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Ng to ever believe him again Besides she resents that he's been put in charge of her father's company instead of her But when Sally's suspended for corporate espionage can Kirk prove her innocenceand his lov. When Kirk Tanner sees Sally Harrelson in a bar he knows he should stay away but he can't resist approaching her Sally against type goes home with him figuring she will never see him again Imagine her shock when she finds out that Kirk is the head of the company her Dad picked to merge with his She has spent her career trying to prove herself in her father's company especially since she is hampered by her fear of public speaking Toss in a little corporate intrigue and an unexpected pregnancy these two have a lot to get past on the way to their HEAThis was an enjoyable and uick read that I couldn't put down once I started Lindsay crafts strong characters and an interesting story that always keep me coming back for I received an advanced copy from the Publisher My opinions are my own and given voluntarily

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Little SecretsOne white lie leads to one little secret The truth is Sally Harrison's one night stand with the breathtaking business tycoon Kirk Tanner was the most mind blowing sex of her life But after discovering that K. This is Book Three of Little Secrets Series and the first book I am reading by Yvonne LindsayThis one started great because of the beautiful cover And it went wonderfully till the end The story is based in SeattleIn the letter to the reader at the beginning of the book the author says that Sally is someone whom we have met briefly in Arranged Marriage Bedroom SecretsKirk Tanner can't help but stare at the latest entrant in the bar where he winded up to wind down after the hectic day he had had He was in Bellevue Washington because of the merger of his company with Harrison Information Technology Even though she seems familiar at first it takes some time for him to recall that she's Sally Harrison the only child of Orson Harrison with whose company his one is going to mergeThe lady is a PhD in social and engineering systems from MIT I love my brainy heroines But even at twenty eight she has got the thin end of the stick because of social anxiety Specifically glossophobia which prevented her from taking on a leadership position But she decides to shed her inhibitions and voila in comes a proposition from a handsome hunk in the form of a drink They spend a night together which doesn't end happily after the news Sally receives about her fatherMeanwhile Kirk gets appointed the interim chairman of Harrison Tanner Tech And there's another twist in the tale While he can't help his attraction for her he is hiding something about his position in the company which even her father told her nothing aboutThe story fasts forward to four weeks from the merger announcement One thing keeps on leading to another in this story some of which kept giving me full on belly laughs There is a fair bit of action too in the form of corporate espionageIt was a five star read but could have done without the abrupt ending along with a missing epilogueMy review ofHis Unexpected Heir Book OneClaiming His Pregnant Bride Book TwoSecretly Pregnant Book Four

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Free download ↠ Little Secrets á PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ¶ ➼ [Download] ➹ Little Secrets By Yvonne Lindsay ➹ – One white lie leads to one little secret The truth is Sally Harrison's one night stand with the breathtaking business tycoon Kirk Tanner was the most minIrk's her new boss she feels used And finding out she's pregnant has upended her lifeThe intensity of Kirk's attraction to Sally is off the charts But after concealing his identity that night Sally's unwilli. It's ok but I think there is too much character development and internal reflectiom for my tastes Also the external threat of a corporate espionage was not as impactful as its supposed to be Sure the characters were affected but I couldn't feel the risk it has brought to them I think there were too many factors to explore with a very limited number of chapters I did feel some ups and downs but not enough for me to be memorable It's got interesting theme of pregnancy but it was not explored much It was really delegated as a string that connects the couple but without the force to make them be together There's the idea of a crumbling company losing all your hardwork but I couldn't feel the threat and the villain was unexpected but in a bad way I like the shock but it felt forced; as if the author wants to give the readers a twist but was done roughly