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Warren Dragon Weekend with ChewyEst friend depending what you believe most And Chewy is the class Warren Dragon Kindle hamster So when it's Warren's turn to take Chewy home for the weekend Warren isn't so sure it's the best idea Do dragons and ham. Kidliterati #partner I received a copy from the author Ariel Bernstein and Puffin Books in exchange for my honest reviewAll opinions my own Released 82818 After he became the lucky pet sitter I mean the lucky guardian for their school hamster Chewy for the weekend Warren was pretty confident he had everything planned out and under control Except nothing went according to his plans when Dragon's interest in poor Chewy got Warren nervousIt was uite entertaining to see how uickly everything went down hill for Warren after he took Chewy home At the same time I loved seeing how he found allies in the people he least expected to come come to his rescue; I mean Chewy's rescueOverall we had fun reading this one but I felt like the middle got a little too chaotic for my daughter and she lost interest for a bit I blamed it on Dragon He was just being too much at some pointSeriously though this a chapter book series worth introducing to your little ones I wonder what kind of trouble Dragon will get Warren into next time

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SUMMARY ´ Warren Dragon Weekend with Chewy æ ❮Reading❯ ➳ Warren Dragon Weekend with Chewy ➬ Author Ariel Bernstein – With Calvin and Hobbes appeal a boy and his pet dragon take the school hamster home to hilarious resultsWarren is a seven year old boy Dragon is part stuffed animalSters mix Not so well it turns out especially when Warren and Dragon are interested in making cool stuff with their new friends than Dragon Weekend with PDFEPUB #236 taking care of a rodent until Chewy disappears Oh n. Bringing home the class pet is an important milestone if a child is lucky enough to have the chance But Warren isn't so sure because Dragon might like to have it as a snack This book continues the fun dynamic between a boy and his imaginary friend and further develops the friendship he found with a new neighbor in the first book in the series Looking forward to seeing what Warren and Dragon are up to next

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With Calvin and Hobbes appeal a boy Weekend with Epub #224 and his pet dragon take the school hamster home to hilarious resultsWarren is a seven year old boy Dragon is part stuffed animal part fierce dragon and part b. Warren Dragon Weekend with Chewy by Ariel Bernstein 89 pages CHAPTER BOOK Viking Penguin 2018 15Language G 0 swears; Mature Content G; Violence GBUYING ADVISORY EL K 3 — ESSENTIALAUDIENCE APPEAL AVERAGESecond grader Warren has a pet dragon that others see as stuffed but Warren sees as real and talkative Since Warren is already taking care of a pet dragon he is concerned when his teacher asks him bring home the class hamster Adventures ensue as he his best friend neighbor his eager little sister and a concerned classmate try to take care of Chewy the hamster over the weekendThis little book is delightful The story has just the right level of humor for young readers reading independently and includes an illustration every three or four pages to help with context clues The characters were all nice kids that make normal mistakes and learn from them This book had positive lessons on responsibility team work friendship and courageJen Wecker HS English Teacherhttpskissthebookblogspotcom2018