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FREE READ É HORTICULTURETRADER.CO.UK ð Andrey Kurkov Ng through water sand and snow on an empty petrol tank the occupant of a black airship looking down benevolently as he floats above his Fatherland young Andrey who leaves his religious community in search of a new life and Kharitonov who trudges from the Sea of Japan to Leningrad carrying a fuse that when lit could blow all and sundry to smithereensWritten in the final yea. This is the fourth of this mad bastard's books that I've read in the last twelve months and I've said before that this bugger must write in a haze of methamphetamine wodka and magic mushrooms The premise for each book has been totally outlandish but the execution has been uniformly brilliant with this one a satire on the bound to fail post WWI Soviet Union making me put it down shake my head and go and stare off the deck with a cup of tea for a whileI'm glad I took a chance on a writer outside my usual domain making up for the growing disappointment in my other absurdist hope Tibor Fischer Kurkov's books often cripple me with laughter make me feel lucky to be alive and constantly leave me in wonder that we've made it as far as we have as a species when we really don't deserve to

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SUMMARY ¶ The Bickford Fuse È [Download] ➾ The Bickford Fuse ➹ Andrey Kurkov – Catch 22 meets The Brothers Karamazov in the last great satire of the Soviet EraThe Great Patriotic War is stumbling to a close but a new darkness has fallen over Soviet Russia And for a disparate dis Catch meets The Brothers Kar Rs of Communism The Bickford Fuse is a satirical epic of the Soviet soul exploring the origins and dead ends of the Russian mentality from the end of World War Two to the Union's collapse Blending allegory and fable with real events and as deliriously absurd as anything Kurkov has written it is both an elegy for lost years and a song of hope for a future not yet set in sto. This was a very good but very strange bookUnlike the other works by Kurkov I've read this one is not a literal tale but is instead filled with dreams and metaphors much closer to something like Night on the Galactic Railroad or The Others Much difficult to follow since I am guessing some level of cultural knowledge is needed but I still enjoyed it

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The Bickford FuseCatch meets The Brothers Karamazov in the last great satire of the Soviet EraThe Great Patriotic War is stumbling to a close The Bickford Kindle but a new darkness has fallen over Soviet Russia And for a disparate disconnected clutch of wanderers many thousands of miles apart but linked by a common goal four parallel journeys are just beginningGorych and his driver rolli. Eventually decided after leaving it half finished on the side for a month or so that I just can’t bring myself to care what happens Yes it’s very mystical and poetic and mysterious and allusive and la la la and it’s very nicely written but Kurkov just isn’t holding me any And I know that it’s an early work and it took him years and I feel kinda bad about that but not bad enough to keep pushing on It’s not just a Kurkov period thing either after loving the penguins and the President and the General and the Matter of Death and Life I battled through the early gecko one then the really recent milkman one was a real struggle and now this and honestly I just can’t face it It’s pretty and obliue and still waters run deep and on and on but I just can’t make myself care about the story or any of the characters They seem to be only representatives of trains of thought or history anyway so they’re not going to be too upset I dig abstract and I dig conceptual Pelevin’s Yellow Arrow being a case in point but I do need some kind of drive to keep picking the thing up and this just isn’t giving me it A really long piece of fuse Nope Of course I realise that’s probably another subtle metaphor even apart from the obvious ones but I’m just not motivated to follow it Maybe one day when I’m completely at leisure I’ll pick it up again and get to the end hopefully to achieve some moment of clarity or even just enjoyment but for now you are released Bickford See you later