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The World That We Knew Summary ´ 104 ☆ ➬ [Ebook] ➧ The World That We Knew By Alice Hoffman ➸ – In 1941 during humanity’s darkest hour three unforgettable young women must act with courage and love to survive from the New York Times bestselling author of The Dovekeepers and The Marriage of OIn during humanity’s darkest hour three unforgettable That We PDFEPUB #233 young women must act with courage and love to survive from the New York Times bestselling author of The Dovekeepers and The Marriage of Opposites Alice Hoffman In Berlin at the time when the world changed Hanni Kohn knows she must send her twelve year old daughter away to save her from the Nazi regime She finds her way to a renowned rabbi but it’s his daughter Ettie. This is one of the most heartbreakingly beautiful books I’ve read I don’t know much of anything about Jewish Mysticism or folklore but it’s woven into the story in such a stunning way It does take some suspension of disbelief to accept the premise of the story a mother begging a rabbi’s daughter to create a golem to bring her daughter to safety a dancing heron who loves the golem and the angel of death Yet I didn’t once feel that the importance the depth and breadth of the suffering of the Jews at the hands on the Nazis was in the least diluted by the fairytale nature the magical realism in this story because at its core this is about the Holocaust The horrific things that happened to Jews were always front and center beginning with the unimaginable a mother sending her child away to save her from the Nazis to the stories of what happens to the families of the characters who have fled to survive or to save others There aren’t fairytale and mystical characters on every page There is the realism of the real monsters with their inhuman treatment of innocent men women and children Some of the most descriptive and difficult passages are those that deal with what happens to those who have not escaped those who were rounded up and taken to camps to the deaths of resistance members The writing is superb The story telling is magnificent I loved how the chapters alternate between the characters and how their stories connect and how characters are introduced There are stories within the story the white wolf the silver roses It begins with Hanni and Lea and Ettie and Ava then expands to include the people they love the roles that some of them play in the resistance I felt so emotionally connected to these characters I was afraid for what could happen to any of them each of them facing the angel of death at some pointI loved Hoffman’s note to the reader in the beginning about writing about remembering about how the book came to be and her thoughts on fairy tales and life and I think I was hooked then She tells the reader how she met a woman who as a young Jewish child was sent away by her parents to a convent and because of this she survived the Holocaust She wanted Hoffman to write her life story She wanted her story told so it would be remembered But Hoffman told her that she couldn’t since her “interests were fairy tales myths and folktales” She later realized that “the tale of a child separated from her parents is the central motif of many fairy tales ” and that fairy tales contain “the deepest psychological truths” And so we have this beautifully written novel where she remembers the woman’s story and enables us not to forget which for me is a hallmark of Holocaust literature It’s also a tribute to the people of the resistance who helped to save as many Jews as they could thousands of them children a tribute to their unselfish bravery and goodness It’s an amazing portrayal of the power of love and hope even in the most dark and dismal of times I have read just a few novels by this prolific author and I’m determined to read I read this with Diane and Esil As always I enjoyed our thoughtful discussions I received an advanced copy of this book from Simon Schuster through Edelweiss

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Jews were saved Meanwhile Ettie is in hiding waiting to become the fighter World That We Epub #223 she’s destined to beWhat does it mean to lose your mother How much can one person sacrifice for love In a world where evil can be found at every turn we meet remarkable characters that take us on a stunning journey of loss and resistance the fantastical and the mortal in a place where all roads lead past the Angel of Death and love is never endi. Have just finished listening to the audio too Judith Light’s narration is extraordinary bringing Hoffman’s incredibly moving novel alive leaving me once again heartbroken until the final pages of hope love and resilience I strongly recommend the audio as well as the bookAlice Hoffman weaves a powerfully imaginative story of Europe's nightmarish historical horrors of WW2 and the Holocaust coloured with the fantastical Jewish folklore the darkest of grim fairytales set in Germany and Nazi occupied France with its Nazi collaborators the Milice determined to destroy the brave French Resistance It speaks of love loss grief heartbreakresilience and courage in the face of the insanity and monstrous evil of the Nazi regime illustrating both sides of the coin the very best of humanity side by side with the terrifying side of its worst Hanni Kohn is living in a Berlin in 1941 facing a choice that no mother wants her husband Simon has been murdered Germany is far too dangerous for her bright 12 year old daughter Lea Fiercely protective she will do whatever it takes to save Lea make any sacrifice even if it breaks her heart She seeks help from a rabbi finding it from the daughter Ettie instead The remarkable Ettie can do what it is said only men can do she conjures a special golem from clay Ava to protect Lea Hanni knows in her heart she cannot leave her ailing mother and sends Lea who doesn't want to leave her beloved mother with Ava to France Ettie too escapes with her younger sister Marta their paths destined to intertwine and connect with that of Lea and Ava Encountering love angels of death on earth white roses a white wolf a dancing heron and help from unexpected places the unimaginably defiant spirit of the French resistance there is inhumanity terror the madness of evil and how far the human soul will rise to counter it This is the story about love war about the humanity of Ava mothers and daughters family faith survival and the unbelievable wonders of the human spirit This is unforgettable and well researched storytelling with characters so vividly vibrant where the magical realism elements simply strengthen the narrative lending it an ever greater impact It goes without saying that I recommend this highly Many thanks to Simon and Schuster for an ARC

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The World That We KnewWho offers hope of salvation when The World eBook #243 she creates a mystical Jewish creature a rare and unusual golem who is sworn to protect Lea Once Ava is brought to life she and Lea and Ettie become eternally entwined their paths fated to cross their fortunes linkedLea and Ava travel from Paris where Lea meets her soulmate to a convent in western France known for its silver roses from a school in a mountaintop village where three thousand. Having waited patiently for a copy from Overdrive for many weeks I was a little apprehensive once it finally arrived Why Much as I enjoy magical realism I am not familiar with the Jewish folklore and I could recognize only the idea of a golem My first rather careful moments with the novel turned into a read that left me overwhelmed The motherly love in the dark times of the Holocaust wins A mesmerizing novel A thank you to my GR Friends' reviews Thanks to you one time I found a novel that I will not forget