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We Crossed a Bridge and It Trembled Voices from SyriaLONG LISTED FOR THE CARNEGIE MEDALReminiscent of the work of Nobel Prize winner Svetlana Alexievich an astonishing collection of intimate wartime testimonies and poetic fragments from a cross section of Syrians whose lives have been transformed by revolution war and flightAgainst the backdrop of the wave of demonstrations known as the Arab Spring in 2011 hundreds of thousands of Syrians took to the streets demanding freedom democracy and human rights The government’s ferocious response and the ref I am an elected official in a city that was designated as a resettlement community for Syrian refugees last year To say this was a contentious issue for some people would be than an understatement While many community members got to work preparing to welcome our new neighbors others reacted with fear and anger On that side of the spectrum of public opinion there was a great deal of dehumanizing occurring Syrian refugees were not seen as human beings They were seen instead as a two fold threat a safety threat with some people worrying that someone brought here as a refugee would then engage in terrorist activities and a threat to the financial wellbeing of our established residents with wildly exaggerated numbers circulating as to how much local taxes would increase due to supporting the refugees once they arrivedThe bookstore I manage stocked a large number of books about Syria Syrian refugees and the refugee experience in general in an effort to help facilitate community dialogue While there are some excellent books in print on these topics We Crossed A Bridge And It Trembled is the book I wish I could have been putting in people’s hands for the past yearNot a straight history or detailed examination of the crisis in Syria it is instead simply short accounts from Syrian refugees themselves in their own words about the oppressive regime they lived under the start of the process to replace that regime with something fairer and better and how that process bogged down into the horrible humanitarian disaster it is todayThis book than any I have encountered preserves the humanity of Syrian refugees—highlights the humanity of Syrian refugees—and in doing so provides a great benefit to the refugees themselves and the communities working to welcome themThere is despair in these pages and anger and hope As a whole it presents a welcome reminder of just how much we have in common deep down inside whether we are refugees looking for a new start or have called our community home for many generations I hope this book has a wide and diverse readership I would certainly recommend it to anyone interested in gaining a fuller picture of both Syria and refugees in general I would recommend it to anyone who hopes for a greater understanding of situations unimaginable in their own lives This has the potential to be a powerful read for a great many people

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DOC â READER We Crossed a Bridge and It Trembled Voices from Syria î ❰Download❯ ✤ We Crossed a Bridge and It Trembled Voices from Syria Author Wendy Pearlman – LONG LISTED FOR THE CARNEGIE MEDALReminiscent of the work of Nobel Prize winner Svetlana Alexievich an aUsal of the demonstrators to back down sparked a brutal civil war that over the past five years has escalated into the worst humanitarian catastrophe of our timesYet despite all the reporting the video and the wrenching photography the stories of ordinary Syrians remain unheard while the stories told about them have been distorted by broad brush dread and political expediency This fierce and poignant collection changes that Based on interviews with hundreds of displaced Syrians conducted over four y This is a set of one hundred or so vignettes narrated by Syrians talking about their own experiences before during and after the Syrian Revolution Syria was a country of 22 million people and anyone who lived through these incredible events will have personal stories like these which are by their nature extraordinary While it is not anything that will be shocking to people who have followed the uprising over the past few years these vignettes provide a beautifully humanizing picture of a conflict that is often reduced to political wrangling atrocities and statistics in the news The stories are arranged in a manner which provides a chronology to the events and that along with the fulsome introduction makes this book a vital education for the uninitiated Many of the stories are of devastation horror frustration But many others are also about hope beauty and the transcendent desire of human beings to live with freedom and dignity When beautiful stories and insights emerge out of such devastation they are really something to cherish and there are many of those hereI'm increasingly convinced that everyone in the world needs to understand the Syrian conflict in all its complexity It is the largest war and refugee exodus since World War II and the six year long crisis has radically reshaped the politics of the entire world This book deserves to be spread far and wide and it is guaranteed to touch the emotions that are often necessary to galvanize positive action

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Ears across the Middle East and Europe We Crossed a Bridge and It Trembled is a breathtaking mosaic of first hand testimonials from the frontlines Some of the testimonies are several pages long elouent narratives that could stand alone as short stories; others are only a few sentences poetic and aphoristic Together they cohere into an unforgettable chronicle that is not only a testament to the power of storytelling but to the strength of those who face darkness with hope courage and moral conviction This was both one of the hardest and one of the most important books I read in years if not in my life