Mystic Dragons and a Shaolin monk Trinket has to use every guile and dirty trick in the book to manage his increasingly complex allegiances For a while he manages to play his various patrons against each other to his personal advantage and we are alternately appalled by his misdeeds laugh out loud at his antics and marvel at his astonishing ability to bullshit his way of almost any situation However his high wire act eventually fails and Trinket a man with multiple often conflicting identities is forced to choose sides Through the choices that he makes Jin Yong uestions the values of patriotism primordial allegiances and conventional morality This novel was written during the height of the Cultural Revolution and it is not difficult to detect allusions to the political situation in Mainland China at that time The persecution of the dissident scholars involved in the writing of Ming history at the beginning of the book has an all too familiar ring The leader of the Mystic Dragon Cult with his outsized personality cult and fanatical brainwashed young followers bears a certain resemblance to Mao and his Red Guards The story itself can be enjoyed on several different levels as a rousing martial art romp hilarious farce historical fantasy or cynical satire Or you can just read it for pure narrative enjoyment Hundreds of millions of Chinese readers can’t be all wrong You will not be disappointed

REVIEW 鹿鼎記鹿鼎记 Lu Ding JiThe Deer and The Cauldron

鹿鼎記鹿鼎记 Lu Ding JiThe Deer and The Cauldronัยเฉลียวฉลาด มากเล่ห์แ. I have watch the drama series that was based on this book when I was just a child I remember I love it very much Oh the lovable Whiskers and also the Xiao BaoTrinkets It has been an unbelievable experience to read this book Thank you very much to the person who took the time to translate it into EnglishWhat I like about this bookwell everything Love the Kungfu and the politics There are certain parts that is better expressed in the drama However certain parts also better in the book form Leave it to readers' imaginationWhat I dislike Not to say dislike but rather there is something lost when it's translated in English At times I find it hard to grasp what is it about For someone like me who have a bit of knowledge on how the story goes it was okay But I suspect for those who have nil knowledge on Kungfu flicks and stuff like that will have a hard time understandingOverall am giving it 4 stars out of 5 Am now looking forward to reading Vol 2 of the said story